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  1. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I don't know what's going on. Ichinojo has technique all of a sudden, Kakuryu is 7-0, Hakuho is the one who gave up two kinboshi in a row, Kisenosato was 1-5, Tochinoshin was 6-0 in upper Maegashira, Kakuryu-Tochinoshin was the showdown of the basho, Chiyomaru is 5-2 in mid-maegashira, Aoiyama is makekoshi in Juryo, Someone's named Aqua in Juryo, Kotoshogiku's winning kinboshis, Terunofuji is at Maegashira 10, and half of Sanyaku has been referred to as larval amphibians.
  2. Your "hearts banzuke"?

    I love/like all of the rikishi, even ones I criticize a lot like Hakuho, Takagenji, and Takanohana. Some a lot more than others. I'm glad we have a topic like this. Unless they do something truly ungodly, like Tokitsukaze or ex-Kanechika, most end up on my "list" for only a day or so. As for a banzuke here is mine: Yokozunas-Satoyama, Arawashi, Yoshikaze, and Abi -----I all love for their underdog sumo, fantastic technique, and easy going personalities. Satoyama might be the one rikishi I've never wanted to get beat. He is the Hakuho Dai-Yokozuna of my brain. His spectacular submarine technique produces such spectacular throws, his Ipponzeoi a few years ago , and his sudden resurgence going seven years between Makuuchi bashos really made me support him. Arawashi reminds me a lot of Harumafuji with his speed, lack of size, and spectacular technique. He is the ultimate underdog in upper Makuuchi taking over eleven years to reach the division. His defeat of Hakuho was one of my favorite most shocking bouts I've ever seen. I love the salt in the mawashi too. Yoshikaze fights are absolutely nuts! His insane fighting style of "face first", late rise to Sanyaku, and incredible record against upper Sanyaku rikishi is what I love about him. He has no fear of slapping Yokozunas senseless and goes neck and neck with them every time he fights. Abi is the newest one for me recently completing his tsuna-run. He also does small sumo well and I love his short name. What really won me over was how excited he was to win the Juryo yusho and his pre-bout stretches. Ozekis-Chiyonokuni, Ishiura, Terutsuyoshi-----Chiyonokuni is Yoshikaze 2.0 minus the upsets. He should be "flying monkey" in addition to Tobizaru. His bouts all have maximum effort and insanity when he fights. Ishiura and Terutsuyoshi are two more tiny guys with brilliant technique. Terutsuyoshi is on a tsuna-run. The rest..... Ones I'm not to big of a fan of- Hakuho---I have a lot of respect for his dominance and technique, but I am just annoyed by him. I wouldn't want him gone as someone defeating him brings the most excitement in a tournament day for me as he's the only Yokozuna who doesn't usually give away Kinboshis like holiday gift baskets. Some of his dameoshis are just brutal or disgusting. Examples Ichinojo, Homasho and Yoshikaze Nagoya 2014. His self called monoii last time just took it over the line for me. Some of his reactions when he loses are just getting strange lately. He's not an Asashoryu level tool but his arrogance, and his lack of respect for rikishi beating him has really gotten on my nerves. Seriously, what lesson does he teach? Don't defeat the Dai-Yokozuna? Plus his lecturing caused Harumafuji to fly off the handle too. I'm honestly kind of glad the YDC is all over him after all those "stern warnings" for many years. Takagenji---The one rikishi Hakuho should teach a lesson too... BOW!!!!
  3. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    Not if Konosuke became the new one, young gyoji would be naming their children after him.
  4. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Or his Olympic mountain biking career
  5. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    Believe it or not I think Kotooshu could make the scarf work. I think he could look rather debonair in one (excuse me for sounding like a drunk Inosuke) holding some sort of yogurt in one hand. Maybe even start some sort of Euro-Japanese fashion trend for husky men. Takanohana though? Just no. I can't see him with one without thinking of the words "Yazuka" and "Syndicate" not to mention the handbag in his cold dead paws.
  6. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    I agree with you Yatagarasu I was referring more towards the notion Takanohana was hiding Takanoiwa during the police investigation and the Harumafuji scandal more than the injury itself. Concussions and head injuries are very serious and I like what Takanohana's ideals are with the more compassionate injury care, and his wanting to end hazing and rikishi aggression towards inferiors. The way he's performed this has seemed very sketchy and politically driven though and his rikishi's apathy towards basic etiquette (Takagenji) has turned me off a bit. Kotooshu seems to have a better plan with this revolutionary stuff. Just the fact we finally got an explanation yesterday after two months of wondering where Takanoiwa was and how we was doing seems questionable to me. I am very against rikishi trying to fight through major injuries and especially oyatakas who pressure it. I'm glad he's trying to change the landscape of sumo training and seniors beating up juniors to "teach them lessons." A lot of what happens in sumo behind the scenes I probably wouldn't want to know about and stories of abuse are absolutely appalling. It's good he wants to change the landscape there but he turned it into more of a mess than an election winning show of compassion and rikishi care.
  7. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kotoyuki has changed. He's no longer the polite, hooting owl we all (well some of us) fell in love with a couple of years ago. Now he's feisty (not on a Roho level) but still..., arrogant, angry, and a lot less polite than his renown manners days, and glares at a Gagamaru level. Not to mention his losses are mostly his own fault and uses harite with the iron clubs of tied up fingers he has, but glares when someone does it to him (Chiyoshoma does the same with henka). He loses due to his balance being that of a rhinoceros on ice skates. His slow down time when he flies off the dohyo rivals that of an airport runway, leading to a three-time-a-basho squash of an audience member thinking he's seated far enough back to worry about safety. Today he looked like a barrel rolling over a hillside.
  8. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Another exciting day, tomorrow looks to be the most important yet! Kakuryu-Kotoshogiku might have been the second best bout this far, behind Tochinoshin's win yesterday. As I've said before Kotoshogiku has had fantastic fighting spirit this basho and nearly pulled another upset. I wish he'd bring back his stretch, Takamisakari did his entertaining routine for years as a hiramaku. Kakuryu has looked like Hakuho this basho. When he gets marched back at the start, he's been able to calmly and patiently win twice now against Ichinojo too. Theory on Kotoshogiku: I think honestly he's not as declined from where he was a little over a year ago as an Ozeki. He won't have another 14-1 yusho basho, but he's really been performing competently and doesn't feel pressure to pull out all the time as he did when he got off to bad starts as an Ozeki. I think the reason he looks bad is the inverted schedule. He's facing all the opponets he usually ends the basho losing too at the beginning and beats up a slightly lighter schedule as a top Maegashira than an Ozeki has. This could explain him putting off retirement. Every basho starts I think he's toast but he's actually been fighting pretty well in most bouts. Chiyotairyu won easily! It's almost as if Kisenosato didn't show up Onosho getting into it now. I was worried at first, but 3-3 is actually quite respectable against his competition so far. How does Takayasu look so powerful one day and like this the next day? Atleast Goeido doesn't have that problem......
  9. Rikishi shmikishi talk

    This is hilarious! The bout description makes it even funnier! The randomness of this bout seeing Ichinojo of such calm garden-variety yotsu sumo launch oshi specialist Tamawashi by the chin off the dohyo on to his head is right up there with Daishomaru beating Hakuho by Ipponzeoi. At first I thought Tamawashi was glaring at Ichinojo now I know it was just confusion he was still alive! Tamawashi always looks like he has fun with reporters. The other two were funny aswell, Kaisei must have been bored.
  10. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kotoyuki got tired of simply falling into the audience all the time, so he tried steamrolling them instead today!
  11. Day 4 pics Hatsu Basho 2018

    Whoever got this picture needs some sort of award. I want to caption this so much but I would probably receive a lifetime ban for all the obscenities. It would start with "That little....."
  12. Day 5 pics overview Hatsu 2018

    Young rikishi:"It's your toe, remember?" Hakuho"I thought you said cold?" Young rikishi:"No I said it's cold outside!"
  13. Day 3 pics Hatsu 2018

    Hakuho: Wake up now! This is really important! Kakuryu: (sleepy) Can't it wait until yesterday? You're going to wake Ichinojo.
  14. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Daiamami-Yutakayama should have been atleast a torinaoshi, if not a Daiamami win, it looked nearly identical to Takayasu-Tochinoshin yesterday. God Konosuke's awesome! The loud commands before the bout starts, the intense fast yells during the bout, getting on his knees to see who steps out first, he needs to be top gyoji now! Seeing him handle Hakuho when he called his own monoii would have been delicious!
  15. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    He gets put on a really long leash so he can socialize around the heya, but he's put back in his cage after supper.