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  1. IvantheSumofan

    San'yaku Banzuke???

    Fantastic! Thank you very much!
  2. IvantheSumofan

    San'yaku Banzuke???

    Hello everyone! First post, new to sumo! Yesterday I was perusing a local Japanese market and I came across (I don't know what else to call it but a) San'yaku Banzuke. I've been trying to find out more info on it as far as date? tournament? Notable Sekitori? I believe Akebono is in the Yokozuna spot (?) Any info on this piece would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time. Banzuke.pdf Banzuke1.pdf
  3. IvantheSumofan

    Hello, new guy here!

    Hello all, I'm new to the world of Sumo, just dove into it about a month ago. I would watch it on youtube but had no idea what was really going on. I finally decided to learn more about it. Today is the first day of the Hatsu Basho and my first time watching it knowing little more about it which made it more exciting! I look forward to learning more and chatting sumo!