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  1. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Ura looking pretty gangster.
  2. Shohozan’s Twitter

    It's got his official tick so.... On the other hand, Yoshikaze's instagram is worth a sub, if only for the quality restaurant recommendations.
  3. YDC honours Hakuho

    Weirdly the first character, 夢, almost looks like it has been written in seal script, which is fairly standardised as a font. But for me, it doesn't sit well with the other two, which seem very different in style. As far as I am aware, there are a few ground rules but otherwise, it's pretty much up to the individual. http://www.ryuurui.com/blog/learn-calligraphy-cursive-script-rules-of-writing-rule-1
  4. Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    As every lovable rugged underdog should!
  5. Ozumo beyond 2020 basho for foreign visitors

    Here it is.
  6. Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    Pretty sure I saw some mid-basho stubble on a few of them the other week (I think Onosho was among them). This may explain why.
  7. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    If you have Netflix, then check out Japan Style Originator. There are two short spots with the erstwhile Okamisan of Chiganoura Beya in the 'Strong Women of Japan' episode (about half way through). They accompany her during an average day and, as ever, it is always interesting to see non-keiko scenes inside of a heya.
  8. Goeido is publishing a book(?)

    Feedback on Twitter was similarly scathing, with one commenter saying that it looked like a kids book!
  9. Featured Rikishi - Ura

    I had assumed that the Yokozuna Bandwagon was his thread! But here is a picture of the sakura wonderboy holding a fluffy dog to help make everyone feel better about the latest injury news.
  10. Ura injured

    I saw an article that mentioned 6 months to a year. The fact that they mentioned 'to a year' seems to be positive in that it not only manages public (and NSK) expectations but they are keeping it realistic. Hopefully it's a sign they won't be pressuring him for a premature return later down the line. On a slight tangent, I wonder if this news will influence whether Ura just scrapes through to stay in makuuchi on the next banzuke - there was wavering doubt in the promotions/demotions thread. I'm guessing that if there is now little prospect of him returning anytime soon, they may simply hand his place to someone fit who can make 'most use' of it, whereas if there had been a glimmer of hope they might have kept him in there. But I don't know the extent to which such factors would influence ranking in borderline cases. Obviously a makuuchi ranking would help slow the decline during his absence, but given the commonplace nature of serious injuries I can't imagine the banzuke committee would throw him a bone like that.
  11. Basho attendance

    I wouldn't be surprised either - but perhaps for not the same reason. Neyagawa's new favourite son was kyujo by day 3, so they may have simply fallen back on their next best ('best' as in popularity, not rank) remaining local boy when it looked like he had a shot at the yusho.
  12. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Is that Matsuko Deluxe?!
  13. Kisenowaka Intai

    According to this FB post from Kise Beya, last night's senshuraku party also marked the intai of 29 year old Kisenowaka, after an 11 year career. He ended at sandamne 2, his career high being makushita 29 some 5 years ago. I don't know the reason for his retirement. Best of luck.
  14. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Whoops - sorry, didn't realise those Harumafuji videos would be so large but I can't edit my post! Happy for an admin to fix it to just show the links.
  15. Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Nishikigi vying for Ikioi's title of Isenoumi's most tuneful sekitori at the Isenoumi senshuraku: