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  1. Nikkan Sports popularity poll

    He's only 4 places behind the guy who was the first Japanese rikishi to win a yusho in 10 years... Its an unexpected list for sure
  2. Terunofuji's health problems

    Considering his performance in the last basho, it really seems like he shouldn't. But I wonder if he in effect, needs to, in order to keep receiving the kind of medical treatment that he needs. Maybe someone with a deeper inside knowledge can confirm this or not? Its the same question that I ask myself everytime I see Ōrora on the Dohyo, as he is also someone who seems like he needs medical care more than he needs to be competing. But I remember hearing that one of the reasons he continues is so he can keep on receiving treatment for his diabetes...
  3. Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Hopefully this is the most relevant place for this. Examples of the different Kimarite used in Natsu, thanks to Miselet for this video!
  4. Rikishi extra activities

    He was sponsored by Mclaren Tokyo, so probably something to do with that
  5. Another Sekitori Marriage

  6. Oh! Sumo Exhibition overview

    This is fantastic I take its not something that would be available for the general public to buy though...?
  7. Next Ozeki/Yokozuna promotion (after Takayasu to Ozeki)

    I reckon Terunofuji would agree there...
  8. Buying tickets for the Fukuoka tournament

    I am also hoping for either may or september basho next year, so I would very much appreciate more info on either the agency or the better way :)
  9. Wakaichiro from Texas

    As its Wakaichirō, if you don't have the macron over the o it can be written "ou" to emphasise the long vowel sound that should be pronounced there
  10. Lower-division Torikumi Natsu Basho 2018

    Here's the match this time around for those interested
  11. Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Hopefully this is relevent here. For those who haven't already seen it, there's a vintage glimpse into the Shimpan/Kimarite room in this video. The whole video is a pretty enjoyable blast from the past in general I think too
  12. Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Personally, thats what I like about them :)
  13. NATSU 2018 - DAY 10 ------- Inside the Kokugikan ------- Juryo J14w Wakatakakage (5-5) oshitaoshi J10w Homarefuji (2-8) ------- J8w Takagenji (6-4) oshitaoshi J12e Yago (8-2) ------- Makuuchi J2e Kotoeko (8-2) yoritaoshi M16e Myogiryu (7-3) ------- M16w Aminishiki (2-8) katasukashi M12w Asanoyama (6-4) ------- M17e Nishikigi (7-3) oshidashi M11w Chiyonokuni (8-2) ------- M9e Daishomaru (7-3) tsukiotoshi M14w Takekaze (4-6) ------- M7e Ryuden (2-8) hatakikomi M9w Hokutofuji (4-6) (first 2 pictures from the head collision, then 2 from the restarted bout) ------- M3w Yutakayama (1-9) oshitaoshi M6e Chiyoshoma (2-8) ------- M2w Abi (5-5) uwatenage M1e Tamawashi (3-7) ------- K1e Mitakeumi (7-3) tsukiotoshi M5w Ikioi (7-3) ------ S1e Tochinoshin (10-0) yorikiri M4e Chiyotairyu (4-6) Post Bout Love this glimpse behind the scenes ------- S1w Ichinojo (6-4) oshidashi M4w Shodai (6-4) ------- Y1e Kakuryu (9-1) hatakikomi M5e Kotoshogiku (6-4) aka bowling for with Kotoshogiku If only the Kotoshogiku DEATH STARE™ could be used as an effective weapon during the actual bout... ------- Y1w Hakuho (9-1) okuridashi K1w Endo (3-5-2) Endo displaying poor pulse-taking technique below ------- BONUS PICS Focus on Takanohana ------- Most rikishi when they leave, stop for hand shakes, signs and photo shoots - Tochinoshin did a bit as well (see above at the end of his bout) Chiyonokuni Nishikigi ------- Oyakata on duty ------- The photo frame card had Abi on the back on day 10 ------- There also is a campaign attached to support your favourite rikishi - and 5 may win a photo shoot with him - though that is in August ------- With some imagination, one can make the Endo frame a bit more interesting... ------- In the sumo museum, it has a Raiden exhibition now The trophies on display ------- TBS AsaChan zuumooh badges ------- At the Sumo market outside The Macaron is (unfortunately) just a prop version, but the kensho banner and envelopes are real (though the envelopes are also really empty) The Kensho banners are for Nagatanien and for Mochi-kichi sembei, which also are a present option (also o-cha-zuke from N.) when you get a photo taken with the items - by NSK part time helpers - in the hope you buy more sembei at the nearby Mochi-kichi booth For buying sumo goods 500 worth, one gets a draw at the lottery, and gets at least an ooiri-bukuro at it You may buy a support towel - here for Mitakeumi ------- PREVIOUS DAYS Thanks for looking and thanks to @Akinomaki for the pics (and most of the captions too)
  14. Day 4 pics overview Natsu 2018

    Takanohana's stoicism in the face of nearly 300kg of flying rikishi is admirable
  15. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Lots of Matta Not Mattas today, personally I thought that Shohozan went reeeeeally early on Kakuryu, he didn't have either of his hands even nearly down. But hey, he's a yokozuna, he still should have been able to fight back from there. But he has to keep moving backwards... I guess the crowd wanted to keep sitting on their zabutons though, both for comfort reasons (and just in case Kaisei managed to get the upset win ;) I want to add my voice to those praising the Geek on his bout though, he was great against Chiyoshoma. I'm hoping Ikioi didn't get too hurt today though as their match tomorrow should be a belter hopefully! (And also, because I like Ikioi and generally don't want him to be injured)