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  1. brewdude

    Ounomatsu Oyakata questioned again-new story

    wow, my old favorite wrestler is involved is bad juju now. Well, not really that surprising, he went to a pretty tough high school.
  2. brewdude


    asad farewell to Dejima the Degyptian. In his later years he was so wrapped up he looked like a mummy. My Sumo pool was amazed that he could continue to fight so hard for so long. Yet another of the mainstays from my early sumo watching days gone.
  3. brewdude

    Sumo and religion

    hahaha, brilliant, difficult to believe it is serious, but I guess it is. Different strokes and all that.
  4. brewdude

    "The Business Of Sumo"

    when I taught at Yaizu Suisan Koko they had an official High School Club. That is where Katayama came from before he went on to the college level.
  5. brewdude

    Kotomitsuki out

    well, this will make the guess the GTK pretty entertaining to figure out this basho :)
  6. brewdude

    Katayama intai

    Thank you. I am sure all of the folks in Yaizu were bummed out.
  7. brewdude

    Katayama intai

    Kintamayama, do you have any links to press on this. I would like to read what is out there. Thanks
  8. brewdude

    Katayama intai

    Very sad. He was one of my favorites.
  9. brewdude

    Hair and waste

    Only a couple days into the new year and I already think this will be in my top 10 of funniest posts of 2009, internetwide to boot. this will take much effort to be topped.
  10. brewdude

    Heya Watch Nagoya Basho 2008

    Fay, nice to see someone else root for Oonomatsu beya. I am a fan as well.
  11. brewdude

    Who will be in Nagoya?

    Sad to say, I arrive in Japan on the final weekend of the basho and cannot make it to Nagoya. I am very bummed but will get to see some Hanabi and eat some really good sushi. Have fun on your trip
  12. brewdude

    Flemish translation

    well my dictionary did not have it all but it looks like they re convirming a nonsmoking reservation. Did you book a hotel in Belgium? At this ? ? reservation ?, in the not smoking ?. Until then!!! is the best I can make out.
  13. brewdude

    Natsu basho ticket sales - new guidelines

    This had me rolling. People in the ofice thought I had finally lost it. Very well done.
  14. brewdude

    What News on GTK game :)

    Pretty sure I didn't win but might have done well enough to keep climbing the banzuke. one of I think 4 players with the right win loss, but can't remember how the tie breakers are weighted. As they say in the Jeffersons intro......Movin on up..To the top...
  15. brewdude

    Win a Hakuho clearfile

    Argh! So Close yet so far..... :) Congrats Asashosakari