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  1. yutarotanaka

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/2vRBVCLuZH47Aj6h8 Ichinojo and Enho #BiggieAndSmallie Should this photo be transferred to the 'Sumo with kids' thread? I mean look at the size discrepancy. I would probably take 2 1/2 Enho's to match Ichinojo's mass. Yikes!
  2. yutarotanaka

    2018 GRAND SUMO Review

    That was fast! The NHK WORLD-JAPAN website already has the program available on VOD even before they've finished the usual four times of broadcasting it. Yeah. The program has a bit more relaxed tone than the preview show. There are lots more fun moments here in my opinion. I was hoping though that they included (or include in future editions of the program) discussions about some of the controversies and scandals that hit the world of sumo. I think the program tries to have positive vibe about it but I think they should balance it out by being transparent enough to deal with these serious events so that the sumo community and the fans can have some more open discussions about problems plaguing sumo. Perhaps come up with some constructive criticisms and suggestions.
  3. yutarotanaka

    2018 GRAND SUMO Review

    So I just finished watching GRAND SUMO Review a while ago. It's basically the same format as the GRAND SUMO Preview program they have days before each honbasho. For this edition though, it covers a larger time frame as it reviewed sumo for the whole of 2018. Features included a recap of the winners from each of the honbashos, a piece on Onosho's rivalry with Takakeisho, Raja putting his body on the line again in analyzing the sumo technique 'Yorikiri' with special guest former Ozeki Kotoōshū and the panel's forecast of sumo in 2019. It was a fun way to end the sumo year as you got to relive the amazing happenings that sent waves in the sumo world that included having three first time yusho winners. Like a said in my previous post, I hope this program will be eventually made into a regular program during sumo honbasho off months so sumo fans will still get a bit of coverage of what is happening in the world of sumo.
  4. yutarotanaka

    2018 GRAND SUMO Review

    A new sumo related program on NHK WORLD-JAPAN has just been unveiled. It's called GRAND SUMO Review. It first aired earlier today, 28th of December 2018. I'm going to catch the 2nd (replay) broadcast in a few hours. I've been a program monitor for NHK WORLD-JAPAN for almost two years now and when I monitor one of their sumo programs like GRAND SUMO Preview, GRAND SUMO Highlights or GRAND SUMO Live, I've sometimes suggested creating another program after the tournament to recap it and provide insight to the events that happened in it. A 'GRAND SUMO Review' as I coined it in one of my reports. Apparently, my comments and suggestions did not go unnoticed by the show runners and producers of NHK WORLD-JAPAN and decided to give it a go. Hopefully, this would be a regular thing during the even numbered months so we can get our sumo fix when honbasho is on break. Will provide additional information later on what the show's format is and what contents and topics were discussed. Or better yet, just watch it on NHK WORLD-JAPAN's website for free. They stream all of their programs live and I'm guessing it will be available on 'Video On Demand' some time after the 4th broadcast.
  5. yutarotanaka

    Match of the Basho - Kyushu 2018 Submissions Open

    OK. So I'm officially naming the Shaqtin' A Fool version of sumo "Nokotta-in' A Fool" The question now is what hashtag to use when pointing out bad sumo play. #nokottain or #nokottin Vote now! :D
  6. yutarotanaka

    Match of the Basho - Kyushu 2018 Submissions Open

    If there was a Shaqtin' a fool version of sumo, this match ought to be the top match of the year and the gyoji the Shaqtin' MVP of the year. This match was soo f***ed up it was ridiculous. Matta called by the head judge and the gyoji still continued the match "Nokotta-ing" for a whopping 8 seconds as the judge had his hand up in right front of the him. 8 freaking seconds! Either the gyoji did not see or chose to ignore it. Either way, bad look on him. This ain't American football wherein even if a flag is called you still continue play. The 2nd matta called by the gyoji was terrible. There was nothing wrong with their tachiai. And he missed the step out of Tochinoshin because he was out of position to see what was going on critical side of the match. And apparently, if Ross Mihara's explanation in the commentary (which was also a sumo Shaqtin MVP nominee if you ask me) is to be believed, the gyoji, after seeing Tochinoshin 'win' by Yokiri pointed his paddle to Shohozan's side. One of the replays confirm this. It's like was the gyoji drunk or high? So many bad calls in a match. Terrible. Just terrible.
  7. yutarotanaka

    Kyushu Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Takayasu is kind of running in the same trajectory as his heyamate senpai Kisenosato. This year he had many runner-up finishes. Maybe next year he can string up the needed wins to finally capture that elusive yusho cup. All the best to him. Congrats to Takakeisho!
  8. yutarotanaka

    Abema TV all sumo live

    Oh no... No more "It's time... Dr. Takasu" :,(
  9. yutarotanaka

    Kyushu Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Yago making a statement that he probably should be in the top division spot where Chiyomaru is after deafeating the round one in today's first makuunuchi match of Day 1.
  10. The writer clearly did not do enough research about the other Filipinos/half Filipinos in sumo. The article mentioned Masunoyama at the first paragraph but completely forgot about him in the rest of the article. And the writer did not even get to Kotokuzan who is higher in rank compared to Masunoyama. Kotokuzan has recently been climbing up the Makushita ranks and enters Kyushu 2018 at his highest rank of East Makushita 11. Masunoyama, whose last stint at the top division was four years ago, has since been fading away lower and lower the banzuke because of injuries but managed a good Aki basho and is now at East Sandame 18.
  11. yutarotanaka

    New measures announced to combat violence

    This is too general. Specifics are needed to be outlined so that the criteria is clear and punishments for infractions can be dealt with fairly to all. This is just some vague guidelines that is nothing more than lip service to the media and sumo enthusiasts so the Sumo Association can say they did something about the issue. They need to follow this up with more concrete steps.
  12. yutarotanaka

    Dohyo and Injuries

    OMG! See! See! I told you they do it from time to time! https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/sumo/tournament/201809/live_2.html
  13. yutarotanaka

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I'm guessing no. That would be too sudden a promotion for Mitakeumi considering he's just now able to produce double digits in the sanyaku level. A solid 11 or 12 wins next basho should be enough for Ozeki consideration if he wins the 2018 Nagoya basho.
  14. yutarotanaka

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    You mean this guys? https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZaJDkLRvXHJJH8mf9
  15. yutarotanaka

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Abi kinboshi!!! Kakuryu drops two in a row against rank and file wrestlers.