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  1. 5/18 大相撲夏場所 六日目 ▽序盤戦の土俵から 15:55 ~ 18:00 (125分) この時間帯の番組表 NHK総合(Ch.1): https://fujitv.live/fujitv [14 days replay]
  2. tangkuanchen

    TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    @Asojima Konan Sports is Free?
  3. tangkuanchen

    TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    I have switched to other options for watching Japan TV channel live. It seems FUJITV Live is another choice. I did a free trial and it is not bad. I plan to make a subscription with one month. Hope that it is a good choice. I live in USA and really a little bit hard to find something available to watch Japan TV.
  4. tangkuanchen

    Heya Watch Kyushu Basho 2017

    Thank you for providing such a detailed schedule of sumo matches, and we can also watch the sumo game live via fujitv.live, which a japan tv live software.
  5. In order to help global Japanese nationals to watch hometown live TV channels easily and more cheaply this Halloween, FUJITV launched a very large discount Halloween promotion activities: * 20% OFF + extra 1 month for 3-month subscribers (4 months). * 20% OFF + extra 2 months for 1 year subscribers (14 months). FUJITV Subscription: https://fujitv.live/subscriptions The deadline is on Nov. 6th, 2017.
  6. I just purchased a one-month subscription of FUJITV service. I use to use JapanHD TV and small online streaming sites (Like Vanguard) but they were too unreliable. So I would recommend FUJITV service. The ability to catch up past shows is a really great feature. I like to watch Hiyokko on NHK , PON! on Nippon TV, news, various travelling shows, DragonBall Super and Folktales on the weekend. Fujitv do need to pay, but the price can be affordable, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming,I don't know if there's any preferential activity.If so, I'll consider renewing it.