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  1. Flyric

    Sumo removed from World Games

    feels like a scapegoat for a straw that broke the camel's back. IOC wanting more popular / olympics-bound sports is my non-educated guess of their motivation. Hopefully the new guidelines from the ISF include a formal way to appeal disqualifications like the one that occurred with the Egyptian wrestler.
  2. Flyric

    Ikioi retires

    TIL there's a vocal version of Jupiter with japanese lyrics. I love the melody in this song, so it was a fun ride to hear this take on it.
  3. Flyric

    New ozeki Kirishima

    haha, that's a fun touch. I'm starting to really enjoy these kanji selections for shikona. Especially when they they play with the pronunciation to make them read as names we've heard before.
  4. I appreciate the insight. So the Kyokai is trying to get to a point where they own all the Kabu and current Kabu-holders would suggest a successor to the Kyokai instead of selling it for money? Seems like a good system, but might be tough to enforce. And agreed, pricey to buyout all the Oyakata who already paid for theirs.
  5. makes sense, sounds more like a negotiation then. The wording just threw me.
  6. what an interesting culture difference compared to the USA. Voluntarily resignation, you get severance. Getting fired, you don't. Quite strange!
  7. I know someone who's helping organize, and it sounds like it's going to be a blast. Gagamaru's going to be in attendance!
  8. Flyric

    Amazumo program videos

    Some fun stuff seems to be going down in Texas
  9. Flyric

    hello from Iowa!

    Howdy! Where at in Iowa if you don't mind me asking? I'm in DSM myself. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Flyric

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    yeah, the catchphrase is totally working for me too. The channel's a surprisingly comfy watch!
  11. Flyric

    Sumo obituaries

    I ran the article through DeepL, and felt I got some good insight. Anyone who knows Japanese, feel free to correct it. :
  12. Flyric

    Favourite gyoji

    I think he's my favorite too. His story was memorable enough, it inspired me and my friend to do a joke-photoshop of him off the clock.
  13. I was talking about his day 15 match against Hidenoumi
  14. I'm with you, Ryafuji. Training / tournament matches don't compare 100%, and I seem to see at least 1 bad fall a basho that would be prevented. Akua's head hitting the dohyo this basho, Shodai landing awkwardly on his foot last basho, etc.
  15. Flyric

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Hatsu Basho

    He looked concussed on his walk back from the dohyo. I'm happy he went kyujo.