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  1. Takanohana-devil's advocate

    Takanoiwa kind of had it coming...
  2. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Id love to see enho in the top 3 ranks...i believe that he has some of the things Ura was lacking, and he is so young...he can still put on a quite amount of bulk...
  3. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Id say that he should *Very methaphorically* give the middle finger to the YDC council bulls***, they dont seem to have a problem when other yokozunas dont even show up or show up just to get 4-5 :)
  4. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Id say that he should *Very methaphorically* give the middle finger to the YDC council bulls***, they dont seem to have a problem when other yokozunas dont even show up or show up just to get 4-5 :)
  5. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    That guy is certainly not even ozeki material...but maybe you were just joking...
  6. Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Maybe im too late for the party, but is Harumafuji having a traditional retirement party?
  7. Hi, i am interesting into getting some form of grappling/wrestling education since i ve been boxing for a couple years, since that, my only training has been into striking. What is the most similar martial art to sumo? I mean, i cant train sumo here in Spain where i live, but there are a few of Judo, Jiu Jitsu gyms... What are your thoughts on this? Since Sumo is my favourite grappling discipline, i would love to do something sumo-related along with my 2018 bulk! thanks in advance!
  8. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Oh cmon...he was on the way to yokozunahood and he just was too impatient, give him a break
  9. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Injury treatment in sumo needs to change....they need to give the guy a break.
  10. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    At least Kiseno won two bashos in a row...and his performance is 2017 is just because of a career breaking injury, not the quality of his sumo.
  11. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    A yokozuna should not "take" a 10-5, a yokozuna should be there to win no matter what, and knowing that he has a chance to clinch the cup. With kakuryu, i understand that he is an athlete, he need the money, and his salary is far from poor, but he doesnt fit the dignity of a yokozuna with this poor performances... I believe that, when a yokozuna is not able to win a single basho in years, even when every other yokozuna is kyujo, he should consider retirement. And believe me, i was hoping that he would be able to at least get 13 wins or so...or the yusho...but there we go again...
  12. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    What a disappointment kakuryu has turned out, again, to be... And i was hoping for him to win until the last match... Méh, i guess he is no Harumafuji, intai would be good i guess...
  13. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kind of ironic that tochinosin will win the yusho...and his one loss is to the yokozuna runner up. Isnt that "theoretically" unfair?
  14. Hey John, just curious, since you seem to know many things about the rikishi. Does kisenosato lift weights at all? he seems just like an old school wrestler who just do traditional keiko, unlike the mongolians, who are very familiar with the modern day gyms. Can you throw some light on the matter?
  15. Wow, how tall are you, John?
  16. Hopefully he can kyujo another basho and come back strong, at least like Kakuryu is doing...and i really hope Kak doesnt miss the chance of winning this one...
  17. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Does anyone sees Kakuryu losing over Takayasu or Goeido in this state?
  18. Thanks a lot, thats very interesting, i will be checking it out. However, as you said, it would be impossible to practice it here in Spain, i have some Senegalese friends (1st generation inmigrants) and they never talked about it.
  19. Hi everyone. My question is, what is the standard true strenght of a sumo wrestler? in terms of how much could they, for example, lift on a bench press? Some people find this subject useless, but i believe that is a good way to measure how much the sport has truly progressed. I read some time ago that Asashoryu was able to bench 200kg (Impressive even for a powerlifter) and leg press 600+ Kilograms. Now that is an impressive amount of strenght that i think is responsible in a big way of the success that he had during his prime. What do you guys think? Did the guys like Akebono and Takanohana lift weights in his prime? How much could they lift? how do they compare to the ones like Hakuho, harumafuji and Kakuryu strenght wise? PS: i am really curious about kisenosato in this topic, he has a great "classic" physique for sumo, mainly fat with less Muscle-to-fat ratio than any other yokozuna of the last 20 years, does he lift weights?
  20. My wife, who doesnt watch sumo either, used to tell me that Mr K looked "Evil and cocky" hehe
  21. Sure, and if it wasnt for the mongolians sumo would be so boring and would generate so less income... The JSA should not forget that as well, is a double benefit for each group... Mongolias do not "need" sumo, they are excelent at many other forms of grappling, the best example is the way their judo team is performing lately...
  22. Damn you really hate Hakuho, hey? Probably if you saw a Henka on Kisenosato you would feel embarrased, to be honest, but hey, against the real deal, everything goes, right? :)
  23. It would be very painful for him to lose the basho just for this silly action. Yet again, i think that he will still win...
  24. A public apology should be more than enough i think...anything else is unnecesary, asashoryu had a fistfight backstage and wasnt even suspended...