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  1. I really appreciate the feedback from everyone, it's my first time and just learning how to maximize for the best experience.. Is there any way to purchase an opportunity to meet one of the Yokozuna (i.e. Hakuho or Kisenosato)? Or where we can go to possibly see them walk by? Thank you again!
  2. Ah, so bummed though and feel like we got scammed, I wanted our first experience to be Ringside (or at very least Box A)..
  3. So to be clear, these are not ringside but these are Box B?
  4. Seats attached, please can someone let me know and thank you! Jesse
  5. I purchased these tickets (attached) to the Spring Basho - Very excited as it is my first time watching sumo live and I have wanted to go to a tournament for years. A few questions - I was told that the attached tickets purchased are Ringside.. Can someone please verify if these really are ringside and where I will be sitting exactly? Also, is it likely that both Hakuho and Kisenosato will be fighting in May? Thank you!