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  1. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    No sumo on NHK-BS this weekend so I'll start at 3:05PM JST with NHK G on both days.
  2. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Starting right now (Enho again)
  3. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Well, to be precise, twitch did not archive todays video for whatever reason, the rest I deleted intentionally. I don't actually mind keeping the vids on for one day and removing them only after.
  4. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    No, I deleted them. I don't wanna make the same mistake again...
  5. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    I'm already online :)
  6. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    This weekend BS1 will not broadcast live sumo so I'll start with the main channel at 3:05 JST on both days. With so many rikishi already withdrawn, hopefully we won't miss much of Juryo action.
  7. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Doesn't sound good. What happened to those sites?
  8. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    I'll start a bit earlier today because of Enho's bout.
  9. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Just gone online
  10. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Just starting now :)
  11. Abema TV sumo 2018 all basho live

    Well, there had to be some cons, since it's free and high quality.
  12. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    @Asojima thanks for all the streaming info, one little thing to add: whenever BS1 shows sumo, my stream will start earlier than the ones showing only NHK G, probably at the start of Juryo.
  13. Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Just about... plenty of dropped frames though :(
  14. Where to go next?

    stream.me isn't working for me at the minute so I started at looch.tv https://looch.tv/MbovoSumo And in two minutes I got blocked by the site :( Trying twitch now. Been blocked from everywhere else so what the heck. https://www.twitch.tv/mbovosumo
  15. Where to go next?

    Just over a day to go and I made my decision, I'll go with stream.me, pretty stable, nice quality, with a chatroom as well, you'll find my channel there. See you guys on Sunday :)