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  1. RPedro44

    2019 Sumo Gaming World Championships: The Visuals

    What is the criteria you have used for the "Oracle Projections" on Day 2? Not complaining or criticizing in any way. Just curiosity. PS: Also nothing to do with me being on last place on Day 2
  2. RPedro44

    Preparations of the masses- Kyushu 2019

    No Ichinojo on Day 1 & 2 schedule, so he definitly didn't recover. Only absence in top 2 divisions.
  3. Indeed. I need to get rid of that guy. Btw, this was a great reading, expecially the first part regarding Mitakeumi.
  4. Just above "Yokozuna Update" it should say Takayasu and not Takakeisho. John must fire the undergraduated that reviewed the text.
  5. RPedro44

    New recruits for 2019 Kyushu

    Is there a "Naya 1"?
  6. RPedro44

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    I'm struggling to understand why it is so difficult to get ride of an unwanted rikishi and that is because i have no idea about their contract situation. If someone could clarify the points below i would be gratefull. Dividing in 2, between NSK and Oyakata. NSK: 1 - Do rikishi have a working contract with NSK and if yes, are they permanent employees or have temporary contracts like in other sports such as Football? 2 - Can't NSK just terminate the contract with the rikishi and pay the compensation? In case of a temp contract, they can pay the remaining months until it finishis and for permanent contracts, whatever the law says. 3 - Can NSK ban a rikishi to participate in the Bashos and therefore make him drop the salary ranks and help force a volunteer retirement? Oyakata / Heya 1 - Is the rikishi an employee of the heya or Oyakata and therefore contracts can be terminated? 2 - Can the rikishi be banned from entering the heya and with this not allowed to train? 3 - Can the Oyakata submit kyujo for the bashos at his own discretion and therefore make the rikishi go down the rankings, out of salary level and to the bottom of the hierarchy at the heya? Some of the above points would be considered harrasement at workplace in many countries and could lead to legal procedures. Don't know if the same happens in Japan.
  7. RPedro44

    Rikishi Status Aki 2019 - Day 8 Late

    Permanent injury or decided to leave?
  8. RPedro44

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    You need to have a word with the YDC (ok. He was Ozeki, not Yok). There is a limit on the quality of the rikishi you are allowed to lose too. Because "quality" is a very subjective word, of course it depends from person to person. For me is not acceptable to lose against those 3 in the same basho. For other people, maybe they would consider not acceptable for him to lose against 3 juryu in same basho, but believe everyone should have a limit. For sure if a non-injured Hakuho starts losing all the time with makushita or lower, even if that is in trainning, people are going to ask for his head.
  9. RPedro44

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    There is a difference on the quality of the rikishi he lost back then and the ones losing now. A former Ozeki losing to Enho, Sadanoumi or Shimanoumi? Not acceptable.
  10. RPedro44

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    It's clearly time for Kotoshogiku to retire. A former Ozeski that can't win as a mid-maegashira it means his body has had enough. One thing is to get a 6-9 as upper-maegashira when you have to fight all the top rikishi. No shame on that. Other thing is to lose like he has been doing and against the people he has lost. Hopefully he has some good sense and will retire by the end of the year. Toyonoshima can join him on the retire list. His body is long gone too.
  11. RPedro44

    Games Talk Aki 2019

    Interesting that from the 9 leaders on ISP, 8 went for Endo and lost with that henka Oh wait... I was one of them
  12. RPedro44

    BG record

    What is wrong with the guy? He seems to have a problem in the lower back which doesn't allow him to be straight. But there seems to be much more than that. Also, don't know if it was due to being nervous or in pain, but he looked to be mentally challenged (I'm not trying in any way to make a depreciative comment)
  13. RPedro44

    GTB Aki Basho 2019 - 98 entries , and RESULTS!!

    Cool. Didn't know you could do that. Thanks
  14. RPedro44

    Hakuho with heya attendants

    Did he actually said "My dream is to only to do the dohyo-iri one time with my heya mates"?
  15. RPedro44

    Terunofuji's health problems

    He seems to have inherit all the bandages from ex heya member Aminishiki.