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  1. Terarno

    UPDATE! Day 3 Absence

    Here we are, Kaio is kuyjo for day 4.... :-D (In a state of confusion...)
  2. Terarno

    Baruto Juryo debut

    Ugly against Yotsukasa, Baru-t'oh ! (a la Homer)
  3. Terarno

    Day 1 kyujo

    Hayateumi's first bout was not scheduled today. Wait and see. Et arr
  4. Terarno

    Draft Sumo Gamma Test?

    Thanks ! ;-)
  5. Terarno

    Draft Sumo Gamma Test?

    I don't want to intrude in a sealed Torikumi. If it's too late for me, I'll wait for Kyushu Basho. ;-)
  6. Terarno

    Draft Sumo Gamma Test?

    I've registered on strongoak.net, but I'm not in the Torikumi... What did I do wrong ? (On the banzuke...) ;-)
  7. Terarno

    21 Aki Basho 2005

    1. Tochiazuma 2. fns 3. Iwakiyama 4. Wakanosato 5. Kotomitsuki 6. Aminishiki 7. fns 8. fns 9. Dejima 10. fns 11. fns 12. fns 13. Tamanoshima 14. Tokitsuumi 15. fns 16. fns 17. Toyozakura 18. Kasugao 19. Ishide 20. fns 21. Kisenosato Thanks. Terarno (Hugging...)
  8. Terarno

    Sekitori-Cubicle Alpha Test

    Is this game running ? Can I play ? (Lifting weights...)
  9. Terarno

    Size(height) of wrestler decreasing?

    A big jaw is typical for people suffering this kind of "disease". They just keep growing, and sometimes surgery is the only way to prevent death at a very young age (30 or 40). George Muresan, basketball player from Roumania, had such surgery while he was already 2m30 tall. But since those Rikishis only exist through the stories of "witnesses", maybe at this time someone 1m90 tall among an average 1m60 could give birth to stories like "did you see that giant ??", "yeah, he must be at leat 1m90 tall", "oh, maybe 2 meters !!!". And 300 years later, the guy is 2m26 tall on an internet forum.
  10. Terarno

    Terao today..

    Please come back, Terao ! (Dribbling...)
  11. Terarno

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2005

    Hi ! Jonokuchi 29 east Fujimura, please. Thanks. Terarno (A sekitori...)
  12. Terarno

    Sekitori Banzuke

    At Sekitori Oracle, I was W-Makushita 35 for Natsu Basho, and I did a terrible 2-13 during this tournament. But when I look to the new Banzuke, I'm still W-Makushita 35, with the "Kosho" status under my shikona as a result for Natsu. I guess it's better than with a 2-13, but I'm afraid it's not fair for the other players.
  13. Terarno

    Another kesho mawashi on ebay

    Hi everybody. Several members of the Info-Sumo.net forum wrote to this seller, and we asked him where the mawashi comes from. He dared to say he had it from his wife's grand-grand-father, who of course was an important Japanese family... We've denounced this auction, but Ebay doesn't care.