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  1. Flyric

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019

    Must be the same specialist who gives "2 weeks rest" doctor's notes for any injury.
  2. Flyric

    Preparations of the Y/O Hatsu 2019

    Kise showing off the many ways to win a sumo bout
  3. Flyric

    Basho attendance

    Just out of curiosity, what constitutes as a 'full house' -- more sold out days than not (KK)?
  4. Flyric

    Kyushu Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    What a match, well played Mitakeumi!
  5. John Gunning answering the questions we were all wondering
  6. Kyushu Basho - Day 11 Packed House Rikishi Arriving Furiwake at a mono-ii Sd33e Ura! vs Sd10e Kototebakari Sd11w Naya vs Sd9e Itadaki Ms49e Hoshoryu vs Ms40e Kyokusoten Ms13e Homarefuji s Karatsuumi Ms1e Gagamaru vs J13w Gokushindo Toyonoshima vs Chiyonoo Terutsuyoshi vs Tobizaru Akiseyama vs Kotoeko Aoiyama vs Yutakayama Shohozan vs Onosho Endo vs Abi Daieisho vs Kagayaki Takanoiwa vs Shodai Ryuden vs Asanoyama Nishikigi vs Hokutofuji Tamawashi vs Myogiryu Takakeisho vs Tochiozan Yoshikaze vs Mikatekumi Goeido vs Kaisei Tochinoshin vs Chiyotairyu Takayasu vs Ichinojo Boom
  7. Kyushu Basho - Day 10 Packed House Rikishi arriving Inagawa-oyakata on photo shoot duty Sd7e Shohoryu vs Sd11w Naya Sad Naya Ms10e Takayoshitoshi vs Ms13w Kaisho Tomokaze vs Ms1w Daiseido Toyonoshima vs Kyokushuho Tokushoryu vs Hakuyozan Aminishiki vs Akiseyama Terutsuyoshi vs Yago Kotoeko vs Chiyomaru Onosho vs Chiyoshoma Endo vs Arawashi Kotoshogiku vs Daishomaru Daieisho vs Takanosho Aoiyama vs Takarafuji Okinoumi vs Abi Shohozan vs Chiyonokuni Yutakayama vs Kagayaki Takanoiwa vs Ryuden Yoshikaze vs Tochiozan Takakeisho vs Hokutofuji Baseball visitors applauding the win Tamawashi vs Kaisei Shodai vs Mitakeumi Tochinoshin vs Ichinojo Takayasu vs Chiyotairyu Not Bad Goeido vs Asanoyama
  8. Flyric

    Sansho for Aki 2018

    Now I'm even more confused... ah, so you're saying Ryuden, Takakeisho, and Toshikaze were candidates, but none of them got enough votes. I got there eventually
  9. Flyric

    Day 10 pics Aki Basho 2018

    Aki Basho - Day 10 Rikishi arriving Hiyonoyama in the hall and at PR for the postcards the NSK arubaito Jissen girls at the official NSK goods booth in official NSK wear Full House Takanohana Kisenosato Dohyo-Iri Jk8e Fubu vs Jk10w Kaishun Jk6 w Nakaishi vs Jk4w Asahanshin Ms59e Sasakiyama vs Ms60e Naya Ms21w Takayoshitoshi vs Ms25e Chiyootori Ms7w Higonojo vs Ms6w Homarefuji Tokushoryu vs Terutsuyoshi Wakatakakage vs Daishoho Yago vs Hidenoumi Kotoeko vs Aminishiki Ishiura vs Ryuden Kotoyuki vs Kyokutaisei Chiyoshoma vs Daieisho Takanoiwa vs Tochiozan Kagayaki vs Aoiyama Myogiryu vs Kotoshogiku Asanoyama vs Hokutofuji Takakeisho vs Yutakayama Tochinoshin vs Kaisei Takayasu vs Goeido Kisenosato vs Endo Matta Take 2 Hakuho vs Ichinojo the dame-oshi Kakuryu vs Mitakeumi
  10. Flyric

    Day 9 pics Aki Basho 2018

    Aki Basho - Day 9 Rikishi Arriving 2nd wasou-day - on a holiday photo shoot with Gyoji at the Hiyonoyama goods shop Shibatayama at the Hokkaido support corner the senjafuda shop Takasago-beya chanko for the rest of the basho is chicken salt boiled chanko Dohyo-Iris Juryo Makuuchi Yokozuna Dohyo Jd110w Asahio vs Jd108e Shimizu Jd36w Takanonari vs Jd38w Urutora Sd91e Ura vs Sd92w Kayatoiwa Ms55e Aozora vs Ms54e Aonosho Ms52w Ichiki vs Ms56e Hoshoryu Ms48w Tochiseiryu vs Sd2e Byakko Ms5e Gokushi ndo vs Ms1w Toyonoshima Gokushindo Chiyonoumi Tobizaru Hakuyozan vs Shimanoumi Akiseyama vs Wakatakakage Arawashi vs Kotoeko Nishikigi vs Chiyomaru Daishomaru vs Takanosho Ryuden vs Shohozan Kagayaki vs Hokutofuji Kotoshogiku vs Asanoyama Abi vs Tochiozan Yutakayama vs Chiyotairyu Ichinojo vs Ikioi Takayasu vs Chiyonokuni Goeido vs Takakeisho Hakuho vs Mitakeumi Kakuryu vs Endo Kisenosato vs Tochinoshin
  11. Flyric

    Day 5 pics Aki Basho 2018

    Aki Basho - Day 5 Popular Shimpan YDC top Kitamura Yamashina-oyakata retirement press conference Shibatayama calls for donations for Hokkaido after recent quake ex-Homasho on photo duty ex-Kitataiki at the NSK good booth The rice straw for the tawara bales in the dohyo Ms5w Ichiyamamoto Ms1w Toyonoshima vs Ms4w Tomokaze Tomokaze Jokoryu vs Hakuyozan Hidenoumi vs Wakatakakage Daiamami vs Kotoeko Aminishiki vs Akiseyama Dohyo-iri Arawashi vs Ishiura Yoshikaze vs Chiyomaru Takanoiwa vs Chiyoshoma Hokutofuji vs Kotoshogiku "So you want some Butsukari-love?" Onosho vs Shohozan Tochiozan vs Kagayaki Abi vs Myogiryu Asanoyama vs Chiyonokuni Kaisei vs Endo Ichinojo vs Tamawashi Goeido fusen Mitakeumi vs Tochinoshin Mitakeumi support corner in the Ginza NAGANO Takayasu vs Ikioi Kakuryu vs Chiyotairyu Kisenosato vs Shodai and now, the many faces of Shodai in pain oof ouch Enthusiastic Kisenosato Fans "I am so happy" Hakuho vs Takakeisho
  12. Flyric

    Hakuho Injury

    I think the official doctor's report was: “Damage to right-side patellar tendon, suspicion of avulsion fracture of the right tibial tuberosity. Requires two weeks of rest” No idea on how accurate "two weeks of rest" is.
  13. Flyric

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Those 9-6 records make things tricky. I think it Baruto who famously was passed for an ozeki promotion due to a 9-6 right in the middle of it. A Yusho is very impressive, but with so many of the high ranks kyujo, there's going to be an asterisk in everyone's mind. If Mitakeumi brings another stellar performance in Aki, he's got it, but if he only gets the 33 wins with no wins against the ozeki+ ranks... it'd be a tough call imo.
  14. Nagoya Basho - Day 10 Tochinoshin gives up on a return to the basho J3w Takanoiwa vs J4w Aminishiki J5w Hidenoumi vs J1e Takekaze Makuuchi Time Tochiozan vs Ishiura Hokutofuji vs Asanoyama Kyokutaisei vs Onosho Yutakayama vs Takarafuji Chiyonokuni vs Endo Ikioi vs Shodai Tamawashi vs Kotoshogiku Ichinojo vs Yoshikaze Mitakeumi vs Kagayaki Starstruck Mitakeumi with Marcus Tulio Tanaka (Kyoto Sanga FC) Goeido vs Shohozan Kaisei vs Takayasu "This is going to hurt…" Kaisei with Tulio