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    Sumo Reference Updates

    Thank you for the excellent database! During this basho, I got the error message "404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." a few times. This is not a big deal though, as I can usually access to the website in 10-20 minutes. Can it be related to the new server?
  2. sgm

    career-high ranks

    Another interesting statistics: the importance of age. During Heisei (1989-) period, there were 95 Shin-Sanyaku. 41 of them became Sanyaku before the 25th birthday: Takahanada 18y11m Y Hakuho 19y10m Y Kisenosato 20y0m Y Tochiazuma 20y8m O Asashoryu 20y8m Y Wakahanada 20y10m Y Musashimaru 21y0m Y Tomoefuji 21y6m Takanonami 21y7m O Chiyootori 21y7m Ichinojo 21y7m Akebono 21y10m Y Kaio 21y10m O Musoyama 22y1m O Chiyotaikai 22y1m O Kotooshu 22y1m O Ama 22y1m Y Tochiozan 22y2m Kotonishiki 22y3m Miyabiyama 22y6m O Goeido 22y7m O Tochinoshin 22y9m Kotoshogiku 23y2m O Terunofuji 23y4m O Chiyotenzan 23y5m Takayasu 23y7m O Takatoriki 23y8m Dejima 23y8m O Tochinonada 23y9m Kakuryu 23y9m Y Baruto 23y10m O Tosanoumi 23y11m Toyonoshima 23y11m Mitakeumi 23y11m Kyokushuzan 24y0m Tamanoshima 24y0m Wakanosato 24y4m Hamanoshima 24y6m Takanowaka 24y9m Kotomitsuki 24y9m O Asasekiryu 24y11m You see that quite a lot of them became Yokozuna or Ozeki. Onosho will join this group at the age of 21y4m. However, surprisingly, none of the other 54 who became Sanyaku after the 25th birthday reached Ozeki.
  3. sgm

    career-high ranks

    I have some interesting statistics. After Futahaguro's retirement, the requirement for a Yokozuna became more strict. Let's consider 178 bashos after that. During this interval, 10 new Yokozunae were born, so a new Yokozuna appears in every 17.8 bashos. Future Yokozunae spend 54.6 bashos as Ozeki or below on average, so 54.6 / 17.8 = 3.07 rikishis among Ozeki or below are future Yokozunae (on average). Using the same method, I computed the average number of future Yokozunae in each rank: O 0.94 S 0.34 K 0.25 M 0.57 J 0.20 (Sekitori Total 2.30) Ms 0.33 Sd 0.21 Jd 0.11 Jk 0.06 Bg 0.06 (Total 3.07) The average number of future Ozekis in each rank: S 1.04 K 0.57 M 1.58 J 0.55 (Sekitori Total 3.74) Ms 1.01 Sd 0.43 Jd 0.32 Jk 0.13 Bg 0.12 (Total 5.74) I think I've included all realistic candidates of Yokozuna and Ozeki in the poll (among current Sekitoris), so I expect 2-3 of them will be Yokozunae and 3-4 will be Ozekis.
  4. sgm

    career-high ranks

    I noticed that most of polls here are short-term predictions. Who will be Y/O in their careers do you think? This poll will be closed in the first day of Kyushu.