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  1. Plus, especially if you like watching the lower divisions, it can be a very long day of sitting, however enjoyable. Those unaccustomed to sitting on the floor might get uncomfortable.
  2. I have seen Japanese bring in stacks (literally) of their own personal cushions to supplement the provided zabuton
  3. since_94

    Abi and Wakamotoharu - SNS banned

    Perhaps it would be better for the sport if the young generation of rikishi stayed more focused on training (as in the old days) than on social networking. Just saying, as university educators we are seeing a general decline in the level to which many students manage to stay fully focused and attentative in class because of distraction by electronic devices. Perhaps said devices and pervasiveness of social media are affecting the quality of Sumo being produced, too. I'll get off my soapbox now before the tomatoes fly.
  4. I met him in Tokyo in January and got his autograph. Deep voice when speaking for sure.
  5. since_94

    Nice photo, so own thread..

    Hakuho does so much for the sport and it’s promotion. I sometimes must endure his detractors slagging him for whatever reasons (these armchair sumotori): he’s not a proper Yokozuna, too arrogant, blah blah blah. Whatever. Watching the Hakuho Cup, one is struck by the fact that it basically turns into a marathon autograph signing/photo session for the Champ as he is almost constantly besieged by fans eager to meet him. He turns no one away, even though it must be exhausting for him. He personally signs probably more than 500 autographs that day, each one of which becomes a young person’s treasured possession. He is great Champion not only based on his stats, but because he is so friendly and kind to fans, so generous with his time, and cares about the longevity of the sport’s popularity.
  6. since_94

    Bout-Length Hatsu 2020

    Surely one of the longest bouts of Hatsu 2020 had to be this entertaining marathon from Sandanme featuring heavyweight Dewanojo. One minute and 39 seconds of struggle, by my count.
  7. since_94

    Enho - predictions?

    This is undoubtedly precisely what Hakuho noticed in him. And who better than Hakuho knows what is paramount for any fighter who would be a champion? Plus, I'm sure Enho also demonstrated a willingness to train hard and the proper attitude befitting a novice sumotori. The videos members have posted of him training have been impressive for these reasons. What other reasons would Hakuho have for taking him under his wing?
  8. since_94

    Enho - predictions?

    Regardless of how high he rises (or doesn’t) and how quickly his opponents figure out how to best him (or don’t), the guy is undeniably exciting to watch and therefore very good for the sport. There is so much anticipation around his bouts and when he wins, it absolutely electrifies the crowd in the Kokugikan. No one else is providing that kind of service for the fans on the same level right now, although Tokushoryu has certainly warmed hearts and garnered lots of new fans with his well deserved yusho and charming post bout interview and Terutsuyoshi’s salt throw gets a buzz going. Sumo NEEDS Enho right now, as the Ozeki ranks disintegrate and the Yokozuna limp toward retirement (no disrespect intended, just calling what I see). I got to see him fight live a bunch of times in January, felt the excitement he engenders in the fans, and have become a convert. Nothing but respect for him and I wish him every success. I’d love to see him in sanyaku.
  9. since_94

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I had the same thought myself. Commentators love to bring it up when discussing his career, and it must never be far from his mind. More demoralizing with each passing year, I would suspect.
  10. since_94

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    He just looks so lethargic and unenthusiastic before his bouts these days. People say he’s always been this way, but my recollection of his demeanor around 2016/2017 is different. Could be injuries, age, disillusionment. Dunno, but I don’t see much fire in his eyes.
  11. since_94

    Observations from Ryogoku January 2020

    You're probably better informed than me. I was just looking at the torikumi. I only saw him fight once this tournament. It was weird to see a former headliner as Jonidan in a mostly empty Kokugikan. He fought Sandanme #82 Tatsukaze and won by oshidashi.
  12. since_94

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Better they both retire than continue this kyujo farce that the whole scenario has become. But agreed, it's sad to see the end of an era.
  13. since_94

    Observations from Ryogoku January 2020

    I'm actually passing on going to the fights today. Just not that interested in the outcome, to be honest. Terunofuji's yusho is a done deal. Neither Ura nor Chiyonokuni scheduled to fight in the lower divisions. Most of my favorites have either sealed MK or KK. Most of all, I believe Shodai's confidence is probably blown and he will lose to Mitakeumi (0-2), making the outcome of the musubi no ichiban redundant. Could be a rather anticlimactic latter part of the afternoon. Of course, it might be an interesting playoff if this prognostication is wrong. Whether it's Shodai or Tokushoryu, I'll be happy for him. Either way, I'll hope the skies clear, hang around outside, and go see the winner celebrating in his victory parade when the dust settles.
  14. since_94

    Observations from Ryogoku January 2020

    Day 14, partially sunny through the clouds, 6 degrees. I lined up at 0550 and drew number 126. Saw latecomers who were lined up get the bad news tickets were sold out at 0815. There is extra security in place for the Emperor's attendance (metal detectors and bag inspections) so expect delays when entering. Tokushoryu and Shodai go head to head today, so we'll get to see what's up! See you at the fights!
  15. since_94

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Whereas poor Kotoshogiku looks like he is literally held together with tape at this point in his career. The guy's a trooper.