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  1. since_94

    Too much weight ?

    I know an oversized coffin will be required for a grave dig of such epic proportions
  2. since_94

    Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    Half empty arena. Lots of people missed it, even back then. Fan support was really in the doldrums. It would have been so easy to get tickets. Not like today.
  3. If you search for “sumo retirement song“ there’s a great recording made in the Kokugikan that is available online on SoundCloud. I feel it is very apropos, and I have been playing it to honor Shobushi’s memory. Talked with my young daughter about his passing and his 13 years in Sumo without Ever rising above Sandanme. Her initial response was “that’s sad”. Then I encouraged her to have a closer look at all those white circles and black circles. Encouraged her to think about all the training they represented; what he would have done to get ready for each of those fights. Encouraged her to look at those records. Especially the 1-6s, the 2-5s, and even the 0-7 in 2014. All those times he could have become discouraged and hung it up. Many would have. But he didn’t quit. He kept fighting and never gave up. Winning records followed losing ones. More training. More dedication. Despite never turning pro and never earning fame, he kept doing the thing he obviously loved. Her appraisal in the end? “He was awesome”. Thank you, Shobushi Kanji for teaching my daughter an important life lesson with the life you led.
  4. Very sad news. 28 is way too young. RIP.
  5. since_94

    Oonokuni Discussion

    Really excellent analysis from Sasanishiki above
  6. since_94

    Oonokuni Discussion

    I agree. Perseverance and fortitude should trump "upholding the dignity of the rank" (which really means "preserving the mystique") in my book.
  7. since_94

    Oonokuni Discussion

    I have seen Shibatayama oyakata at the Kokugikan a couple of times. He’s still an imposing figure, but somewhat hobbled by injuries or maybe just age, he lumbers around with a walking cane. Hope I can meet him one day when tournaments resume. No real stories from me, but someone posted a great one recently about an encounter with him in a deserted hanamichi after a much needed victory which saw him blanched, with bluish lips, and very much relieved to be able to answer those who said he was a weak Yokozuna.
  8. since_94

    General Corona Banter

    Taiwan neither imposed lockdown nor has done widespread testing. Taiwan was proactive, warning the WHO (although this warning went unacknowledged and unheeded), cutting off the borders to travelers from China early, delaying the start of the spring school semester by two weeks, promoting hand washing and social distancing, rationing masks and sanitizer and ensuring an organized and fair distribution mechanism for both based on ID numbers, conducting body temperature checks at public facilities, hospitals etc. Taiwan did learn hard lessons from SARS in 2003. The government has been very adept about tracing back contacts and movements of infected persons and isolating potentially infected persons. It would impress any forensic detective or epidemiologist. I live in Taiwan and I was here for SARS, too. We haven’t had any new cases in 6 days now.
  9. since_94

    NHK Commentator Kariya Retires

    The Onokuni story is wonderful. Thanks, OP!
  10. since_94

    Toyonoshima intai

    I will miss seeing the smiling family man mount the dohyo. He’s long been a fixture in the sumo world and I am a fan. best of luck to the new oyakata.
  11. since_94

    Hakkiyoi! Ozumo promotion song

    If you can watch the video Akinomaki posted without smiling, even in these dark days of virus and no sumo, you’re a genuine hard case stoic
  12. since_94

    Araiso activities

    Araiso oyakata looks absolutely dashing in a suit and tie. Like the Japanese James Bond or something
  13. since_94

    Videos Haru 2020 - Days 1-15

    Hakkaku. The man has some gravitas.
  14. since_94

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Disappointed with the musubi no ichiban result, but great basho. Miraculous to get this one in the books.
  15. since_94

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Can somebody tell us the last time we had two Yokozuna going head to head for the yusho on day 15? Seems like years...