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  1. Shimpu

    Happy birthday Fay!

    (Holiday feeling...) Happy birthday !!! (Holiday feeling...) Hope to see even more of your basho photo raports in upcoming year (Showing respect...)
  2. Shimpu


    Amazing. I've never expected it. Seriously his progress is simply unbelievable. First ozeki promotion and now yusho... sky is the limit. (Sign of approval...)
  3. Shimpu

    Happy birthday Fay.....

    I'm terrible late :-) Happy birthday Fay !!! (Whistling...)
  4. Shimpu

    Happy birthday, Fujisan!

    Better late than never... (In jonokuchi...) Happy Birthday! (Hugging...)
  5. Shimpu

    What are your professions?

    I'm a building engineer. I work on the field.
  6. Shimpu

    Happy birthday Shimpu!

    Thanks! I was pretty busy lately... Wedding, work etc. I didn't follow sumo world and our forum for a while.
  7. Shimpu

    Creatine - doping or not?

    Obviously creatine isn't any form of doping. It's a supplement. All amateur bodybuilder's federations accept this specific (I'm not talking about pros like IFBB because they do tests only against diuretics). I ate few packets myself - it isn't any secret weapon or something... I'm sure all top rikishi use real stuff like our good old polish Omnadren, Metanabol or even Anapolon (Anadrol 50 equivalent). You can't regenerate quickly without steroids. Injuries are part of sumo... Enough said.
  8. Shimpu


    10:5 1.) Hatakikomi 2.) Yes 3.) 11 4.) M8E Goeido 5.) Yes 6.) 5 7.) J7W
  9. Shimpu

    Guess The Kotomitsuki

    I thought I've just finished my Ozeki run... (On the banzuke...) My mistake.
  10. Shimpu

    Guess The Kotomitsuki

    ... I finished my Ozeki run (sic!) with 29-16 /10-5,10-5,9-6/ (Showing respect...) I'm very satisfied though (Sigh...) Edit: Actually it wasn't Ozeki run as Nishinoshima pointed I'm on the wave right now... (Sigh...) First 10-5 (M3E) (Blushing...)
  11. Shimpu

    Hatsu Henka Sightings

    Roho... (Clapping wildly...)
  12. Shimpu

    Some pics of day 4 Hatsu Basho

    Awesome. They should put this pic into new sumo calendar or something. (In a state of confusion...)
  13. Shimpu

    Chain Gang Hatsu 2008

    Indeed. Total carnage ! I'm still standing though :-P
  14. Shimpu


    9:6 1.) Yorikiri 2.) No 3.) 13 4.) Homasho 5.) Yes 6.) 4 7.) M3E
  15. Shimpu

    Ichihara - In makuuchi for Hatsu '08 or not ?

    Nah. He is not ready yet. They know about it. J1W