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  1. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    Sorry, but did you actually read the full thing or just looked at the last post and decided to reply to that? Same as my last answer to you. You are quoting out of context and saying things I've never written.
  2. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    The question was "How many Komosubi did players picked?". My answer, with the calculations of how i got there is on page 1. You seemed to have quoted something out of context.
  3. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    Depends on each individual opinion. In my view, the poll has 2 premises difficult to prove: 1 - All 100+ players that played gtb will participate in the poll and only those. 2 - That each player will vote exactly the same way they have played. When we do have the correct data in a few days, from where we can take the results with 100% accuracy, the poll doesn't look the easiest to me. Please note that I'm not saying this poll is stupid or doesn't make sense or any of that. So far, at least to me, it has given an interesting discussion and I've learnt something, so it is worthy.
  4. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    Are you saying the number I gave for Komosubi is wrong? In my view, what happened above or below the rank didn't impact my results. It could have had an impact, but it didn't. What would be the correct number of Komosubi, as per your analysis? There is a way to settle this and get the results 100% correct and not up for discussion, which is to open the individual results of the 100 players and check one by one. Any volunteers?
  5. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    7 Players picked Hokutofuji as K2E. From those, 5 left K2W blank, while 2 picked Asanoyama 8 Players picked Asanoyama as K2E. From those, 3 left K2W blank and 5 picked someone (all Hokutofuji, btw) From the above we know already that 7 players picked 4 Komosubi. To identify how many have picked 3 Komosubi, sum the K2W (27+3=30). From those 30 you need to deduct the 7 that picked 4K and you get to 23. From the analisys on the K2E above, we identified that there were 8 (5 Hoku + 3 Asa) that left K2W blank, so just need to add those 8 to the 23 and get the 31 previously mentioned. For the 2 Komosubi, just sum the 3K + 4K (31 + 7 = 38) and deduct from the total number of players (100). You will get 62 players as 2K (100 - 38 = 62) As Asashosakari mentions, that basho also had the sekiwake 2 or 3 issue, but that won't impact on the above analisys of the Komosubi.
  6. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    That was my initial question - "Can't we get the real data from the GTB" - Then the answer is No. Not until banzuke is released. Btw, results for Kyushu 19 were 62 with 2K, 31 with 3K and 7 with 4K
  7. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    Looking at the May one it shows that 1 player choosed 3 Komosubi (Takayasu as K2E) and another player choosed 4 (Ichinojo as K2E and Takayasu as K2W). If that was July, then the answer to your question would be from the 132 players, 130 choosed 2 K, 1 choosed 3 K and 1 choosed 4 K.
  8. Asapedroryu

    How many komusubi did you go for? (Nagoya GTB)

    Can't we get the real data from the GTB? First time in years i've played GTB, but remember in the past there was a chart that showed how many ppl picked what. Anyway, my guess of 2 seems in line with most ppl. Unless the ones voted are part of my 0 to 5 wins group.
  9. Asapedroryu

    Ajigawa beya?

    Even if Teru retires today, won't he be able to get a 5 years toshiyori and wait for July 2025 to then assume Isegahama kabu? Or I'm missing something here?
  10. Asapedroryu

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    So many statistics to show what we already knew, but some like to ignore. Tochinoshin is the worst ozeki in history and Goeido and Kotoshogiku's weren't that bad after all.
  11. Asapedroryu

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    Well, he is not wrong about this part. He is starting to look like Kaisei with his version A and B, but Oho is mostly on B
  12. Asapedroryu

    YDC Meeting Natsu 2022

    A man with no legs can also climb the highest mountain of them all....
  13. Asapedroryu

    YDC Meeting Natsu 2022

    Easy to say, but what was the alternative? Teru could have had Sadanoumi, but then who do you put against Takanosho? Only available rikishi with something to fight for were 7-7 Nishikigi and Shimanoumi. Even with a losing record an ozeki seems a better option to put against a yokozuna.
  14. Asapedroryu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    That's not good either. He should be neutral and not vote against his own rikishi so he can look good in other people eyes. In my view, if a head judge has 10 monoies involving his deshi or even family and in those 10 his rikishi won, he should vote in favour of the 10. Doing otherwise is just being unprofessional.
  15. Asapedroryu

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Natsu 2022

    These damn ozeki always kadoban. Trying to imitate the real life ones