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  1. GTB- Aki (nomaki) Basho 2018- 69 entries so far

    Now that I'm "in", whats another, easier one thats good for a beginner?
  2. GTB- Aki (nomaki) Basho 2018- 69 entries so far

    Here goes nothing... Just submitted my entry, my very first attempt and first entry into any of the sumo games... fingers crossed! I look forward to learning from all my mistakes in the future...
  3. Lord Kitchener vs Mighty Sparrow (Calypso Music)

    I love Calypso! My preference is Kitchener over Mighty Sparrow, that era is my favourite, I'm a big fan of Lord Caresser, Lord Invader etc too. But Mighty Sparrow is still great too :) If you haven't seen the film "Calypso Dreams", its a pretty awesome documentary on the music and musicians
  4. Assuming he isn't either trying to make his all time loss record even greater than it already is (or that he's not doing some sort of very committed performance art piece). I think he's in with a shot in Nagoya, he seemed to have improved during the last basho and there were a couple of bouts I thought he looked like he was really contending. Apologies for the repeated title - this is the first poll I've had a go at submitting...
  5. Day 8 Pics - Nagoya 2018

    - DAY 8 - Welcome to Nakabi Inside the sweat box arena - Juryo Dohyo Iri - West side East side - Makuuchi Dohyo Iri - West Side East side Day 8 aka Nakabi (the middle sunday), is the first day a wrestler can get their kachi-koshi (winning record) during the basho - Jonokuchi - Jk29e Chiyotaiyo (2-2) yoritaoshi Jk31w Shiimori (1-3) Jk29w Roman (4-0) susoharai Jk20e Onagaya (2-2) Jk11w Kaishin (4-0) yoritaoshi Jk15e Tamanoryu (3-1) Jk8w Takemaru (4-0) uwatenage Jk7w Urutora (3-1) - Jonidan - Jd106e Terunosato (4-0) uwatenage Jd110e Bushi (3-1) Jd89e Sekizuka (4-0) yorikiri Jd93w Ayaminato (3-1) Jd81e Rao (4-0) okuritaoshi Jd85e Ryubu (3-1) Jd67e Daisho (2-2) yorikiri Jd66e Asaazuma (1-3) Jd10w Shuji (4-0) tsukiotoshi Jd4w Shunba (3-1) - Sandanme - Sd76e Hokutoshu (4-0) kotenage Sd73e Kaonishiki (3-1) Sd73w Hokuyozan (3-1) kekaeshi Sd70w Dewaizumi (2-2) Sd61e Saio (4-0) uwatenage Sd55w Hiradoumi (3-1) Sd42e Hoshoryu (3-1) shitatenage Sd45e Yokoe (2-2) Sd11w Kagamio (4-0) yorikiri Sd6w Kihonoumi (3-1) - Makushita - Ms49w Takayoshitoshi (4-0) okuridashi Ms52w Tsushimanada (3-1) Ms14w Toyohibiki (4-0) oshidashi Ms9e Tamaki (3-1) - JURYO - J13w Tobizaru (5-3) oshidashi Ms2e Gokushindo (2-3) J11e Chiyonoo (5-3) yorikiri J13e Kizenryu (2-6) J10w Terutsuyoshi (5-3) uwatenage J14w Churanoumi (1-7) J11w Mitoryu (5-3) tsukiotoshi J9e Tokushoryu (2-6) J8e Shimanoumi (4-4) tottari J14e Homarefuji (3-5) J8w Yago (5-3) hatakikomi J12e Wakatakakage (5-3) J7e Tsurugisho (4-4) yorikiri J9w Gagamaru (3-5) J12w Chiyonoumi (5-3) oshitaoshi J6w Kyokushuho (5-3) J5w Hidenoumi (4-4) yorikiri J7w Azumaryu (4-4) J3w Takanoiwa (7-1) yorikiri J6e Seiro (4-4) J2e Daiamami (4-4) yorikiri J3e Kotoyuki (5-3) J5e Daishoho (4-4) yorikiri J2w Takagenji (3-5) J4w Aminishiki (6-2) hatakikomi J1e Takekaze (2-6) J1w Akiseyama (1-7) oshidashi J4e Takanosho (6-2) - Makuuchi - M15w Ryuden (4-4) yorikiri M14e Kotoeko (2-6) M13e Tochiozan (6-2) makiotoshi M16e Hokutofuji (5-3) M12e Sadanoumi (4-4) oshidashi M16w Meisei (2-6) M12w Arawashi (3-5) hatakikomi M15e Ishiura (4-4) M13w Asanoyama (7-1) yorikiri M11e Aoiyama (3-5) M11w Onosho (5-3) yorikiri M14w Okinoumi (4-4) M10w Nishikigi (4-4) yorikiri M7e Takarafuji (4-4) M10e Chiyomaru (3-5) hikiotoshi M7w Daieisho (4-4) M6e Endo (7-1) yorikiri M9e Myogiryu (5-3) [Take 1] ----- torinaoshi ----- [Take 2] M9w Yutakayama (5-3) tsukidashi M6w Chiyotairyu (6-2) M5e Daishomaru (3-5) oshidashi M8w Kyokutaisei (1-7) M8e Chiyoshoma (3-5) yorikiri M5w Yoshikaze (0-8) [Get it together Yoshikaze] M2e Ikioi (3-5) oshidashi M3e Abi (2-6) K1e Tamawashi (5-3) oshitaoshi M1e Shodai (2-6) M1w Kotoshogiku (3-5) yorikiri K1w Shohozan (1-7) M3w Takakeisho (5-3) tsukiotoshi S1e Ichinojo (3-5) S1w Mitakeumi (8-0) yorikiri M2w Chiyonokuni (4-4) O1e Goeido (5-3) sukuinage M4e Kaisei (5-3) O1w Takayasu (6-2) oshidashi M4w Kagayaki (3-5) Thanks as ever to @Akinomaki for the pics! Thanks for looking and sorry for the delay on today's posting
  6. Day 3 Pics - Nagoya 2018

    - DAY 3 - Full house! I bet its hot in there - Arrivals - Azumaryu Kizenryu Daiamami Mitoryu Shimanoumi Aminishiki Chiyonoumi Churanoumi - Jonokuchi - The big result of the day! Jk34e Hattorizakura (1-1) koshikudake Jk30e Soga (0-2) Says it all really "I gave you guys a headstart, but now I'm coming for you" Before and After (new recruit / now) - Sandanme - Sd50w Naya (2-0) oshitaoshi Sd49w Kaiseijo (1-1) - Juryo - J8w Yago (3-0) yorikiri J7e Tsurugisho (1-2) J4w Aminishiki (2-1) hatakikomi J2w Takagenji (0-3) - Makuuchi - M15e Ishiura (2-1) oshidashi M16e Hokutofuji (2-1) M14e Kotoeko (1-2) oshidashi M13e Tochiozan (2-1) M13w Asanoyama (3-0) yorikiri M12w Arawashi (0-3) M9w Yutakayama (2-1) yorikiri M8w Kyokutaisei (0-3) M6e Endo (3-0) kirikaeshi M8e Chiyoshoma (0-3) Great bout this one M4w Kagayaki (2-1) oshidashi M5w Yoshikaze (0-3) S1w Mitakeumi (3-0) okuritaoshi M3w Takakeisho (1-2) K1e Tamawashi (1-2) oshidashi S1e Ichinojo (1-2) M2w Chiyonokuni (2-1) kotenage O1w Takayasu (2-1) If you haven't seen the video of this one, you should watch it right now O1e Goeido (2-1) yorikiri M2e Ikioi (0-3) O2w Tochinoshin (3-0) tsuridashi K1w Shohozan (0-3) Y1w Hakuho (3-0) sukuinage M1w Kotoshogiku (0-3) Y1e Kakuryu (3-0) oshidashi M1e Shodai (1-2) - Bonus - Nishonoseki-oyakata is back! here's to his continued recovery! Thanks as ever to @Akinomaki for the pics!
  7. Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    And one from Today Irodori vs Toyonoshima - Makushita
  8. Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    Another little round up of some the lower division guys in action on Day 3 Possibly everyone has seen this one by now, but just in case, here is the big result of the day; Hattorizakura vs Souga - Jonokuchi Enho vs Hakuyosan - Makushita Kaiseijo vs Naya - Sandanme Gokushindo vs Murata - Makushita Kiribayama - Jokoryu - Makushita
  9. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    I mean, that is the cool, calm stare of a winner right there, he clearly means business now
  10. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    True, I should have thought of adding an option for a win that was basically a complete fluke... The next question is, will he get a third
  11. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I had faith :) Though his performance art piece is now ruined...
  12. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    High five @Yatagarasu!
  13. Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    Toyonoshima vs Sagatsukasa in Makushita Naya vs Matsuyama in Sandanme
  14. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Loved Aminishiki's win down in Juryo today, hopefully he didn't use up all his energy during it and has saved a bit for the next 14 bouts... Looked a LOT like Takayasu had a fistful of hair in his win over Giku to my eyes though, I'm hoping they were mistaken...
  15. Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    Day 1 Juryo Digest courtesy of The Sumo Channel
  16. Spirited rikishi Nagoya 2018

    Agreed, though Aminishiki's was well deserved at least
  17. Day 1 matchups

    Im a big Giku fan, but the only way i see him winning that match up (unfortunately), is if Takayasu is still injured. While I think Giku could still take him in a belly bump push off, I just don't see Takayasu letting that happen. Still definitely a highlight match for me as well (and I'd be very happy to be wrong too)! Also very much looking forward to Hokutofuji / Ryuden at the other end of the bansuke
  18. Kisenosato Kyujo

    Reddit and idle gossip? surely not Seriously though, I doubt it. It seems very clear to me that Kisenosato is someone that takes sumo incredibly seriously, no matter your feelings towards him as a wrestler. I would even go so far as to say that Sumo is his life or at the very least is the thing that gives it meaning, without wanting to get too psychological here, he's been in makuuchi alone since he was 18 after all. He clearly desperately wanted to become a Yokozuna and to have been injured the way he was, when he was, is really incredibly unfortunate, but (to me at least) symbolic of his determination as a wrestler. If he must retire, and it does seem like he must, I can only really see that he must truly want to go out with another full basho under his belt, and importantly one in which he can acquit himself well, and so retire with his head held high. Also, is this really the face of a hardcore gambling addict?
  19. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    He seems to be more on chanko duty these days.... Edit: I still think he was another win in him one day though, I want to believe!
  20. Nagoya 2018

    Tochinoshin's not looking great right now either.... Hopefully they're both just going through some keiko blues
  21. Kisenosato Kyujo

    Not surprising at all, hopefully he'll up his training regiment even more from now on and really will gambarize next basho
  22. Preparations of the Y/O- July 2018

    After his showing at the last basho, I was genuinely worried this might have been Goueidou's last kadoban. But this kind of performance is very reassuring (he does always seem to be more promising during keiko though of course...), 11-0 against The Shin seems pretty remarkable
  23. Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    http://www.cultureunplugged.com/documentary/watch-online/play/51362/A-Normal-Life--Chronicle-of-a-sumo-wrestler I still can't track down the Perseverance version that @orandashoho mentioned before, but this is the other version with the old ending
  24. World Cup 18 - comments

    Ouch! Though at least you still got to see pickford's save beforehand right?
  25. Nagoya 2018

    At first I did think that this might be the time that Goeido finally slips up from ozeki-hood, but he does seem to be looking good in keiko (better than Takayasu even), not that has meant much before.... but I'd probably vote that they'll most likely both get their kk now.