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  1. VirtualSumo

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    What do people think of Kakuryu's sumo today? This going backwards and slapping down is still working but I feel sure its shelf life will prove short with customers from sanyaku ranks. Im expecting another week 2 collapse.
  2. VirtualSumo

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I'd say relieved - it was a lucky escape. How early did Goeido move!?
  3. VirtualSumo

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2018 (13th Wave)

    Jk18 Naya
  4. VirtualSumo

    21 Har Har 18 - The Results

  5. VirtualSumo

    Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    Yes great analysis, Andonishiki. I hadn't realised that this was so rare. However tha potential lack of healthy yokozuna opposition makes Tochinoshin's chances considerably higher. If Hakuho is either going to not be 100%, or, (and more likley) sit out, and with Kakuryu and Kisenosato in the same boat, I fancy he has as much chance to win Haru as either ozeki or anyone else. I am getting well ahead of myself but what would happen in he repeated 14-1 yushos in the next two tournaments? Striclkly speaking he would still not have met the requirement for Ozeki (33 wins scored from sanyaku) and yet it would seem he has earned the right to be Yokozuna - especially given what Andonishiki has told us.
  6. VirtualSumo

    Relapse Prevention Committee-training week

    Forgive my ignorance but what is wrong with him? (Takanoiwa)
  7. VirtualSumo

    42nd Grand Sumo Tournament

    Thanks very much for posting this. A very impressive result - irrespective of who will say "it doesnt matter". As I've said on other threads, with no supporters, I think this man will be Ozeki this year.
  8. VirtualSumo

    Sansho for 2018 Hatsu

    You're right, Katooshu. Seems to me that he is doing this more but still primarily as a route in to make a belt hold and not "to the finish". His loss against Kakuryu (at 1.44 on this compilation) is a perfect example of this. The Yokozuna brilliantly prevents Tochinoshin's attempt to get his favoured left hand outside grip but Tochinoshin was at least holding his own in the oshi-battle and would have been better, as you suggest, to keep trading shoves. Mentally he is a new fighter now and physically he looks more powerful than ever before. He tendancy to lose (like Kaisei) at the rope I think has been somewhat overcome - there are several examples here, the best perhaps being the victory over Goeido (at 0.54). I'm convinced he is on his way to Ozeki this year.
  9. VirtualSumo

    Sansho for 2018 Hatsu

    He is a great entertainer and while I'd like to see him collect recognition of that with a fighting spirit prize sometime, I wish he'd just win quick a bit more. Remember that immortal bout with Hakuho last November when, literally faced with Hakuho's back, he TWICE tried to grab him rather than just throw himself on / at him.
  10. VirtualSumo

    Sumo graphs

    Really nice, Yamasanzan. Just to be clear for everyone else using this tool for the first time, click the "custom graph" option to get an elongated upper Y axis. It will be obvious to most sumo fans but the coloured horizontal lines at the top mark the different levels within the Makuuchi Division. Thanks for youe effort and sharing Yama.
  11. VirtualSumo

    First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Fair points and excellent analysis made by Katooshu re the political and financial aspects of boxing unification. At the back (of my not very deep mind) was the thought that its difficult to hold all 4 belts because once you hold one, you are then dictated to as to whom and when you have to fight and potenitally then have to be fighting when not in optimum condition. One of the strengths of sumo is the simplicity of the tournament schedule - although the pressure and expectation to participate and defend one's rank when injured is a subject that I know has been discussed elsewhere on here. Morty, I share some of your dispondancy re cycling but I am trying to believe that Froome is clean. My example of 3 grand tours is silly - it is SO hard that, as you say, no one tries it, even on drugs. Two is a rare achievement, especially if one is the TDF. Also cycling being a team sport probably doesn't make this the best example. Maorencze, do you actually own boxing gloves?
  12. VirtualSumo

    First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    I'm enjoying this discussion. Great points here by Morty but he touches on a reason that these stats may be deceptive: dominance. There will be another 11 tournaments before the end of 2019. Someone has to win them. We may well be past the period of total dominanace by Hakuho that has made Yokozuna promotion near impossible. As with any achievement in world sport, there is never a level playing field. In the others sports quoted in this thread, golf and tennis, there have been times when to win consecutive majors / slams you will have had to beat an all-time great, or two (in mens tennis you could argue 4 in recent times). Other times not. Sumo may be entering one of those "opportune" periods. I think the odds are very much that somebody will step up and win a chunk of the tournaments Hakuho ducks. Therefore I don't agree with the (better informed and well made) case for "Nobody". Tochinoshin and Takayasu are both within tachiai distance of bullying tournaments when existing Yokozuna are not at their best or fittest - which is going to be much of the time. I predict one of them will be Yokozuna before 2020. Hardest thing to achieve in world sport? Win all 3 grand tours in cycling in one year. (never done) Hold all 4 heavyweight boxing titles (never done).
  13. VirtualSumo

    Training pics overview Haru 2018

    Great pics, thanks. Some serious strapping on that right knee.
  14. VirtualSumo

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    He will be Sekiwake as Munjeezy says. What is still to be determined is how many wins he can carry forward from this basho to contribute to his certain bid to become Ozeki after the March and May tournaments. 14 wins here and it is a real possibility on anything close to this form. Or do his wins have to all come from a sanyaku rank - in which case 14 wins makes no odds here?
  15. VirtualSumo

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I agree Thundersnow. When you are up against an unbeaten Yokozuna on Day 11 you probably need to adapt your tactics - something very few of Kakuryu's opponents have done up to now. The Mongolian Sekiwaki might yet make his Kachi Koshi - unthinkable this morning.