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    Best place to watch sumo on tv in Tokyo?

    Since last year, I moved to USA due to the work. I really love watching Sumo wrestling. Afterwards, I searched online and finally I ended up getting forjoytv app. It is really helpful when you're not in Japan.
  2. BellaLovelle

    Videos Haru 2019- Days 1-15

    3/10(日) 15:05~18:00 (再生) 放送: 【NHK総合】(14日間のリプレイ) 詳細は
  3. BellaLovelle

    Live Streaming - Aki 18

    Hello, Sumo Fans! I had share Japan 2018 Sumo Kyushu Basho Live schedule! Here are details:
  4. I want to be able to watch some of my favorite Japanese programs (such as: Sumo) on my computer or android mobile. So I've been looking at multiple options for doing so, such as online services ForJoyTV( Recently, I have seen a lot of information about it in Reddit and Twitter, evaluation is good, live online without interruption, high quality . Is anyone familiar with this live service? If so, do you use the online service for japanese tv live streaming? Any ideas?
  5. As a sumo fan, i'm glad to share the November 2018 Japan Sumo Live streaming Schedule from ForJoyTV service: 11/16(金) 大相撲九州場所 六日目 15:08 ~ 15:55 (47分) 15:55 ~ 18:00 (125分) 11/17(土) 大相撲九州場所 七日目 15:05 ~ 16:00 (55分) 16:00 ~ 18:00 (120分) 11/18(日) 大相撲九州場所 八日目 15:05 ~ 16:00 (55分) 16:00 ~ 18:00 (120分) 11/19(月) 大相撲九州場所 九日目 15:08 ~ 15:55 (47分) 15:55 ~ 18:00 (125分) 11/20(火) 大相撲九州場所 十日目 15:08 ~ 15:55 (47分) 15:55 ~ 18:00 (125分) 11/21(水) 大相撲九州場所 十一日目 15:08 ~ 15:55 (47分) 15:55 ~ 18:00 (125分) 11/22(木) 大相撲九州場所 十二日目 15:08 ~ 15:55 (47分) 15:55 ~ 18:00 (125分) 11/23(金) 大相撲九州場所 十三日目 15:05 ~ 16:00 (55分) 16:00 ~ 18:00 (120分)
  6. Others can! Thanks! I have been using it for a few days and I feel FUJITV is more convenient. Have you ever tried? But it's a pity that the charges began in July.
  7. What happened? I open the first link and said it's forbidden! pls help!
  8. Wow , so much! thanks for your share! I'll try them!