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    Day 8 lower division results

    Thanks, I'll do that. Ignore my e-mail. Dale
  2. I don't understand what this means, nor how it might apply, should it have any meaning. Your editor, who is a saint, BTW, seems to have settled this in a reasonable and human way. Maybe you should just let the issue go, as perhaps should everybody else. Getting ready to rent the basement of the Kokugikan for an afternoon, Dale
  3. Dale

    Thank you Dale

    Thanks for your kindness, everybody. Now stop it :) Dale
  4. Dale

    Video for Aki Basho

    Oops. Thanks.
  5. Dale

    Video for Aki Basho

    Day 1 movies are up now at- http://www.banzuke.com/~movies/aki2006/010906mov.html Dale
  6. Dale

    let's be nice

    Well said, Joe. I consider Moti to be a dear friend. Sumo aside, I suspect there are other things on his mind these days as well. I'm sorry that the sumo forum hasn't been a pleasant place for him lately. I hope it will be again soon. For everybody. To the moderators- I'm kinda a newbie, so it's not my place to say, but there are a couple of posters here who may be driving good people away. I'm not big on censorship, but moderation is there for the group's best interests, right? Don't be afraid to exercise your power (responsibly, of course :) Dale
  7. Dale

    Videos of July 2006 Nagoya Basho

    I haven't been following these threads too closely, but there seem to be many people concerned about the legality of posting sumo match clips online. That has been of concern to me as well, of course. The only advice I've gone on is from people at NHK and NSK, who have said that they have been fully aware (and users of) my sumo movies for years. I've been told that I'm just regarded as a "silly gaijin", rather than a economic threat. I can also understand info-sumo's anger and resentment of the person putting his movies on youtube. Someone used to download all of my movies and sell them on CD, even making "autographed collector's editions" at a premium price. Unfortunately, he has since passed away. I resented it, but at the same time, I could hardly claim any rights to the videos. If any of the legitimate copyright holders had ever asked me to cease and desist, I would have done so immediately. But I knew that they were aware of my movies (they've even been mentioned on the broadcast) and apparently had no objection. Plus, I knew that many people really appreciated them. I think I posted during the past basho that if anyone can possibly subscribe to the satellite feed or attend sumo in person, they should do so in order to financially support the sport they love. I hope that one day I'll be able to resume the banzuke.com movies, but my ill health makes that unlikely in the near future. So those of you who champion the copyright of the NSK and NHK can count a little win for now :) Dale
  8. Dale

    Extraordinary happening

    Wow, not really the christian way but perhaps much more fun (In a state of confusion...) Isn't it kind of a double negative, and means that only those who don't insult him get punished? Is he asking us to insult him? Seems like a self-esteem problem :) Dale
  9. Dale


    OK? (I think) Dale
  10. Dale

    Extraordinary happening

    http://www.banzuke.com/~movies/nagoya2006/...ho_chiyotai.wmv Dale (like a bad penny :)
  11. Dale

    Sumo movies!?

    By the way, it appears that you live in the U.S. You do realize that you can watch sumo via Dish Network and perhaps cable TV, right? By subscribing, even though it's a bit expensive, you are helping to support the sport you apparently care a lot about. I used to have a disclaimer on my pages saying the movies were only posted for those who can't watch sumo by any other means. I think Alexander still has that on his pages. As Verena has pointed out, none of our online movies are exactly legal. I refused to accept any money for a long time, but relented recently. I really appreciate those who have contributed (since it does cost me money in computer hardware and stuff to keep the movies going) but I reconsidered and will no longer ask for donations. That crosses a line, I think. So would many lawyers :) But many people have no alternative, other than the not-so-great live feed. But it's nice that even exists. How many other professional sports provide a free live feed, regardless of the quality? As I said, I'll try to post the rest of this basho beginning tomorrow. But if I also do movies next basho, I need to let you know in advance that I'll miss the last couple of days. I'll be buying tickets and sitting in the Kokugikan for at least days 14 and 15. Maybe I'll see you there, supporting sumo with your wallet :) Dale
  12. Dale

    Sumo movies!?

    I'm sorry. I'll try to resume the movies tomorrow night after work. I've been taping them, but I've yet to watch a single match. Probably not an encouraging sign for the long term. Dale Not anybody's "boy", thank you.
  13. Dale

    Kyokushuzan vs Hakuho

    This is a set of moves that were very common thirty years ago, but, unfortunately, are seldom seen now. The attacking rikishi moves in tight with a good belt grip, lifts his opponent onto his belly and attempts to walk him out of the ring. The most common defense is for the liftee to kick his legs vigorously to try to get the lifter to lose his balance. Good yotsu sumo!! I know what you mean, but the final lift isn't what I'm talking about. In that, Kyokushuzan seemed to be making a cooperative hop backwards, if anything. It's the two times Hakuho had Kyokushuzan back against the tawara- Kyokushuzan only had one foot on the dohyo the second time, yet he was able to move Hakuho back. The first time, he was able to somehow swing Hakuho back towards the center, but I can't see how, unless Hakuho was the guy doing the swinging. It looked like a typical jungyo match to me. Entertaining, but... Dale
  14. Dale

    Kyokushuzan vs Hakuho

    Did anybody else think this looked kinda, well, odd? It was a bit like watching a guy (Hakuho) dancing with a broomstick. Or maybe Kyokushuzan has very powerful toes, and can generate thrust by waving his legs in the air. I don't know- given their relationship, it doesn't bother me a lot either way. It just looked like Hakuho was in total command throughout, you know? I haven't finished today's movies yet, but this match can be seen at- http://www.banzuke.com/~movies/natsu2006/d...ushu_hakuho.wmv Dale Geez, sorry to all those who've sent me messages here. I'll sit down after the basho and answer them, if anybody still cares. Sorry. Just work and sleep here for the past few months. I should be rich, but noooo....
  15. Dale

    Baruto in Makuuchi

    Least I can do to make up for my lousy performance so far. The work week looms, and I hope I'll be able to keep up. I'll try to finally post Day 1 tomorrow and fill in Day 3. There was no special feature on Day 1, but I'll try to post the dohyo-iris and the dramatic unveilings of the yusho portraits :) There also wasn't one on Day 3, as they devoted the time to Asashoryu's kyujo. Some of the English announcers translate the special features, and some don't (cough cough wiggins cough cough... :) Tonight Hiro and Mark just did their own commentary, but I thought that worked out OK. Hiro is capable of doing pretty good simultaneous translation. If he'd just drop all the tired cliches from his regular play-by-play..... :) Oyasumi, Dale