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  1. Haven't posted in years, but was dallying around here again when I stumbled onto this thread and was reminded of Sumo Talk. It was extremely useful in the old days, when it was hard to get video of the bouts and you could try to picture them through the ST descriptions. Despite some of the debatable statements or theories (especially by some of the writers), they offered quite detailed descriptions of the bouts, which I usually found very effective. My approach was always to see ST as less "serious" English-speaking sumo commentary, and I never really understood the presumed competition with this forum. Access to ANY sumo info in English was a major challenge in the day, and there was more than enough space for both for anyone who was interested in reading a bit more... To open another can of worms... whatever happened to the fantastic "NHK wrapup videos" that Dale used to post on his website along with the individual bouts ? I still have a bunch of those and some were really cool (Haru Basho 2003 to name one...). Do they still exist ? Can they be found somewhere ?
  2. slt

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Thanks !! Great to see Kaiou win "again" after all these years ! And by Makiotoshi... Great stuff by Mainoumi and the old Wakanohana...
  3. slt

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Dizzy but grateful as usual !!
  4. slt

    Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    How I miss watching Asa on the Dohyo...
  5. Men's lightweight bronze: Final:
  6. Women's lightweight bronze medal bout: Women's lightweight gold medal bout:
  7. Sorry for the delay - back with some women's light weights: (youtube seems to be having trouble elaborating this one for some reason, I'll try to re-post if the problem continues) (very irritating pre-taichiai, Trosiuk used these same delaying shenanigans at every one of her bouts)
  8. Bronze Heavyweight bout... and the final: