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  1. Yatagarasu

    Sumo anime and manga

    I haven't read Hinomaru Zumou yet, but during last basho I saw quite a few people in the live stream chats were tuning into the real thing as a direct consequence of having read the manga or watched the anime, which is great. They seemed to really enjoy it too (both the manga and the basho). Hopefully it will propagate a whole new crop of enthusiastic fans.
  2. Yatagarasu

    Featured Rikishi - Ura

  3. Yatagarasu

    Ura injured

    Ura has had his surgery. He will be discharged on the 13th of this month and apparently will do his rehab in Kansai (I guess to be closer to home and family?). Watch this space.
  4. Yatagarasu

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    I'm not sure how much can be attributed to the sport for the simple reason that if you look behind closed doors of many schools, even co-ed ones, or non-boarding ones, there will be plenty of incidents of bullying, whether by older kids to younger ones or big brutes in the same year towards weaker or more timid ones. These incidents never make the papers and are usually dealt with in-house. If police intervention is justified, they cannot be reported in the press (in some jurisdictions) because they are minors. In short, if someone is an arsehole and they think they can get away with it (either because they are sneaky and calculating about how the bullying/intimidation is inflicted or because they are confident that the victim won't tell), then they'll do it. Depending on whether this is identified and addressed effectively, it may also follow into their domestic lives as adults. This is true of 'regular' people outside of a sumo or other contact sport environment. The fact that sumo is a contact sport, with many strong ambitious young men under the same roof and the regime of hierarchy, may indeed aggravate the risk of inter-rikishi violence and bullying, but I do not believe for one minute that it creates it; plenty of kids in their teens will suffer beatings from fellow pupils or even their own parents or siblings. Many universities have problems with frat-house initiation hazings, though this also carries some aspect of hierarchy in a single-sex environment... Of course, that doesn't mean that such violence is 'normal' or indeed 'right', I'm just trying to lay down some context here. I think sumo's problem was that hazings etc. were basically part of sumo culture. I would like to think that sumo is moving away from that and that incidents such as these are isolated, or attributable to single arseholes, rather than because it is culturally acceptable. The oyakata does have a responsibility as he is their legal guardian and my heart breaks for a rikishi's family who have entrusted their son to a heya far from home, thinking he will be looked after. But even with Big Brother surveillance, a bully will always find an opportunity if they really want to.
  5. Yatagarasu

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    Me too. I thought that it was going to be a new breed of heya what with a younger generation at the helm. <sigh> Violence by oyakata ostensibly seems to be phased out, but inter-rikishi stuff just won't go away, even among young chaps who never knew the 'good old days'. But realistically, short of having 24 hour in-house CCTV, how is an oyakata supposed to supervise every act of their deshi against one another? I can understand why deshi don't report it immediately given the consequences for the perp and not wanting to cause a public scandal for the heya or difficulties for the oyakata (and presumably hoping it was just a one-off or that they can overtake the perp in rank soon enough), but there's obviously still a long way to go towards creating an environment where people feel comfortable about coming forward sooner.
  6. Yatagarasu

    Ura injured

    I hate to say it, but I think he's better off hanging up his spurs. Just get the surgery to restore his leg to health and then think about moving on. If something like a misplaced fall can re-tear it so easily, he certainly won't be able to stand up to bigger and heavier opponents, even with a drastically altered sumo style. While I wish him well, I think he's setting himself up for potentially giving himself a severe and irreparable injury which, at 26 (or indeed any age), is foolish.
  7. Yatagarasu

    Ura injured

    Apparently he's decided to have surgery again (which frankly he probably ought to have in any event) and try again:
  8. Yatagarasu

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Oh man, I remember that. That tiny squinty little screen that would never enlarge....
  9. Yatagarasu

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Chiyotaikai is the standard clapback anytime anyone complains of a rikishi being one-dimensional. Which begs the question, if that were enough, why haven't there more successful ozeki with only one gameplan? Let's look at Abi and Onosho (injury notwithstanding), both of whom got off to roaring starts when they entered makuuchi. Now Abi has slipped down the rankings since everyone has figured him out and Onosho still overcommits when charging forward and gets his face slapped into the dirt time and again... Even Ura was getting predictable in makuuchi after the initial surprise to his opponents wore off. It's ok when you're only in the lower ranks - the odds of you facing the same opponent in successive basho are slim, especially if you yusho your way out of there. But in makuuchi you're against the same guys every time, so a signature technique will indubitably have a shelf-life, unless you have some other kind of physical or tactical advantage, which IMHO, Takakeisho just doesn't have. Chiyotaikai was taller and lighter. Apples and oranges.
  10. Yatagarasu

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    He'll need some pretty big 'Tama, that's for sure.
  11. Yatagarasu

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Glad that Tamawashi and Takakeisho secured their victories - Tamawashi just needs to keep calm and forging ahead. It would be nice to have a different winner. Re Takakeisho, I'll repeat what I said about Tochinoshin before his promotion, which is that when you are reliable on one principle strategy, that might be enough for promotion, but for longevity, you need to have a few more techniques you can fall back on if you can't get your preferred stance (whether through error or because you're carrying an injury). Even as an ozeki, Tochinoshin still shows immense vulnerability when he can't forklift someone. With a kadoban return, he is going to be even more likely to rely on his preferred technique to secure 'reliable' victories, which can aver to be counter-productive. With Takakeisho, he's a short explosive burst which is an advantage and disadvantage - normally it's enough to blow someone out, but if he can't do that immediately, he simply has no stamina. Hokutofuji figured it out yesterday, but ended up with his back to the tawara, so it was all over. My point is this: once someone can resist the bait of the feint slaps and being drawn into his rhythm, and keep him dancing, they can play a waiting game. Regarding Hakuhou, as far as I'm aware, he is carrying less weight this basho. I wonder to what extent that might influence his performance as well as all the other factors (age, diminishing strength and speed, injury, etc.)? A few kilos can make a big difference to an opponent.
  12. Yatagarasu

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I think Hakuhou seriously misjudged and took for granted that Tamawashi was going out and went into a 'final' spin, which he then paid for dearly. A concentration lapse that suggests a little complacence perhaps. After today he must surely be realising that he is no longer strong or quick enough to underestimate his opponents (and that they are getting stronger too).
  13. Yatagarasu

    Ura injured

    Here is yesterday’s bout, in which it was apparent that he’d done something to his knee - the question was merely the scale. The tweet unfortunately confirms our worst fears. :( Given this is the second time, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing him again on the dohyo and certainly not anytime soon.
  14. Yatagarasu

    Ura injured

    The latest update seems to be that Ura has damaged the ACL again:
  15. Yatagarasu

    Takekaze Retires

    Thanks for putting this into a separate thread; since I wasn't 100% sure, I didn't want to until someone confirmed it. He seemed like a nice chap and I enjoyed watching him, though of course he has been on the wane for a while now. Though I will miss him, I think he picked the right moment to bow out and now invest his experience into the future of sumo. Hope he does well as an oyakata.