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  1. I watch every Sumo tournament on TV Japan. and have been following Sumo since 1969 (when I was living in Japan). I now have a small group of Sumo fans in my city in Western, New York State and I hold Sumo viewing parties during each tournament. I use "Sumo Reference" frequently to prepare information (it has better and more information that the Sumo Kyokai site). It is a lot of work to put together something in English to help my group understand the NHK Sumo broadcasts (none of my group, except myself and my wife, understand Japanese. So, I always copy out the tournament banzuke in English from Sumo Reference ( onto 11 X 17 paper for them to use anf the daily taisen from the Sumu Kyokai website. It's easier for me to explain to them what's going on during the matches. I speak good Japanese and read at the high school level and keep up a sort of running commentary during the matches. I issue a daily report commenting on the matches to my small group of fans and add bits of Sumo trivia. Using the Sumo Reference makes it easier for me to prepare enough information for the group to get a feel for each of the sekitori. But Sumo Reference has not update their banzuke for the Kyusho Basho 2017. I e-mailed Alexander Nitschke and asked if he was going to update the site but received no reply to date. Does anyone have any information regarding the status of that website?
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    Sumo Reference Updates

    Thank you, Doitsuyama!!!!