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  1. Harumafuji scandal

    I can imagine Haru running through taka in anger haha
  2. Harumafuji scandal

    I hope i said...takanoiwa had it coming
  3. Wow Thanks a lot, its quite interesting, but of course we have none of that here in Spain. Thanks nonetheless! haha
  4. I am very glad to tell you that it was an old schoold Judo Gym whos been around since the 70s! The teacher is very strict man who used to be a teacher of Sports in my Highschool (i was never his student however) Im very happy with my first class, a few sparring and some very interesting techniques all around. Thank u again!
  5. Ura injured

    Well i just hope that his oyakata and his overall crew does not force him out too much like they do with Endo. Otherwise he will not recover and wont reach his total potential. (which i believe is komusubi/sekiwake, which is no laughing stock actually) Good luck, Ura.
  6. thanks a lot for your kind and complete answer. i think that i am going to try out Judo this Wednesday, the throws are what i love the most about sumo, and greco-roman wrestling is something that is nearly gone forever in my country (Even when he had so many history with the romans, its sad, actually) but anyway, thanks a lot once again for your time!
  7. Harumafuji Intai Speculation

    I really hope he does not retire just yet, he still has some pretty amazing speed and strenght, he just won a basho (with no yokozuna, yes, but still a basho) and he can still put pretty good results overall in the regular tournaments. If he stays long enough, he will get to double digit wins as far as Basho championships is concerned, and i would love to see that happen.
  8. Hi, i am interesting into getting some form of grappling/wrestling education since i ve been boxing for a couple years, since that, my only training has been into striking. What is the most similar martial art to sumo? I mean, i cant train sumo here in Spain where i live, but there are a few of Judo, Jiu Jitsu gyms... What are your thoughts on this? Since Sumo is my favourite grappling discipline, i would love to do something sumo-related along with my 2018 bulk! thanks in advance!
  9. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Harumafuji proved again that "yokozuna" is more than a mere title.
  10. Endou ankle surgery

    Well, what a terrible advice from his oyakata...I mean, he needs to take one basho at least for recovery, since he is having that surgery. Way too many rikishi are forced to compete in fear of demotion, while totally injured...
  11. New weight record

    I cant believe that even a C level wrestler like him cant even get an easy time by his oyakatas. I mean, he should lose weight, about 100 bloody kilograms. It would help his life, his health and his sumo. 180 plus kilograms is no joke by no means in the makuuchi division, so whats his excuse for being 288?
  12. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    By the way, does anyone know what the current situation of the Giku is? I mean, is he going to retire or continue as a maegashira?
  13. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    Well, to be honest, he is certainly trying to get back in shape. But miracles rarely happen, and if he cant get even double digits any longer with those bad injuries (Something that was very unusual in his career until his yokozuna promotion) then he should likely retire. Sad but true.
  14. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    I see your point, i just hope that it doesnt force him into retirement this early in his yokozuna career. As for Kakuryu, just like i said, i hope that he can get at least another win. He was definetly superior to the ozekis of his era (terunofuji, kotosogiku, goeido...) But definetly inferior to the others yokozuna (arguably in the same league as Kisenosato)
  15. Thanks! yet there havent been many activity in that thread lately..