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  1. Yamanashi

    Heya graph

    Interesting! The first thing that caught my eye was the ~50% reduction in rikishi at Isegahama and Sadogatake over the last five years.
  2. Yamanashi

    Gagamaru retired

    Well, to be fair, the year was 2010. You're right about the second image.
  3. Yamanashi

    Gagamaru retired

    Many thanks. I like to think that somewhere, in a place far from here, some vaudeville comedian is tipping his cigar and saying "nice work, kid."
  4. Yamanashi


    I disagree. It's like Mother's Day – if it were every day, even the most devoted child would start to resent the old bag. I like Font Day the way it is: six days a year in the middle of odd-numbered months. And, I don't want to know which day, just like I don't want to know what's in the wrapped presents.
  5. Yamanashi

    Gagamaru retired

    So, will they call his wife Lady Gagamaru? [Thanks, thanks very much ... available for weddings and bar mitzvot.]
  6. Yamanashi

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    Maybe he could add that tidbit in when suggesting that he be contracted to do their English Sumo commentary ... uh, never mind.
  7. Yamanashi

    Ex-Taka-twins activities

    Re: Taka Twins vs. "Shrek" Takagenji was 8-2 vs Yago, Takanofuji 1-0. So, good performance against the real Shrek.
  8. Yamanashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Ichinojo has A yusho for the first time! Who's next? (No, not him).
  9. Yamanashi


    You're my choice for videos. I can't believe how fast you can come up with quality edited videos in such a short time, and on a shoestring. Also, Font Day ends over my dead body.
  10. Yamanashi

    Female MMA Star Takes On Osounarashi (sp)

    @Gaijingai, some of the folks on the Forum think you're a bot. Even I knew that wasn't Osunaarashi. Apparently, speed doesn't always beat size either, as the MMA fighter found out.
  11. Yamanashi

    Aki jungyo 2022

    The schedulers have never heard of the Seven Bridges of Königsberg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Bridges_of_Königsberg
  12. Yamanashi

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    He has the cool, affable look of a man who already owns a kabu.
  13. Yamanashi

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    I have commented on his "alternate locutions" several times. They are sometimes irritating, but I wouldn't get rid of him over it. In many sports broadcasts there is an "anchor" ( a person with a Journalism degree) who does the straight reporting, and a "color commentator" (usually an ex-athlete) who puts the "color" or interest into the broadcast. It's my understanding that Sumo broadcasts had that system in the past, but now they have a single commentator (for NHK World), and the one announcer has to wear both hats. To my ears, Murray is more anchor than color, Hiroshi is more color, and Ross splits it down the middle.
  14. Yamanashi

    Gaga Does Dallas!

    Thanks for the offer! I have a few questions: 1) Does he keep in touch with countryman Tochinoshin? 2) Are there Sumo-related things that he likes to do now that he's not locked into the life of an active rikishi? 3) Does he know the difference between Texas BBQ and Southern BBQ?
  15. Yamanashi

    Nagoya 2022

    So shy ... has he checked with his Oyakata to see if gambarizing will be involved?
  16. Yamanashi

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    I don't know whether to react with "like" or "sad" emoji. Sad that he's out of the gig, but maybe it was his idea.
  17. Yamanashi

    Sky-Diving Sumo Wrestler and Gyoji

    A good 20% chance they're both from Pinner.
  18. Yamanashi

    Hakuhou is now Miyagino

    I'm being a little more cautious, wait-and-see; it may take a few years for the plot to emerge. Here's the key: if Hakuho's son gets serious about joining Ozumo, everything's fine; if he gets the urge to design shoes, watch out ...
  19. Yamanashi

    Hakuhou is now Miyagino

    From the database (nothing missed, I hope): Chiyonofuji retired in 1992 and ran Kokone until ~2016. Chiyotaikai (O, b. 1976), Hokutoriki (S, b. 1977), and Chiyohakuho (M, b. 1983) were sekitori who could have seen Chiyonofuji while he was active. During his stint as Oyakata, Chiyonofuji brought in 2 future Komosubi, 4 Maegashira and 3 Juryo; most of these are still active and all were born between 1988 and 1993, so their parents would have been around for Chiyonofuji's Yokozuna career. Did his name bring in more aspirants? Incoming numbers for Kokonoe were 6 (1989), 6 (1990), 3 (1991), 16 (1992), 19 (1993), 8 (1994), 6 (1995) [so probably, at first]. Whether anyone had any influence on anyone else, I leave to others (see above).
  20. Yamanashi

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    It depends on his ethnic background: 70% (and rising) of Kazakhs are Turkic and Muslim, and 20% are Russian and (Russian) Orthodox. "National" Kazakh wrestling is maybe somewhat like Mongolian wrestling: Sumo w.o a tachiai. Edit: Here's a video of the 2018 Asian championship in Kazakh Wrestling.
  21. Yamanashi

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Nagoya 2022

    Is it the money (they're spending too much on COVID-related things and losing income)?? Or the precedent along with the money? (Never mind; money always wins over precedent).
  22. Yamanashi

    Nagoya 2022 day After pics overview

    I never try the "CC" button 'cause they never work; but this one did! Muchas arigatos, Señor y Señora!
  23. Yamanashi

    Nagoya 2022 day After pics overview

    I don't get it; mine weren't in English.
  24. Yamanashi

    Retirements after Nagoya 2022

    Amanoshima (CR Ms17) spent eleven year at Hakkakubeya. His rise was slow, making Makushita after 6 year, but staying there through most of the rest of his career. Gorikiyama - see Yubinhaad's post in the Nagano 2022 thread. Miyabishin (Sd53) from Kanagawa had a five-year career, mostly see-sawing between upper Jonidan and lower Sandanme. Wakaseido (Sd70) is another young retiree at 24 years of age, injured twice and off the banzuke twice. Tagomaru (Sd91) retires at 21 after spending 10 of his 27 basho out of action. Kototaiko (Jd7) spent twelve year without quite rising to Sandanme, including a five-basho kyujo in 2019-2020. Yuta Tanaka (Jd80, not the anime director) has never had an MK on the dohyo; one 4-3 basho and then gone. Machi (Jd25) retires at seventeen after 12 basho and a second run through Maezumo. Chiyonomichi (Jk21) leaves after zero bouts in three basho.
  25. Yamanashi

    Sumo obituaries

    The sequence is on the db (Hatsu basho day 4 January 11 2012). The sound of his head hitting the floor is clearly audible.