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  1. Japan Times Sumo Column Request

    the Yoshida Clan's history in sumo.
  2. Haru jungyo 2018

    Any word on what kind of medical treatment Kisenosato's using?
  3. I was just trying to give an example to @chankomafuji where in sumo, someone was denied something her peers could do due to her gender. On the sports discrimination, I think [all?] male sports don't have an issue with women playing the same game on the same field. I feel sumo is unique in this regard since it toes the line between sport and religion.
  4. What about the picture of the girl sitting next to the dohyo at the top of his article --- do you consider that fact that she can't wrestle on the dohyo to not be discriminatory? I imagine wrestling on an actual dohyo would be a special treat for anyone who made the national tournament.
  5. I think the problem is that sumo is considered the national sport of japan, so even the Japanese citizens who don't watch sumo have a vested interest in how it's conducted. It's tied with their nation's identity.
  6. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    He performed better than average (8-7) at rank J12w. He was in Makuuchi for almost 2 years before he was injured. I would say he under-performed from what he's usually capable of.
  7. Ex-Jūryō Oyakata

    I'm also curious what the Naruto-beya is aiming for. I haven't heard / seen much about them except for the occasional photo-ops.
  8. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    That karaoke scene at the end was amazing --- mostly because there was one guy really into clapping along.
  9. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2018

    I remember hearing there's a rule about how there needs to be two Ozeki at all time. What's the history behind it?
  10. Day 7 pics Haru Basho 2018

    Haru Basho - Day 7 Jk18e Naya vs Jk13e Kotomiyakura Jd12e Nishiyama vs Jd5w Torakio Sd62w Asadaimon vs Sd60w Sazanami Takanohana The Kyokai was nice enough to hand deliver their warning that he must fulfill his duties Juryo Time Terutsuyoshi Enho vs Yago Tobizaru vs Takagenji Serio vs Takanoiwa Sad Takanoiwa for the 2nd day in a row Takanosho vs Homarefuji old man Aminishiki vs Meisei Takakaze vs Sadanoumi Kyokutaisei vs Tokushoryu Makuuchi Time Myogiryu Daishomaru vs Sokokurai Asanoyama vs Tochiozan Daiamami vs Chiyonokuni Chiyoshoma vs Kotoyuki Ryuden vs Ishiura Okinoumi vs Yutakayama Daieisho vs Hokutofuji Kaisei vs Kagayaki Chiyomaru vs Abi Shodai vs Toshikaze Kotoshogiku vs Endo Tamawashi vs Ichinojo Tochinoshin vs Arawashi Mitakeumi vs Chiyotairyu Goeido vs Takarafuji "Ow!" Takayasu vs Shohozan Kakuryu vs Takakeisho Did he step out? at least not in this picture...
  11. Day 6 pics Haru Basho 2018

    Haru Basho - Day 6 Takanohana: "I'm just here so I don't get fined" Takanohana with his main sponsor, the leader of the Shinto-sect: Ryujinsogusha Isamufuji vs Asahashin Takayoshitoshi vs Terutsuyoshi Tochihiryu vs Takanoiwa Yago vs Tobizaru Homarefuji vs Gagamaru Kyokushuho vs Aminishiki Aoiyama vs Asanoyama Yutakayama vs Ryuden Kaisei vs Daieisho Ichinojo vs Chiyotairyu Takakeisho vs Mitakeumi Tochinoshin vs Endo Takayasu vs Takarafuji Goeido vs Shohozan Kakuryu vs Kotoshogiku
  12. Takanohana-devil's advocate this thread isn't about defending Takanohana's fashion choices? Dang, I must have misread that first post
  13. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    The dude's going rouge!
  14. I do think a mentality shift is needed. Too many rikishi (and oyakata) think it's best to gambarize and tough it out when injured when they should rest and heal up. I bet culture is the big reason for why they think this way --- hopefully the examples of Tochinoshin and Ryuden help convince more people to prioritize their health over rank. That said, I agree with Gurowake and think the current system is too rigged against rikishi who decide not to compete. You drop so far with a 0-15 it's hard to blame guys who stick it out and try to get a few wins. I don't think a kosho / rank-preservation system is fair though, since it screws over the rikishi below them who earned a KK. A good compromise would be a reduced drop of rank once / year when injured. This lets (some of) the deserving rikishi rank up, but also gives injured rikishi incentive to stay out and rest. My crazy solution that'll never happen is to get rid of one of the bashos (eg Kyushu) and have an actual off season. I think it's insane they're training and competing year(s) round without any breaks, and I can't think of any other sports that have a similar schedule.
  15. My thought was the Kyokai wants as many high-profile / popular names to not be kyujo, because it sells more tickets. It's the only reasonable reason I can think of for why the Kyokai got rid of the kosho system --- everyone was taking bashos off and people weren't buying tickets. That's my complete guess, though, so any insight of what was going on back in 2003 would be much appreciated.