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  1. UncleMoustache

    Videos - Hatsu Basho 2024 - Days 1-15

    What a basho. So glad Koto did so well. many thanks to Kinta-san for his tireless work of providing the Western World with the greatest sport!
  2. UncleMoustache

    Videos Nagoya Basho 2023- Days 1-15 + Bonus

    Thank you so much, Kinta for keeping sumo alive in the western world! Congrats to the winner, and to the other close contenders. I wasn't really sure who I wanted to win, for I like all of them. The basho started off slow, but it sure got exciting as it progressed! What a finish!
  3. UncleMoustache

    Cough, coffee numbers 1 - 15

    Looks like they figured out Hokuseiho pretty quickly - he's very susceptible to the leg trip.
  4. UncleMoustache

    Cough, coffee numbers 1 - 15

    Happy birthday!!!
  5. UncleMoustache

    Cough, coffee numbers 1 - 15

    Dang, this is a thrilling basho!! I think I have a new favorite in Hokuseiho. That kid is pretty incredible.
  6. UncleMoustache

    5 Reasons to Watch May Basho

    Unfortunately the question is not 'why' but 'how'? Maybe there's something going on underground, but I haven't seen anything on how we can watch it.
  7. UncleMoustache

    The end?

    Dang. Kinta was my into to sumo many years ago. I watched every one of his archived videos as well. This is indeed heartbreaking.
  8. UncleMoustache

    Rare occurence in Jonidan

    I don't suppose there's a video of this anywhere?
  9. UncleMoustache

    Rikishi Status - 2020 Aki Basho

    I'm also worried about the Geek. That leg pain didn't look good. Maybe a ligament or tendon?
  10. UncleMoustache

    Day 14 pics overview Kyushu 2019

    I hope this qualifies as a 'Day 14' pic. My new son got his new shirt today - just in time to finish off the basho!
  11. UncleMoustache

    Sumo Kitty (children's book)

    New book just came out. My daughter found it at the library. It's quite entertaining, and pretty accurate, although I'm not sure if the author truly understands what a tachiai is. Anyway, here are a few pics. If you have kids or grandkids, I highly recommend it. You can request it at your local library. Librarians are always looking for books to buy that the public wants.
  12. UncleMoustache

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Just plain old crappy judging today. Surely one of the 6 judges there could have called that obvious matta. And surely that Enho bout could have at least been a redo. Crappy judging all around.
  13. UncleMoustache

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    You heard it here first! Too bad, though. I hoped he would have stuck it out.
  14. UncleMoustache

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    3 losses in a row by Kakuryu. I wonder if he's going to drop out?