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  1. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Really excited that Tochinoshin was able to clinch his first tournament victory. Being something like the 9th hiramaku victory in 27 odd years really shows how difficult it is to be mentally tough through the whole tournament. Whether he goes on for an Ozeki run down the track doesn't really matter. He is now a proud holder of the cup. He is a very humble rikishi and he held himself very well in his interview. Even with his beating with a golf club a number of years back from his oyakata, he has repaid the stable greatly. I bet his oyakata is feeling slightly relieved after all the bad press he has had in the last week days.
  2. Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2019

    I think hokutofuji has a great chance to get to Ozeki. I really like his attitude and he really gives it a 100 %. I was lucky enough to get this signature as he was leaving the basho on day 9 Kyushu. I told him good luck towards getting Ozeki. Also I did like that when I approached him for a quick chat and signature, his tsukebito said to me "dame" but hokutofuji was a gentlemen and gave me some of his time. I was very impressed. Come on daiki.
  3. Day 8 pics overview Kyushu 2017

    Correct it was asahiyama.
  4. Day 8 pics overview Kyushu 2017

    See if you can guess who they are? Some are from day 8 and day 9.
  5. Day 8 pics overview Kyushu 2017

    Just looking over Day 8 pics bring back some good memories. I was very fortunate enough to get some nice signatures on my 色紙. Nishiiwa 元若の里 lovely guy. Spoke to him for about 5 mins I had read his autobiography and spoke quite a bit about 稀勢の里 and his old tsukebito 輝. Onomatsu 元益荒雄 lovely guy. We spoke about his heya and I got some insightful information. Kasugano 元栃乃和歌 he was under a lot of pressure with the 日馬富士暴行問題問題 but gave my the time when I approached him. asahiyama 元琴錦 lovely guy. He was surprised I knew who he was. tomozuna 元旭天鵬 I had read his book and he gave me a few minutes conversation. He is very popular and a lot of people were getting signatures and photos. sekinoto 元岩木山 we spoke about 豪栄道 naruto 元琴欧洲 actually heard he can be very cold but he was nice and we spoke for a few minutes. . He even grabbed my arm and said I should have do sumo lol. miyagino 元竹葉山 spoke to him as he was going to the toilet. Felt bad but he was nice and as 白鵬 coach I couldn't resist. Shikoroyama 元寺尾 he was surprised I knew who he was. We spoke about 千代の富士. Very friendly guy. furiwake 元高見盛 he had just finished commentating 十両 and I was lucky to get this. I also got 輝、北勝富士、正代 as they were leaving after their bout. All were very friendly and happy to talk.
  6. Aki jungyo 2017

    It is good to see terunofuji join the jungyo but how is he going to perform in the Kyushu Basho? Can he really get 10 wins to keep his Ozeki rank? He really needs to heal but as he said, whether he competes or rests it's not going to improve his current injuries. Would love to see him get his 10 wins but I think it might be too much for him.
  7. Aki jungyo 2017

    I'm expecting big things from Asanoyama this next basho. I was really cheering him on in the last basho. With the last basho and some very good training experience this jungyo I look forward to seeing him in Kyushu. I have tickets for day 8 & 9. Just hope all the Yokozuna are in good shape and I will be a very pleased sumo fan.