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  1. On 26/05/2019 at 21:44, Kintamayama said:

    It’s a Hebrew song as well sung during Hanukkah. music is Hendel's Judas Maccabaeus, who is the hero of Hanukka, BTW. Hebrew lyrics written in 1936. Every toddler here knows it.



    It was played at the undokai at my son’s school, so I am supposing it is used for a variety of celebratory sports occasions in Japan.

    Handel’s original has a nice, high horn duet after the first vocal statement:


    I have several friends in the koku jieitai central band, and it’s nice to hear them when it is that group’s turn to play (I could be misrembering, but I believe the honor, in the Tokyo basho, rotates between the Tokyo based bands of the three self defense force branches).


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  2. 8 minutes ago, Gurowake said:

    The Kyokai web page that normally displays the prizes has changed in the last few minutes from "Please wait for the update" to claiming that no prizes were awarded.  Given that Asanoyama practically *has* to have been given one, I'm skeptical.

    The Kyokai ‘Grand Sumo’ app still says ‘to be announced.’

  3. 9 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    Really? I watched him closely today and I think he's doing an excellent job.

    He’s getting better and better, to my eye, but I really enjoyed Satonofuji’s style. One of my favorite ‘Kokugikan moments’ was happening to run across him (Satonofuji, I mean) while leaving. He seemed a bit surprised that a foreigner knew his name (well, shikona) and was kind enough to allow me to take a photo with him. 

    I still make a point to check on his results (3-2, as of today, at Jonidan #77).

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  4. 48 minutes ago, robnplunder said:

    With all due respect to people who posted about Tenno in this thread, you do realize that this is an international forum where there are members who don't look kindly upon what Japanese Emperor family stood for until the end of WWII.   Millions of people were killed in the name of Tenno.    When Tenno appeared in this thread, I stayed away from posting cynical remark until your post above.   You should read about the other side of what Japanese Emperor line stood for.   Start with The Rape of Nanjing which some Japaneses still deny it happened.

    All that (i.e. both posts) seems pretty far afield from the original idea of there being something unseemly about making fun of the looks of an elderly woman (or man); also not that it matters,  but I believe she wasn’t even a teenager when WWII ended (or a member of the Imperial family at that time)...

  5. 3 hours ago, since_94 said:

    Yes, Harumafuji is sorely missed. As is Ura. Even Terunofuji, in his role as the towering, scowling villain. Now, remove Mitakeumi, Tochinoshin, Kakuryu, and Kisenosato from the picture, and you can see how watching this tournament pales in comparison to watching all those guys compete on the same day. If Ikioi is really hurt as someone mentioned, I'll be gutted.

    Ikioi is my son’s favorite (he will even pause from playing with his Ultramen when Ikioi is on the TV; even Hakuho is usually only graced with partial attention), thus the concern in our home is great. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, YoungSumo said:

    A henka in such a big time bout is robbing the fans in my opinion. He's allowed to use it but shouldn't be surprising people aren't happy with it.

    That's it for me; Tochinoshin is one of my favorite rikishi and I was looking forward to a great match. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Tsubame said:

    I would be heavily disappointed by Goeido's performance today, if my expectations for him weren't already on the lower end... :-/

    My whole family was pretty annoyed* by that bout; my son, in that way five year olds sometimes do, picked up on mom and dad's mood and announced "I think that Goeido guy is my enemy."

    *Our mood matched the look on Tochinoshin's face. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Thundersnow said:

    Holy cow, the book's in English? We need a title, please. Must read. Well, maybe hthe earlier poster put it up and I missed it...

    It is available in an English translation! This book and Sharnoff's 'Grand Sumo,' along with the forum, were my 'gateways.'


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  9. 5 hours ago, orandashoho said:

    Moto-tate-yobidashi Hideo Yamaki tells in his interesting little book of the "temochi" or cheat sheet that the yobidashi carry in their left hand. This is the cut-pasted rolled-up torikumi of the day that is handed from one yobidashi to the next with the done bouts trimmed off. The yobidashi looks at it before mounting the dohyo and can take a sneak peek at it while they're up there.

    I enjoyed that book very much, there is also a passage were the author admits even he doesn't know why they use fans. 

    I quite enjoy going to the early matches; as much to hear some of the younger yobidashi, several of whom have really powerful and beautiful announcing styles, as to see the 'up and comers.'


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  10. Breaking on TV and the papers:


    "Councilors of the Japan Sumo Association have demoted stablemaster Takanohana from the post of director over his handling of an assault scandal.

    In October, Yokozuna Grand Champion Harumafuji hit and injured a fellow Mongolian wrestler, Takanoiwa, during a night out drinking. Harumafuji retired from sumo the following month.

    The board of directors of the association last week unanimously decided to recommend that Takanoiwa's stablemaster, Takanohana, be removed from his post as a director of the association.

    The board cited Takanohana's repeated failure to cooperate with its internal investigation, despite reporting the assault to police.

    An extraordinary meeting of the association's key decision-making body on Thursday unanimously agreed to remove Takanohana as director and demote him.

    The chair of the council, former senior vice education minister Yasuko Ikenobo, told reporters that Takanohana had failed to report on the assault to the association and refused to cooperate with its internal investigation.

    She said Takanohana's actions are unacceptable as a director of a public-interest corporation and that he neglected his duties.

    It was the first time that a director of the association has been removed.

    Ikenobo said Takanohana reportedly expressed his acceptance of the dismissal."

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  11. Hello, I am an American living in western Tokyo. My first experience watching sumo intently was this year's hatsubasho; my wife and I had taken her father and mother for his birthday. My wife had followed sumo quite a bit in her younger days (her favorite rikishi was Chiyonofuji) but she had not paid close attention to the sport in years. We were hooked, or in her case a former interest was rekindled, and were fortunate enough to also get tickets for the second Sunday of the recently wrapped up basho. 

    We are both big fans of Kisenosato and Takayasu - a side effect  to having discovered/rediscovered our interest during their recent runs, no doubt, also my wife is from Edogawa and she enjoys the connection with the heya location. I am also a big fan of Tochinoshin and Ishiura (and of course admire Hakuho's peerless skill); my young son has taken a liking to Ikioi.  In a more casual way we follow the results of Satonofuji - we developed an interest in the fellow we watch performing the Yumitori-shiki. In any case we never miss a day of a basho and one of my real joys is getting home from work and watching the coverage on NHK.

    I am grateful to have found this site with its bounty of information and insight and it's love for Sumo and I look forward to continuing to add to my understanding and appreciation of the sport.


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