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  1. Kaiowaka

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2024

    Count me in please. Thank you
  2. Kaiowaka

    Sekitori Sweepstake - November 2023

    Please count me in for the Kyushu basho, i am new ^^
  3. Kaiowaka

    Videos Aki 2023 - Days 1-15

    NOTICE TO USERS IN FRANCE Because of French government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging these government demands and hope to restore access soon.
  4. Kaiowaka

    Videos Aki 2023 - Days 1-15

    No videos about juryo's division today on day 5 ?
  5. Kaiowaka

    Games Bugs

    I have the same problem with the page of Turn The Tide I put here my picks for the 12th day. Rikishi to win : Tohakuryu Rikishi to loss ; Hokutofuji Thank you in advance if you can change this manualy ^^
  6. Kaiowaka

    Who has make the more fight in a row ?

    Thank you so much all for your answer
  7. Since the start of this basho, i see Tamawashi are the 3rd in the top of the list and i don"t know who are the 1st and the 2nd ^^ Who know the name of the 2 ??? Thank you in advance ^^
  8. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Hatsu 2023

    For me, no, it's so sad but when it's running for this Haru, i will be kyujo ^^
  9. Kaiowaka

    SalaryCap Sumo Nagoya 2022

    Thank you so much but i don't understand for what when i don't have click for register for the basho, i need to play and i can't click for a kosho in all 4 games. I am back for the Aki basho.
  10. Kaiowaka

    SalaryCap Sumo Nagoya 2022

  11. Kaiowaka

    SalaryCap Sumo Nagoya 2022

    Have you see my kosho request for the 4 games ???
  12. Kaiowaka

    Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Hi, can i ask here for a general kosho status in Oracle, S4, Odd and Chaingang please. I don't understand for what i am register for this 4......
  13. Kaiowaka

    FAWL Invitation - Nagoya 2022

    Kosho status please
  14. Kaiowaka

    Bench Sumo news

    i think it's perhaps he miss 3 basho in the row, 3 kyujo =} banzuke-gai and the 4th make intai ^^
  15. Kaiowaka

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Natsu 2022

    And i was at 1-7 on nakabi ^^