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  1. Asapedroryu

    Early 2000s Classic Basho streams

    Those Eurosport highlights were how I started watching sumo in late 90s. Very happy if I can re-watch them. Will the streaming stay on your channel for watching later?
  2. Asapedroryu

    Chaingang Kyushu 2023

    Yeah, it was only as a joke. But I better stay quiet or they give me a 10 place penalty like in the F1. 2nd place good enough.
  3. Asapedroryu

    Chaingang Kyushu 2023

    Can I call a monoi for Konosuke interference?
  4. Asapedroryu

    Jason's All-Sumo Channel Contest (Game)

    He has been doing the game like that for ages. You basically can pick your team after Day 2 has finished or change your previous picks. I don't see the point and see it as unfair, but other people might think it is the correct way to do it...
  5. Asapedroryu

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    If he does win next basho with a 11-4 he will then have 5Y + 3D. That is better than any other non-yokozuna in history. That should be taken into consideration too when taking promotion. Also, if we are considering the D as yusho equivalent, I believe he is now the best Ozeki never promoted to Yok, with 3Y + 2D against Kaio with 4Y + 0D (results obtained at the rank of Ozeki). Not bad for someone that receives so much criticism.
  6. Asapedroryu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Aki 2023

    I'm joining the haters club too :) Great to see Shimanoumi winning 5 of last 6 bouts to stick it up to all the haters continuously talking trash about him. And he helped me winning the TTT game in the process, so he is now one of my favourites!
  7. Asapedroryu

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Aki 2023

    Special thanks to everyone's favourite rikishi Shimanoumi for giving me the win! Still trying to figure out why I didn't play this game on Day 14, but it didn't matter in the end.
  8. Asapedroryu

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    Yes, it was a reply. I've just sent it now as a new message.
  9. Asapedroryu

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    I've sent it last night. Can you pls double check in your messages?
  10. Asapedroryu

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    Damn USA draw eliminates me from the game and at the same time USA qualified for the next phase. That's a double loss. Having watched USA play for the 1st time in this tournament and I don't understand how they are the favourites.
  11. Asapedroryu

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    Need USA and Italy to win and France and England not to win. Seems doable :)
  12. Asapedroryu

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    Think you have already qualified following Nigeria's draw. I can't beat the goal difference if I win and Neko can't reach your points Now I need you to defeat Athenayama...
  13. Asapedroryu

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    From someone that doesn't play this game but was bored enough to read the full discussion... It's very easy to say some rule is unfair, doesn't make sense or any other sort of negative comment. But it's not that easy to offer an alternative rule to replace that one. On this discussion no one has offered an alternative rule to put in place (tossing a coin is obviously not a better one), so until then that makes me believe this is actually the best rule we can have for this situation.
  14. Asapedroryu

    Okinoumi retires

    What's the point of a 2nd bout if you are going to lose on purpose? Doesn't make for a great entertainment.
  15. Asapedroryu

    Basho absences Nagoya 2023

    He wanted to screw up people’s sumo games. There’s no other logical explanation. Maybe he is a secret player.