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  1. 12 hours ago, Asojima said:

    Riding a gravy train  in Juryo may be preferable to struggling to survive in mid-to-low makuuchi.

    I assume that's a joke?  Less pay each basho, never a chance at kensho. etc., etc.  And after all that someone notes your Ironman stay in Juryo and the reply is "well, that's pretty pathetic after all, isn't it?"

  2. 2 hours ago, Reonito said:

    My recollection (from a Chris Gould video?) was that he stayed on because no kabu was available to him, but I don't remember the details and have no idea how accurate this was.

    It would be a horrible thing if Shohozan were to come up dry; almost 70 basho as a sekitori and a Komosubi five different times over five years.

  3. Did I miss something (computer: "yeah, dummy!") or haven't we talked about Oitekazebeya?  Ex-Daishoyama was born in 1966, so not going anywhere soon.  Meanwhile, Daieisho (28), Tsurugisho (30), Daishomaru (30) and Daiamami (29) are already eligible, and Tobizaru (30) and Daishoho (Mongolian, 27) are knocking on the door.  Endo already owns a kabu, so he's set, and he seems to be in auto-mode at M4±4 into the future.  Since there are so many eligibles and no in-house kabu for ten years, there should be some drama, yes?

  4. 1 minute ago, Seiyashi said:

    'll leave you to do the homework on that one :-P but a quick look at the kabu list shows 9 more kabu coming free in the 5 years after Gurowake's excellent list. In fact I'd alluded as much when I "cheated" on Nishonoseki's list, by assuming Abi was in line for Shikoroyama which wasn't part of the kabu that Gurowake identified, ex-Terao being only 59 this year.

    My point is that if we consider 40 "kabu-ready" rikishi and say that there are years and years to absorb them, we'll find that there are maybe 50 or 60 in a decade.  I think there will always be too many

    I've often wondered whether the criteria are too strict or too lenient.  Then I see that there are wiggle-room clauses (28 sekitori basho instead of 30, e.g., for an in-house takeover), and I have begun to realize that none of these kabu-worthies are guaranteed anything; so, as long as there are too many candidates instead of too few, there will be enough candidates to pick and choose (and wheel and deal).

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  5. 10 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    I think what was meant was an adjustment during the bashō itself, so for instance a bad call one way would be "credited" to the rikishi and that rikishi would be given some latitude for a doubtful bout result should he have one later in the bashō. For instance, Takakeishō should have one "dubious credit" now after that travesty against Wakatakakage, so if let's say later on he has a close call that might have been a torinaoshi he might just get the outright win instead.

    While the idea is attractive, I don't credit the shimpan with enough on-the-spot flexibility to justify such a decision without looking bad or dubious themselves. It would really have to be a close call for the rikishi and not a outright close loss, otherwise the shimpan just look like they made a bad decision or a biased one.

    Besides, there may be a different set of shimpan the next time.  "Adjusting karma" over the next few bouts would need coordination at the group level; I assume we're not suggesting that.

  6. 4 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    So anyway, to provide @Yamanashi with a conclusion to a thesis he didn't provide, the kabu situation is perhaps not quite as immediately dire as he first suspected. 40(?) rikishi qualifying for a kabu doesn't mean they'll all need it tomorrow. Tatsunami and Nishonoseki largely have their affairs in order; Dewanoumi and Tokitsukaze have quite a crunch (although Tokitsukaze's won't be till 5 years later), and Kokonoe's sekitori will be tripping over each other trying to get kabu.

    Ah, yes, but the inflow is not stopped.  Tobizaru and Shimanoumi could be eligible by January, and Enho, Yago, Ura, ... are in the chute.

  7. Just now, Seiyashi said:

    Heh, right, forgot those two. Technically there's also Asanoyama.

    Giving the three ex-ōzeki a quick lookover, Tochinoshin doesn't need a kabu (at least not that we currently know of), Takayasu might get Tagonoura, and Asanoyama probably gets Takasago sooner or later if he completes his rehabilitation. They're a lot less certain to get one compared to Terunofuji, Takakeishō, and Mitakeumi, though.

    That could be; I am completely swamped when it comes to the kabu wheeling and dealing because of my nonexistent Nihongo-worthiness.  Of course, one can look at the kabu list in the db and see who is near 70 when they can't fight off retirement anymore, and it's more likely a kabu will be passed on to a heya member if possible.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Obvious or not, for completeness they should still go in. 4 of them is still a significant number especially since they're in the priority queue for kabu if they want it (although I don't see anyone champing at the bit to give Shōdai one), which further depresses the available supply.

    EDIT: whoops, doubleposted in effect...

    Actually: Mitakeumi, Takakeisho, Shodai, Takayasu, Tochinoshin (foreign devil:-P).

  9. I haven't flagged Japanese citizenship status because I'm only considering eligibility by record; it doesn't seem to me that I should keep Aoiyama off this list from January 2015 until March 2022 when he received Japanese citizenship.

    My purpose was to celebrate the end of semester and cessation of 12 hours a day of grading.  Also, the forum chatter about Kaisei made me wonder about how big the potential input end of the supply chain might be.

    I had forgotten that the best way to get on the list for consideration was to simply have a meteoric rise to Komosubi, then hang around to get thirty basho as a sekitori to pad your resume (I'm thinking about Jokoryu, who maxed at Komosubi, but has never been ranked at M1, M2 or M3).

    My first impression was that there are more of these guys than I thought.

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  10. This is how I did it: I looked for Career high in Makuuchi down to J1 (I may have missed someone who spent 31 basho in Juryo only).  There were 60 candidates


                                        High     Mak.    Juryo   Sekit.   San-     20        30

    rikishi                          rank     basho  basho  basho  yaku?  Mak.?  Sek.?

    Wakatakakage             S          13        11        24        1                     

    Abi                               S          20        10        30        1          1          1

    Hoshoryu                    K          11        4          15        1                     

    Daieisho                      S          37        10        47        1          1          1

    Ichinojo                       S          43        5          48        1          1          1

    Kiribayama                  K          14        5          19        1                     

    Kotonowaka                M2       12        5          17                               

    Hokutofuji                   K          33        2          35        1          1          1

    Tamawashi                  S          76        9          85        1          1          1

    Endo                            K          51        2          53        1          1          1

    Takanosho                  S          17        10        27        1                     

    Onosho                       K          29        14        43        1          1          1

    Tobizaru                      M2       11        15        26                               

    Ura                              M1       11        10        21                               

    Wakamotoharu          M6       3          12        15                               

    Takarafuji                    S          62        7          69        1          1          1

    Kotoeko                      M4       20        17        37                    1          1

    Shimanoumi                M3       18        8          26                               

    Terutsuyoshi               M3       19        12        31                                1

    Kotoshoho                  M3       7          8          15                               

    Okinoumi                    S          71        6          77        1          1          1

    Nishikigi                      M2       25        17        42                    1          1

    Aoiyama                      S          62        3          65        1          1          1

    Chiyoshoma                M2       27        11        38                    1          1

    Myogiryu                     S          60        6          66        1          1          1

    Sadanoumi                  M1       40        18        58                    1          1

    Chiyotairyu                 K          55        7          62        1          1          1

    Meisei                         S          21        10        31        1          1          1

    Yutakayama                M1       24        9          33                    1          1

    Azumaryu                    M14     8          44        52                                1

    Ichiyamamoto             M14     5          6          11                               

    Ishiura                         M5       26        17        43                    1          1

    Midorifuji                    M10     4          9          13                               

    Kagayaki                      M3       35        10        45                    1          1

    Chiyomaru                  M5       29        23        52                    1          1

    Hidenoumi                  M6       12        33        45                                1

    Chiyonokuni                M1       34        18        52                    1          1

    Tsurugisho                  M7       9          29        38                                1

    Mitoryu                       J1         0          26        26                               

    Ryuden                        K          20        11        31        1          1          1

    Akua                            M10     6          11        17                               

    Daishoho                     M9       5          19        24                               

    Daiamami                    M11     10        22        32                                1

    Enho                            M4       9          14        23                               

    Yago                            M10     4          19        23                               

    Tokushoryu                 M2       32        30        62                    1          1

    Kaisei                           S          60        10        70        1          1          1

    Daishomaru                M5       19        22        41                                1

    Shohozan                    K          51        17        68        1          1          1

    Akiseyama                   M12     4          38        42                                1

    Tomokaze                   M3       5          4          9                                 

    Jokoryu                       K          15        17        32        1                      1

    Chiyonoo                     M14     4          39        43                                1

    Nionoumi                    M16     1          12        13                               

     Kitaharima                 M15     1          25        26                               

    Fujiazuma                   M4       17        21        38                                1

    Amakaze                     M13     1          18        19                               

    Kyokutaisei                 M8       4          34        38                                1

    Yoshiazuma                 M12     3          18        21                               

    Kagamio                      M9       7          14        21                               

  11. Sorry if this has been compiled already.  Also, please move it to where it needs to be ...

    As far as I can tell, the current rules for being eligible for toshiyori status are :

    1) have at least one basho as San'yaku;

    2) have at least 20 basho in Makuuchi;

    3) have at least 30 basho as Sekitori (Makuuchi + Juryo)

    Based upon the current banzuke, there are

    4 rikishi eligible under criterion 1 only (Wakatakakage, Hoshoryu, Kiribayama and Takanosho),

    7 rikishi eligible under criterion 3 only (Terutsuyoshi, Azumaryu, Daiamami, Akiseyama, Chiyonoo, Fujiazuma and Kyukutaisei),

    and 16 eligible under all three criteria.

    A total of 40 rikishi are eligible to look for a kabu (Endo and Okinoumi already own one, according to the db).  Of course, there aren't enough to go around.

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  12. 32 minutes ago, since_94 said:

    Today was stagger on your way back up onto the dohyo day, with Tsurugisho and Takakeisho leading the way by example. 

    Meanwhile, Tokushoryu in sole possession of the lead in Juryo after day 10. I am so 100% down for a Tokushoryu yusho to stand alongside his unexpected Makuuchi triumph a while back and I know I’m not alone in this.

    Tokushoryu had a Yusho from J11e in Aki 2018, losing only to Hakuyozan, Enho, Wakatakakage and Daiamami.

  13. 45 minutes ago, Godango said:

    Yep, and they've been around, forgive the dodgy screen grabs from highlight compilations:

    Naruto (Day 3):


    Nishonoseki (Day 8):


    They've clearly practiced their "stern, slightly disapproving" look for shimpan duties.

    My favorite is Oshima/Kyokutenho; he often seems to have a wry smile as if saying to himself "what the hell was that?"

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  14. 3 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    It's a pity it's probably mathematically impossible to have all rikishi MK without an entire division kyujo, but if there were a basho where the yusho was awarded to the least bad MK this would be it. 

    I hear you, brother.  While not mathematically impossible, I suppose it's almost impossible structurally, since you'd need 21 7-8 records and 21 potential 8-7's who get beaten by 21 Juryo opponents in cross-division bouts.  Pretty darn unlikely: the committee would have to see this coming by about day 9 and also the entire lower half of Makuuchi would be better (5-4) than the upper half (4-5) at that point.  Meanwhile, the gap in Juryo would need to be huge (7-2 vs 2-7) so that the committee would start feeding the top Juryo onto the 5-4 lower-rank Makuuchi.

    All in all, it seems like one of those hoked-up "mate in 15" chess problems.

    Now, just because it can't happen doesn't mean that it shouldn't.

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  15. 18 minutes ago, Fujisan said:

    Does going to Hull(33 miles)twice count? 

    I've spent 6 weeks in hull in the last 8 years...

    3 weeks in jail and 3 weeks in hospital.

    I didn' t see much of the city though.;-)

    Huh, "Kingston upon Hull".  You probably saw the best building in the city from the inside (i.e., the jail).  It's upriver, so twice as muddy, and there's more art at the Chemical Works than at the University (bunch of prats).

    [Actually, I've never been there].

  16. 1 hour ago, Fujisan said:

    An Englishman turns up on day 10 and asks if they need a window cleaner but his hopes of seeing free sumo are dashed when the attendant tells him to 'sod off' in Japanese.

    One of the Tachiai podcasters notices the Englishman and turns to his mate saying, "Say, isn't that ... ?" "Nah", says the other, "he'd never travel more than fifty miles from Cleethorpes."

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