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  1. 1 minute ago, Seiyashi said:

    I know; that too was RabidJohn's point, but I'm trying to say that just because the contraction of "tournament" to "tourney" coincidentally happens to overlap with the older form of "tournament", it does not necessarily mean that "tourney" was deliberately used in its archaic sense as opposed to being used as a Hip Jive contraction of "tournament". Alone it would be equivocal, but within the context of Hiro's English being more of a modern, informal variety suggests the contraction rather than the archaism.

    That there is an overlap is perhaps not coincidence considering it's adding and taking off a suffix, but that's besides the point. 

    Oh, I agree.  The chance that Hiro is trying to bring back a more archaic perspective to English is ... unlikely.  I just wanted to point out that tournament was actually an embellishment on tourney.  I imagine Henry II, hearing that the French court invited him to a "tournement", would grumble "why can't they just call it a tourney!"

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  2. 8 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    However, there were some bouts (my fuzzy brain can't remember the details) which I expected to be called isamiashi but weren't.

    I seem to remember a couple, too, one in which the rikishi was loading a big hip-throw but his planting foot was outside the bales.

  3. 1 hour ago, Seiyashi said:

    It's true the word feels a lot more medieval independently, but that sort of a) takes for granted a linear evolution of the use of a word (it's much more likely it's being used as a "casual" abbreviation of tournament than in its archaic sense, so a new form of the word just happens to be the same as an older variant in a temporal variant of false friends) and b) doesn't account for the context in which the word is used. "Let's take a look at the winningest front-runners of the tourney" has a very different tone from "The knights for the fair lady's favour did joust/ upon the tourney field of glory and dust" (I made that up; I have a copy of the AMA somewhere although I can't be arsed to dig it up now to quote from it.)

    The usage "tourney" is earlier, I believe.  From the Latin tornare "to turn", representing the jousters turn at the end of a pass.  Tournament adds the French -ment to represent the act of tourneying (if you get my point).

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  4. 12 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    Full house, measures for eating and drinking are a bit vague now - not clear if the ban was temporary or permanent - a light meal is allowed o

    Jeez, it sounds like Lent.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when they try to do the hair-splitting of deciding how much of this and that is allowed 3 months in advance.

  5. 56 minutes ago, Gurowake said:

    Based on his performance so far, my rating system suggests he'd fit in pretty well in the mid maegshira with occasional joi appearances and maybe sanyaku promotion.  That's a lot better than most rikishi his age.  He's doing quite well so far, and has a potentially long career over which he can improve.

    Yes, he can definitely improve, and he's young, but I can't believe ex-Hakuho is telling him to stand up at the Tachiai.  I also can't believe he'll do very well against attacking pushers like Tamawashi or Daieisho or Abi.

  6. 3 hours ago, Yubinhaad said:

    Sawanofuji was a dai-Persister at the start of his career, chalking up 18 make-koshi before finally claiming his first kachi-koshi. He was also the first victim of Hattorizakura.

    Wow, thanks, I missed his name on the list.  Only 0-7 once while active, but never more than four wins (4 times).

    He lost his first match with Hattorizakura, but learned his lesson well and tore off 11 straight before H's retirement.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Tsuchinoninjin said:

    Seems inevitable that asanoyama is going to come back and stomp everyone’s face in huh.

    Could be. I'm so old that I remember when his retirement was a serious possibility.  Now he may come back looking like Thor and the Seven Dwarfs.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Ack! said:

    Yeah, only 6 out 14 demoted since 2012.  Very interesting history on this query where the trend was not to demote from 1934 to 1967, and then the very opposite from 1967 to 2012. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=j12&form1_wins=6

    That's kind of reassuring.  While the philosophy of promotion/demotion might change with a new generation, at least it suggests there is a consistent philosophy.

  9. Here's merely what I think:

    1) Mitakeumi is still suffering from the shoulder injury; long-Covid is only a possibility.

    2) If he takes off his kadoban basho and guarantees a fall to Sekiwake, he gets twice as much hassle from the Guardians of the Sumo Galaxy.

    3) I don't disagree with @Kintamayama; I'm just saying that the reason that Mitakeumi did so poorly was an injury, so I am also agreeing with @Yarimotsu that suggesting a "double secret probation" at Komosubi won't suddenly shame his T-cells into action or other such nonsense.

    4) Bah, humbug.

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  10. 11 hours ago, Yarimotsu said:

    Whoa, they think suggesting a harsher fall for kadoban ozeki who underperform will somehow motivate ozeki to do better?! That would have to imply ozeki performing poorly while kadoban are just lacking motivation! Surely they'd prefer a system which allows more ozeki a chance to rebuild and have a good run from the correct ranks to become a worthy yokozuna... 

    "Heal faster, stupid Ozeki!"

  11. 2 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    After Shōhōzan's departure I'd be less surprised to see Tokushōryū leave, though. He is the only yūshō winner who never made sanyaku or something like that, and I don't think his priority for a stock went up that much just because of that shock yūshō. Might have been a different matter if he could have hung around in the joi for at least a few basho and made junior sanyaku, but he doesn't seem to be a great loss, to put it bluntly.

    Tokushoryu is, of course, a big fan favorite, but I don't think that and ten dimes will get you a dollar in the NSK.  Sadanoumi is a legacy who has had a twilight resurgence and will probably get a kabu.

    Akiseyama comes out of Kise, like Jokoryu; does anyone want him teaching young rikishi his "techniques"?  Aoiyama has been in Makuuchi forever, and was less one-dimensional in his youth, so he would be a good choice.  There are already six "assistant coaches" in Kasugano; could he work with fellow-Bulgarian Kotoosho over at Narutobeya?

    Myogiryu is another solid sekitori, and is deserving; once again, a ton of oyakata at Sakaigawa as well.

    Other than Mitakeumi, nothing special in that list (Meisei is too young to think about just yet).

  12. 3 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Didn't know he was a little in over his head when it came to financing the home. That explains his remarkable will to fight - he literally needs to pay the bills! 

    Sort of puts into perspective the relative lucrative possibilities of Sumo vs. major sports.  A former Ozeki with 12 years as a sekitori should be a bit better off, especially since there isn't much to waste your fortune on when you train constantly.

  13. Active Rikishi Status after Aki: current rank, record, expected rank for Kyushu.

    Oshoma J13e 8-7 J11

    Oshoryu Ms10w 3-4 Ms15

    Hoshuzan Ms35w 3-4 Ms42

    Mishima Ms38w 1-4-2 Sd 7

    Murayama Sd32w 4-3 Sd18

    Mukaida Sd45w 2-5 Sd70

    Oshoumi Sd78e 7-0 Ms50

    marusho Sd74w 6-1 Sd18

    Honma Sd63w 2-5 Sd88

    Kawamura Sd75w 5-2 Sd41

    Sakurai Sd81w 5-2 Sd48

    Anzai Jd29e 5-2 Sd92

    Kanazawa Jd80e 5-2 Jd35

    Oshozan Jd92e 6-1 Jd15

    Oyamada Jk9 6-1 Jd50

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  14. 16 hours ago, Kaitetsu said:

    Naruto-beya had the post-basho party with the supporters to celebrate Oshoma's first Juryo kachi-koshi and Oshoumi's Sandanme yusho and probably just how well the stable went this basho, only 4-5 rikishi from 16 went make-koshi.

    My best guess at a listing:

    Front Row L-R: Gyoji Koumei, Oyamada, Honma, Kawamura, Oshoma, Naruto Oyakata, Okamisan (Ando Asako), Yamane, Oshozan, Murayama, Hoshuzan.

    Back Row L-R: Mgr. Okuyama Shota (ex-Kotofukujuno), Mishima, Kanazawa, Anzai, Oshoumi, Mukaida, Hokuozan, Marusho, Oshoryu, Mgr. Daigo Emoto (ex-Kotodaishin), Tokoyama Yukao, Yobidashi Kenta.

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