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  1. Yamanashi

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2017 - Final

    Watching the replay, I could see the leg above the ankle actually bend; I couldn't watch the second replay
  2. Yamanashi

    Day 1 pics Kyushu 2017

    It's not hard to tell which one is the "bouncer" and which one is the "cooler".
  3. Yamanashi

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    No kidding, really??
  4. Yamanashi

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Not that I am surprised even a smidgen, but when Tamawashi got his kinboshi on Kisenosato, I didn't see any flying pillows ...
  5. Yamanashi

    Hey there, new brazilian fan.

    Welcome new member! The "veterans" in this group are an invaluable source of sumo (and other ) info. And maybe you're joining at the second coming of Kaisei! Yamanashi
  6. Yamanashi

    Preparations of the masses -Kyushu 2017

    Is there a case of confirmation bias in the way NSK handles injured rishiki? The people who make the rules are former yokozuna, ozeki, maegashira ... many (most) of them faced injuries in their careers, and probably most of them retired because of injuries rather than advancing age. But this group stuck at the top level long enough to get some sumo credibility and save money toward becoming a member of the ruling council. Was it always will or perseverance, or was some luck involved? If Ura (with a blown ACL that's not treated?) sinks out of sight and is intai after three years, who's going to think of him as a potential oyakata? It seems that the inability to overcome major sports injuries by "taping it up" is being treated as a character flaw. Sorry if this seems a bit disjointed. I await the gentle manhandling of the group.
  7. Yamanashi

    Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    Alas, I cannot tell whether this goes in the "ridiculous" or "impossible" thread. Poor guy.
  8. Yamanashi

    Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    * Aoiyama vs. Nishigiki: Aoiyama falls on Nishigiki at the edge of the dohyo; Nishigiki's leg falls off. Interviewed afterward, Nishigiki states "I still haven't found my brand of sumo; I shall gambarize!" * Shohozan, hoping to win a Gino-sho on the way to a promotion, decides he'll try to get his first win by utchari. This doesn't go well. * Since his last great performances have come after 8-7 or 7-8 records, Goeido decides to purposely wrestle in a lackadaisical manner, hoping to go Yusho next time. However, after a couple of slippiotoshis and a confused tachiai by Tamawashi, he's at 11-4 and another Jun-Yusho. His oyakata publicly tells him to "stop screwing around!"
  9. Yamanashi

    Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    OK, more ridiculous predictions: In a bout against Ichinojo that sumo scholars are still puzzling over, Harumafuji receives a kinboshi against himself. In a bold strategic move, Ikioi tries a henka at every bout; after a strong 3-0 start, he finishes with 12 losses. Tochiozan wins a special Fighting Spirit prize for his spot-on Elvis impersonation. When interviewed afterward, he says “Arigatou, arigatou very much.”
  10. Yamanashi

    Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    * Kotoshogiku vs. Yoshikaze: Koto leans backwards and falls off dohyo, goes kyujo; Yoshikaze somehow leaves with a cut above his eye. * Aminishiki and Asanoyama fight it out for Yusho; Asanoyama wins by reverse henka as Aminishiki just stands there saying “Aww, he’s just so NICE!” * At tachiai, Mitakeumi and Shodai collide with such force that, in accordance with the laws of high-energy physics, they form Chiyomaru.
  11. Yamanashi

    Accident latest news....

    ... and nobody has ever sung "Oh England you´re fair But there´s none to compare with my Hull"
  12. Yamanashi

    Chanko-1 Grand Prix

    His ameblo site shows a photo of him from rikishi days. Not much belly: more Tochinoshin than Gagamaru, for Sure. He said that he was going to try new approaches with nutrition at Naruto-beya. The heya twitter feed usually shows each day's dinner when they're at home. They may only have four rikishi at present, but there'll be some new kids coming just for the food!
  13. Yamanashi

    New member

    Thanks. I'm a California native, lived in Kansas for school, came to SC to work. Have enjoyed the South greatly (not the humidity!)
  14. Yamanashi

    New member

    I've been a South Carolina, USA resident for quite awhile. My path to sumo: Kyu Sakamoto > SPEED>Hiroko Shimabukuro>Japanese TV shows > Shinya Shokudo > Kodoku no Gurume > NHK On Demand > Grand Sumo highlights. It has been a steep learning curve, made much simpler by absorbing the wisdom on this forum.
  15. Yamanashi

    6 polyps removed from ex-Kyokutenho's colon

    Reading the thread headlines this morning, it said 6 polyps removed from ex-Kyokutenho's colon by Katooshu and I thought "wow ... you the man! On a more informative note, some people naturally develop benign polyps; I have them removed every five years during my colonoscopy.
  16. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    He did get six losses on the eighth day, but what I was going for was this: In Natsu basho 2008, he was the only rikishi to defeat Kotooshu: Not Asashoryu (Y1e) Not Hakuho (Y1w) Not Kakuryu (M3w) Not Ama (S1e) Not Kisenosato (K1e) ... and not Kaio, Baruto, etc. In fact, for 2008 he beat Hakuho twice and Kakuryu three times -- and he owned Osh (5-1).
  17. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    Not what I was looking for, but way cool!
  18. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    ROFL, but no.
  19. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    In 2008, Aminishiki achieved something that 5 current or future yokozuna and 8 other current or future san'yaku couldn't. What was it?
  20. Yamanashi

    How long have you been interested in sumo?

    Alas! I will never get to Japan, but I am a devoted fan of Japanese TV shows and movies, and keep up with the NHK Video on Demand (Journeys in Japan, Trails to Tsukiji, etc.) Then the Grand Sumo Highlights showed up (early this year) and WOW that was cool!
  21. Yamanashi

    Sumo graphs

    Holy mackerel! I was doing the same thing; even thinking about how to count the number in Sandanme. I noticed that most rikishi have a rapid rise to their natural level, then a long tail heading down to intai. I also saw two phenomena that made me think about this graph in the first place: 1) Injuries show up as a big cliff; then the graph follows that "inverted decay" curve until the next injury. 2) The rikishi that alternate 3-4 and 4-3 every basho have a graph that looks like chain stitching
  22. Yamanashi

    Tom Brady trains with Goueidou

    Incidentally, Akebono (Chad Rowan) went to Hawaii Pacific University on a basketball scholarship.
  23. Yamanashi

    Tom Brady trains with Goueidou

    I've often thought that NFL offensive lineman would be the best fit for sumo. They're fiercely intelligent, big and strong, and they pretty much own oshidashi. And they'd be giddy with excitement when you told them that in Sumo ... holding is legal!
  24. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    The oldest Makuuchi next basho will be Aminishiki (born 10/3/1978). The oyakata of Naruto-beya will be ex-Kotooshu (born 2/19/1983). How often is a top-ranker older than the youngest stable master? Is this the largest age difference? Has a rikishi in Maegashira or above ever been older than his own oyakata?
  25. Yamanashi

    Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    Kisenosato looks like an extra from a failed Will Ferrell Sumo comedy.