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  1. Yamanashi

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Yep, kadoban, not demotion.
  2. Trivia bits special: Yokozuna Kashiwado won a Juryo Yusho from rank J22e.
  3. Yamanashi

    More music........

    NHK had a great VOD story on Mongolian rap music last month on their Asia Insight program (sadly, no longer available).
  4. Well, we should be hearing from our old friend Oushimaru1138.
  5. Yamanashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Two rows of names on the bottom of the home page -- basho time again!
  6. Yamanashi


    I have found to my surprise that, if you are lucky, immaturity can be mistaken for youthfulness! That's how it's worked out for me, anyway.
  7. Yamanashi

    Greetings from Spain

    Welcome aboard! What an interesting background you have. I look forward to your contributions.
  8. Yamanashi

    Greetings from Hungary

    Welcome to the Forum! Please feel free to contribute.
  9. Yamanashi

    Are you ready for some sumo !!? Predictions

    Hakuho 13-2 Y Kakuryu 12-3 Kinesato 9-4-2 Takayasu 11-4 Goeido 7-8 Tochinoshin 8-5-2 Takakeisho 6-9 Tamawashi 5-10 Myogiryu 6-9 Mitakeumi 8-7 Kotoshogiku, Aoiyama, Onosho, Ikioi KK Takanoiwa Intai .
  10. Yamanashi

    Preparations of the masses Hatsu 2019

    Sure, he talks big, but I'll bet it's his tsukebito that ends up carrying the sweat.
  11. Yamanashi

    Hello from Slovakia

    Welcome to the Forum! When you stopped following Sumo in 2007, would you have guessed that a Bulgarian, an Estonian and a Georgian would someday win a yusho?
  12. Yamanashi

    Yago (database)

    Google almost any Japanese name along with "sumo" and you'll eventually find reference to a paper by a Japanese biochemist. SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier) is a class of proteins that are useful in gene transcription (sorry, not my field, see Wiki for more).
  13. Yamanashi

    Preparations of the Y/O Hatsu 2019

    The rope was exhausted afterward. "The Yokozuna was heavy and hard to move. Once he grabbed me by the ... uh ... rope, he was in command. I learned a lot."
  14. Yamanashi

    Preparations of the Y/O Hatsu 2019

    You seem to "suggest" that you've "heard" this BS "before".
  15. Yamanashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Dreary skies of tin The slick grass squishes and burps I'm going inside.
  16. Yamanashi

    2018 GRAND SUMO Review

    It's probably both. Kotooshu-Naruto is 203 cm (6'8"). Oshozan is only 167 cm (5'6") and seemed to be taller than Raja. At least we now know that Oshozan was not knocked out of the last basho by an NHK announcer.
  17. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    In looking for successive basho with Yusho in the Jd-Sd-Ms area, I found only Tosayutaka with three in a row; others with a third Yusho outside the range (Takeuchi, Tochinoshin, Yamazaki in Juryo), and some close calls on their third try : 6-1 in Ms (Asashoryu, Itai, Oyanagi). Asashoryu (Ms53, later Yok68) lost in a 7-way playoff; his only regular loss during the basho, the one that put him down into the playoffs, was to Wakakaze, who never made it out of Makushita and retired two basho later. This stuff is one reason why I love Sumo.
  18. Yamanashi

    Best rikishi awards 2018

    2005: I see Kotooshu (who could miss him!) but I don't see Asashoryu. Was he out playing soccer?
  19. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    Many thanks to Gurowake for thoroughly researching the question. My example was Tochiazuma. I didn't include Jonokuchi because most good rikishi don't spend much time there, so lack of a Yusho doesn't mean lack of excellence.
  20. Yamanashi

    Trivia bits

    I haven't seen this record (but someone must have checked it out): Which rikishi have had a yusho in every level from Jonidan to Makuuchi? I know of at least one.
  21. Yamanashi

    Happy New Year 2019

  22. Yamanashi

    Sayonara to the Forum

    Having delved into the posts of long ago on this forum, may I say that you are a legend. Thanks for your efforts. Good luck and good life.
  23. Yamanashi

    Post of the year?

    I'm wondering if it would be useful to have a thread for Post of the Year. Forum members could make their case for the best post by a member this year. Maybe two categories (or more): "Informative" and "Humorous".
  24. Yamanashi


    Incidentally, has that guy made Yokozuna yet? I haven't been checking the last couple of days.
  25. Yamanashi

    2018 GRAND SUMO Review

    That's right, the Preview show is on VOD a day or so after its broadcast run. Likewise, the daily videos for the basho show up with about a two-day delay. Edit: Just watched it on VOD 5 AM EST 12/28. Informative but hilarious report on yorikiri.