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  1. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Hatsu 2023

    For me, no, it's so sad but when it's running for this Haru, i will be kyujo ^^
  2. Kaiowaka

    SalaryCap Sumo Nagoya 2022

    Thank you so much but i don't understand for what when i don't have click for register for the basho, i need to play and i can't click for a kosho in all 4 games. I am back for the Aki basho.
  3. Kaiowaka

    SalaryCap Sumo Nagoya 2022

  4. Kaiowaka

    SalaryCap Sumo Nagoya 2022

    Have you see my kosho request for the 4 games ???
  5. Kaiowaka

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Hi, can i ask here for a general kosho status in Oracle, S4, Odd and Chaingang please. I don't understand for what i am register for this 4......
  6. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Nagoya 2022

    Kosho status please
  7. Kaiowaka

    Bench Sumo news

    i think it's perhaps he miss 3 basho in the row, 3 kyujo =} banzuke-gai and the 4th make intai ^^
  8. Kaiowaka

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Natsu 2022

    And i was at 1-7 on nakabi ^^
  9. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    Ok now it's work again ^^ Good luck to all players for the last day
  10. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    We can't enter picks in Sekitori-toto for the last day i think
  11. Kaiowaka

    Maegashira game active ?

    Thank you for your answer and we will to hope if one day he can be run again ^^
  12. Kaiowaka

    Maegashira game active ?

    The banzuke of this game are updated and i search how i can play in Natsu basho 2021 ^^ http://maegashira.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx Who can help me please ?
  13. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    It's very strange this : 8 November, 2020 to 22 November, 2020 Day 5 (Thursday, 12 November, 2020) Kaiowaka Change Password Logout Kaiowaka The time now is: 7 November, 2020 11:44 PM JST Bench Sumo entries for day 5 are now closed! I search to play for the day 1 , not for the 5th ^^ Perhaps it's a bug in beach sumo...............
  14. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Nagoya Basho

    Please give me a kosho, i will be back in september. All the best and take care. Kaiowaka
  15. Kaiowaka

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries- and Results!!

    Kiribayama too ^^