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  1. Kathy

    YDC recommends Hakuhou promotion

    Does that include the current Miyagino Oyakata? What does this person look like...anyone have a picture or a link to a picture? Kathy
  2. Kathy

    How many in the USA watching this Basho?

    1. Where do you live? Brighton, IL USA 2. How are you watching it? (banzuke.com, satellite, cable, etc.) TV Japan through DISH 3. Cost of watching it? essentially $30 ($25 for the month and $5 to turn it off after Basho) 4. Do you stay up to watch it live, or record/watch the next day? Occasionally stay up to watch it, but usually watch the recording the nest day. It doesn't start until 2AM. Kathy DeShong Brighton, IL USA
  3. Kathy

    Day 8 Withdrawal

    I read a post by Joe Kuroda, Rikish Talk day 7, that Chiyotaikai said that his right shoulder hurt so much, he can't do any Tsupparis.
  4. Kathy

    Takanowaka withdrew

    I just read on the Grand Sumo Website that Takanowaka has withdrawn. Does anyone know why? Injury? Poor performance? Kathy
  5. Kathy

    No More English Sumo on NHK

    We wrote to TV Japan and this is the response we received: Dear Mr.& Mrs. DeShong, Thank you for your e-mail. We contacted NHK in Japan regarding bilingual broadcast for Grand Sumo tournaments after receiving your inquiry, and they told us that there was no such decision made by NHK and they would continue to add English audio to the Sumo tournaments. We also forwarded your comments to NHK in Japan to let them know how important the English audio is to non-Japanese speakers who enjoy watching Sumo every other month. If you have any further questions, please contact us again. Thank you for your subscription, TV JAPAN Customer Service 1-877-885-2726 M-F 9am-5pm (EST) 1-877-885-9378 7days 10am-6pm (PST) ----- Original Message ----- From: Doug <mailto:rawhide@ezL.com> To: TV JAPAN <mailto:tvjapan@tvjapan.net> ; TVJWEST@tvjapan.net <mailto:TVJWEST@tvjapan.net> Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 12:32 AM Subject: English Audio For Sumo Broadcasts Ladies/Gentlemen: I read a posting by Mr. Murray Johnson, who I believe is one of the English broadcasters for NHK, that the Sumo English Audio Broadcasts for may be discontinued? My wife and I spoke to TVJapan representatives while recently attending the Sumo Matches in Las Vegas ,NV. We were under the impression TVJapan was considering extending the broadcasts to include more matches and the traditional ceremonies. While I observed the TVJapan people surveying individuals from the crowd entering the arena, I felt this was an almost unanimous request of those individuals being questioned. Also, there was much support for "The Pancake Man", your own Mr. Dave Wiggins. Needless to say, the only way anyone knows about Mr. Wiggins is from listening to the English audio version of the Sumo broadcasts. Not only is he well known among Sumo watchers in the United States, I was surprised to talk to a gentleman from Hong Kong who was in Las Vegas for the Sumo who asked "if the Pancake Man was doing the announcements" for the Las Vegas matches. With all due respect, I must be honest with you. The sole reason I subscribe to TVJapan is for the English audio broadcasts of the Sumo Basho's held throughout Japan every other month. It would be most questionable for our household to pay the TVJapan subscription fee were the English audio discontinued. Sumo is just now beginning to catch on and is gaining in popularity in the United States. THe discontinuation of the English broadcasts would would deal a severe blow to popularity of Sumo & make further expansion of viewers in the United States literally impossible. I cannot urge you strongly enough to please continue the English broadcasts. We also enjoy Mr. Dave Wiggins the most of any announcer. Best Regards, Douglas DeShong Kathleen DeShong Brighton, Illinois. USA
  6. Kathy

    No More English Sumo on NHK

    tvjapan@tvjapan.net (New York) 1-877-885-2726 tvjwest@tvjapan.net (Los Angeles) 1-877-885-9378 What a loss if they actually do discontinue the English translation of the Basho. Kathy
  7. Kathy


    Has anyone heard how Tochiazuma scalded his abdomen? I noticed the mark even before the announcer commented that he scalded it. Kathy
  8. Kathy

    Las Vegas "Koen" thoughts...

    I agree. Konishiki did an excellent color commentary. The only thing I didn't like was "Are you for the East or the West?" Oh, I didn't like the singer that mutilated the National Anthem. The people that applauded for her were either glad she was almost finished singing or they didn't recognize the song! Kathy DeShong Brighton, IL
  9. Kathy

    Viva Las Vegas

    Don't know about the Bud, but it sure looks like Robo is getting his fill of the "humongous American steak." (Eating...)(Blushing...)(A sekitori...) :-S (Applauding...) A typical(?) "humongous American steak" He had the Budweiser, too. I think all of the rikishi seemed to enjoy the Las Vegas experience. I know I enjoyed the Sumo! Kathy
  10. Kathy

    Vegas Day 1

    Kintamayama and Jonasu, Are you both here in Las Vegas? My husband Doug and I are in Section 5 and are staying at the Mandalay Bay. I thought it was exciting to watch and makes me want to come to Japan even more for the Basho. Kathy
  11. Kathy

    NHK guests

    I don't know if they're going to Las Vegas or not, but Shiroikuma has a picture of Dave Wiggins (along with himself, Katrina, Riyo and the producer) on his website- http://shiroikuma.com/peiji/tourneys/2001/hatsubasho.htm And here's an article with a couple of pictures of Lynn Matsuoka- http://starbulletin.com/98/09/08/news/story5.html Dale <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks, Dale
  12. Hey what have you in mind (Eating...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Something that would look good on a T-shirt. He's my husband's favorite rikishi. Kathy
  13. Kathy

    NHK guests

    We have Clyde "The Prince of Darkness" Newton with Wiggins tonight. Too bad they cut away to a news story for most of the first half. I want the first half-hour of the sumo show back, damnit!!! Dale <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree! I want every minute of the 15 days of SUMO! I am looking forward to Las Vegas. Does anyone know if Lynn Matsuoso or Dave Wiggins will be in Las Vegas? It would be nice to put a face with the voice. Kathy