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  1. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Does anyone sees Kakuryu losing over Takayasu or Goeido in this state?
  2. Thanks a lot, thats very interesting, i will be checking it out. However, as you said, it would be impossible to practice it here in Spain, i have some Senegalese friends (1st generation inmigrants) and they never talked about it.
  3. My wife, who doesnt watch sumo either, used to tell me that Mr K looked "Evil and cocky" hehe
  4. Sure, and if it wasnt for the mongolians sumo would be so boring and would generate so less income... The JSA should not forget that as well, is a double benefit for each group... Mongolias do not "need" sumo, they are excelent at many other forms of grappling, the best example is the way their judo team is performing lately...
  5. Damn you really hate Hakuho, hey? Probably if you saw a Henka on Kisenosato you would feel embarrased, to be honest, but hey, against the real deal, everything goes, right? :)
  6. It would be very painful for him to lose the basho just for this silly action. Yet again, i think that he will still win...
  7. A public apology should be more than enough i think...anything else is unnecesary, asashoryu had a fistfight backstage and wasnt even suspended...
  8. "Hate" is a strong and shameful word, my friend.
  9. If Hakuho has to go kyujo for that minimalistic stupidity then sumo is doomed, and japan will show how ungrateful it is to the wrestlers that have made the sport a force to be reckon with once again after an era of bad Japanese rikishi. Kyujo for that? They better not have the guts to do that.
  10. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    He was maegashira one tournament ago, and won a kinboshi and a return to sanyaku...he probably will try to do the same in january...tough guy the giku
  11. Hakuho’s blatant post-match shoves?

    He gets away because he is the best, but you already knew that. In my opinion he is a bit of an asshole for doing that, the weird part is that he seems friendly with most of his opponents after he beats them. I tend to believe that if an oponnent causes too much trouble and makes him unconfortamble (which is exactly what they all should try) he gets into this kind of "id kill yoy" moods for the rest of the bout and shortly after. Therefore i believe that at this point he just cant control it, like someone said before me, old habits die hard, a spectacular wrestler, but a mediocre sportman.
  12. Wow Thanks a lot, its quite interesting, but of course we have none of that here in Spain. Thanks nonetheless! haha
  13. I am very glad to tell you that it was an old schoold Judo Gym whos been around since the 70s! The teacher is very strict man who used to be a teacher of Sports in my Highschool (i was never his student however) Im very happy with my first class, a few sparring and some very interesting techniques all around. Thank u again!
  14. Ura injured

    Well i just hope that his oyakata and his overall crew does not force him out too much like they do with Endo. Otherwise he will not recover and wont reach his total potential. (which i believe is komusubi/sekiwake, which is no laughing stock actually) Good luck, Ura.
  15. thanks a lot for your kind and complete answer. i think that i am going to try out Judo this Wednesday, the throws are what i love the most about sumo, and greco-roman wrestling is something that is nearly gone forever in my country (Even when he had so many history with the romans, its sad, actually) but anyway, thanks a lot once again for your time!