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  1. Sumo and Social Media

    Ah ok - sorry, I hadn't realised. Well, the Twitter sumo community seems quite busy, including the NSK account, which also posts stuff from Jungyo and the yobidashi building the dohyo, which is cool to see. There are a number of Japanese and international accounts in many languages run by individuals who are quite good at scanning for content and retweeting it to their own audiences or posting news and short clips of interesting bouts; the Chiyonokuni-Takayasu bout got a lot of coverage, as did the Hattorizakura 'victory'. It's hard to tell if they attract 'younger' audiences, but they are certainly in the right online place. The individual rikishi accounts also provide a way for fans to interact directly with their heroes, so I guess might be popular with the younger generation and international fans as they are more accessible to send message of congratulations, etc. I suppose it's all part of the same broader publicity machine to refresh the sport.
  2. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    It reminded me of these guys [cats playing patty cake]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v57k_Mx_VAI
  3. Sumo and Social Media

    The NSK and Abema TV have official Twitter (and possibly instagram) accounts through which they share photos, the latter sharing teaser clips also. Seems to be quite a strong presence of rikishi and heya on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too, with behind the scenes photos and videos. If you want specific accounts, I can put some links up here later when I have more time.
  4. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Asanoyama's really found his rhythm. He's on good form. And a valiant effort from Chiyonokuni against Mitakeumi. Ichinojou was very disappointing indeed; he seems to be carrying the weight for no good reason. Goueidou was really lucky at the end; that was not his bout at all.
  5. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    In earlier basho this year it did seem like he was hiding some sort of illness or injury but I feel like something has changed in him mentally this basho. His whole demeanour seems kind of weary, like there’s no life in him. It’s really odd.
  6. World Cup 18 - comments

    My own team are playing in it and I won't be watching (my other team will be playing tomorrow - the joys of mixed heritage!). I will, however, be attending a Bastille Day party in full 'French' fancy dress, so here's hoping I don't get lynched by England fans on the way home.
  7. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I am quite perturbed by Yoshikaze's lack of fighting spirit. Last year he seemed to be doing so well and then he slipped down the rankings a bit with a possible hidden injury, but now....it's like he can't be bothered anymore. I had expected to see more henkas from Goeidou so far, but at least he's been engaging his opponents. There's probably more pressure to now that all eyes will be on him and Takayasu. He'll have to earn his KK properly (he doesn't seem convincing enough for the yusho). Mitakeumi might well pull it off.
  8. I think it's safe to assume that if we are here because we love sumo, we likely have some connection or affection for its homeland and people. If any of you are interested in making a material contribution towards the flood disaster relief effort, which has rendered many people homeless, there are a few funds with sites in English or Japanese: Japan Red Cross Flooding Disaster Fund: http://www.jrc.or.jp/contribute/help/307/index.html For some reason the English page is only for Japan Red Cross general donations (i.e. not specific to the flooding disaster): http://www.jrc.or.jp/english/donate/ but you might want to ask on the online enquiry form whether they will be setting up a specific fund: https://toiawase.jrc.or.jp/english/contact_us/ Rakuten fund for flooding disaster: https://global.rakuten.com/corp/donation/nishinihon201807_en/nishinihon201807_en.html A list of other funds: https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/news/flood-and-rain-disaster-in-west-japan-how-to-help-the-relief-and-recovery-efforts-071018 and https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20180709/p2a/00m/0na/015000c Choose a prefecture using the 'hometown tax' system: https://www.satofull.jp/static/oenkifu/oenkifu_201807.php and https://www.furusato-tax.jp/saigai/filter?category_id[]=934&page=1 If anybody comes across any other funds or donation drives/activities, whether to raise money or donations of items, please post them here.
  9. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    10-18kg in three years though...? Isn't that very slow? He and I are roughly the same height so on the basis of my own height and weight and the current look of him, if I had to pick one of the two unofficial figures I'd err in favour of the 80kg mark.
  10. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    I'm going to go all all out and put a steak on a kachikoshi! But seriously though, he had good form last basho and seemed quite determined. They really need to feed him. He hasn't put on a lick of weight.
  11. Will Hattorizakura get his second win during Nagoya?

    To be fair, the real victor was the Nagoya dohyo! Wish I'd put money on him now...
  12. Games Bugs

    The Nagoya banzuke for ISP seems to be missing. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. World Cup 18 - comments

    I'd take Suarez over Ronaldo any day, who is second only to Arjen Robben for strategic diving in my book. Also, another vote for Neymar. Complete drama queen.
  14. Ura injured

    Nothing official yet.
  15. Ura injured

    Indeed. Some photos of him present at keiko in Nagoya show him looking a bit chubby.