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  1. Kaiowaka

    Bench Sumo news

    i think it's perhaps he miss 3 basho in the row, 3 kyujo =} banzuke-gai and the 4th make intai ^^
  2. Kaiowaka

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Natsu 2022

    And i was at 1-7 on nakabi ^^
  3. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    Ok now it's work again ^^ Good luck to all players for the last day
  4. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    We can't enter picks in Sekitori-toto for the last day i think
  5. Kaiowaka

    Maegashira game active ?

    The banzuke of this game are updated and i search how i can play in Natsu basho 2021 ^^ http://maegashira.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx Who can help me please ?
  6. Kaiowaka

    Maegashira game active ?

    Thank you for your answer and we will to hope if one day he can be run again ^^
  7. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    It's very strange this : 8 November, 2020 to 22 November, 2020 Day 5 (Thursday, 12 November, 2020) Kaiowaka Change Password Logout Kaiowaka The time now is: 7 November, 2020 11:44 PM JST Bench Sumo entries for day 5 are now closed! I search to play for the day 1 , not for the 5th ^^ Perhaps it's a bug in beach sumo...............
  8. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Nagoya Basho

    Please give me a kosho, i will be back in september. All the best and take care. Kaiowaka
  9. Kaiowaka

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries- and Results!!

    Kiribayama too ^^
  10. Kaiowaka

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries- and Results!!

    I think Sahaven has lost a sekitori and i think it's one who stay in makuuchi or down in juryo too but the rules are the same number up and down ^^
  11. Kaiowaka

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries- and Results!!

    I think you have a problem ^^ 4 are up in makuuchi and 3 only are down..........1 intai and 2 in juryo, i think you have 43 sumotori in makuuchi ^^
  12. Kaiowaka

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Thank you so much for the news
  13. Kaiowaka

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Has anyone news about Asakayama oyakata, ex-ozeki Kaio ??? Please give us news of the severity of the injury here.
  14. Kaiowaka

    Kyushu 2019 Masters Series

    The Hoshitori game don't be right because the bonus scores (yusho and sanshos) are not calculated in the total. I think it's not a lot of change with this
  15. Kaiowaka

    Norizo Cup 2019.9

    43 48 29 7W - 8L Nantonoyama M15e 360 0 260 50 -90 50 90 0 44 47 30 6W - 9L Kaiowaka M14e 360 0 260 30 -50 60 60 0 45 42 15 6W - 9L utinonami J2e 360 0 210 -30 -10 130 60 0 46 46 31 6W - 9L Flohru M8w 360 0 120 120 -10 70 60 Can one explain to me the difference for the 4 please
  16. Kaiowaka

    Kaisei injury update

    Have we news of the July Kaisei injury ???
  17. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Inbitation - Nagoya Basho

    Please give a kosho this basho, i will be back on september ^^
  18. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    I have the same problem ^^
  19. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Natsu 2019

    I have no time for send my picks for this basho. I ask for a kosho status please. Best regards
  20. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    Chaingang ranking stay with the Aki's basho 2018 ? Have we news of this game ?
  21. Kaiowaka

    Norizo Cup Banzuke 2019.1

    I can now login and it's say to me "Welcome Kaiowaka", questions preparation, please wait ^^ I think i can play in january............ Thank you so much for have resolve my problem
  22. Kaiowaka

    Norizo Cup Banzuke 2019.1

    Same error again stay for me and i want to play in Hatsu Basho 2019 Help me or i can't play in january
  23. Kaiowaka

    Norizo Cup Banzuke 2019.1

    The same error stay for me ^^ Pre-Register Page [E-mail] mail format error.
  24. Kaiowaka

    Norizo Cup Banzuke 2019.1

    Next basho i want to be registred and want to play. If i use my email adress; it's say to me [E-mail] mail format error. The same als last Kyushu basho ^^ If i use my "kaiowaka" it's change my name to my email adress ^^ How can i make for login ??? Thank you for your answer
  25. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Kyushu Basho Invitation

    Hello, I need to ask for a kosho for this Kyushu basho 2018 please.