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  1. Cammy

    Happy Birthday, Cammy!

    Thanks guys...and the picture is great. :-)
  2. Cammy

    My turn at a movie quiz

    Ok well I have not been on in a long time, and thought I would have some fun with the movie quiz...some kinda hard one's but nothing to bad. Alright everyone have fun.
  3. Cammy

    My turn at a movie quiz

    Well alright everyone figured them out...I guess next time I will have to make it a little bit harder.
  4. Cammy

    Star Trek meets the Lord of the Rings

    Oh I love that video...the look on George's face is great.
  5. Cammy

    Happy Birthday, Taizeniki!

    Happy Birthday (Clapping wildly...) (Holiday feeling...)
  6. Cammy

    My turn at a movie quiz

    I didn't look at all the movies that everyone else had put up, I just saw a few and starting making one myself...didn't know how many people had see Pi...and yeah it is Michael Caine...but what movie is it?
  7. Cammy

    My turn at a movie quiz

    You are right on all of them...I thought Bubba Ho-Tep was going to cause a hard time...I was wrong. Alright 2, 5 and 7 togo.
  8. Cammy

    Star Trek meets the Lord of the Rings

    that video was just wrong...i am kinda scared now.
  9. Cammy

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome to the forum...kinda late but hello.
  10. Cammy

    Happy birthday Tony!

    Happy birthday ;-) , like I always say have fun...but not to much...just try and remeber everything.
  11. Cammy

    For Women Only Sumo Book

    That cover isn't is just very happy ;-) Interesting read...we all know why you want to read it (Kimura Zatoichi...) Just kidding it actually does sound like a good read.
  12. Cammy

    Tamanoi Blog

    What about "Sheriff Shaq?" The Stupendous Sheriffs: Shaq and Shib Oh man I forgot about the very scary Shaq attack that is a hard choice...which one to be more scared of.
  13. Cammy

    Tamanoi Blog

    Shibuya the scariest cop ever (Showing respect...)
  14. Cammy

    2.2.0 Feedback

    So far from what I have seen I really like it, granted I haven't been on in some time, but I am enjoying it.
  15. Cammy


    Well it didn't really hurt...but it sucked. I am a server, and I was heading back to the kitchen with a full tray of dirty dishes, and when I go to kick the swinging door open(when I kick the door I really kick the door...mostly for fun) and when i did this, I was balancing a very heavy try, and only standing on one leg...well the mat that was on the floor slid when I kicked the there I go falling on my ass...only broke a few things on the tray...but enough people in the bar saw me that sucked. Then at my last job I had 3 boxes of potatoes stacked on top of each other, so in all about 150 pounds...not to bad, but the only thing is, that I am 5 foot 6 I can't really see to well, and I trip on a ledge, and go chest first into the boxes...alittle brusing, but nothing major.
  16. Cammy

    Tamanoi Blog

    I don't know why, but BBQ squid....kinda sounds good. Also that knife is huge.
  17. Cammy

    The Kyokushuzan Code

    JT and sumo go hand and hand (Dohyo-iri...)
  18. Cammy

    Tamanoi Blog

    Is it going a little slow at the Tamanoi blog? Also I really want one of those Tamanoi Records shirts...they are awesome.
  19. Cammy

    Sumo rocks

    Wow that picture is strange. (Dancing of joy...)
  20. Cammy

    King Kong

    I like that the guy with the nose...his name is Adrien Brody.
  21. Cammy

    Funny message :)

    Ahhhhhhhh well the town has grown since then, but not really a whole lot.
  22. Cammy

    Tamanoi Blog

    The shades are great :-( Like the_mind I also find it odd that Amanowaka isn't doing anything funny.
  23. Cammy

    Funny message :)

    So you know how much fun this is, I have lived here for 21 years...yeah I will be happy when I graduate with my Business Degree, and can try to find a new place to live. How long ago has it been since you have been to Cookeville?
  24. Cammy

    Japanese wife and mobylettes

    I would love to find a nice Japanese girl, but in Cookeville, Tn there aren't that many :-( , there are some that go to my college. I just need to move to Japan. :-D
  25. Cammy

    Funny message :)

    Ok this is very odd. (Nodding yes...) I am from Cookeville, Tn...and jail is probably way more fun then this town.