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  1. Thanks. I can find there about Nitta-sensei. Apparently, it was on the front page - would like to see the print version...
  2. Petr

    Another new committee-the Governance

    I can't think of anyone more suitable for this job: Professor of Japanese history and law Author of several sumo books - most recently Sumo no himitsu - which is not about what you think but about sumo technique An accomplished former student sumo wrestler and although his hair is completely white by now he is still an active coach - every week he puts on his mawashi to train the students (the deal with his concerned wife is that if one year he can't beat some of the newcomer students, he will stop wrestling and will instruct just from his zabuton) that's about all i can write here, i guess
  3. Petr

    East/West Japan student championships

    thanks for that, Kinta!
  4. Hey Mark, sorry for a very late response. (At least I'm writing this fully dressed.) Yea, I was saying something like that in the studio. Many thanks for everyone's input. You could hear your opinions from my mouth this Sat from 22:10 to 23:00 if it wasn't on BS1 which no one can probably view. P
  5. Yea, that makes sense. The recording of the program was yesterday. There were some opinions that for this to work, sumo would have to be restructured and change its face completely (which, according to some, needs to be done anyway) and do progressive marketing in the local areas. One more supportive opinion was that rural families wouldn't be afraid to let their son join Ozumo, if all the stables were'nt so far. I forgot when it will be broadcasted, put I'll post it when I know. (Don't expect much, though.)
  6. OFF TOPIC! Well, if I had known, I'd have bought you a beer (as I live in HK). Yea, I've noticed that in your avatar yesterday, that's why I added that note. Sorry, I should have noticed earlier.
  7. Very good points. Thank you, guys! (Petr from HK airport (boarding for Tokyo soon.))
  8. Many thanks for your precious and prompt responses. You articulated much better what I was only vaguely feeling just to summarize the main points: -negligible impact -breaking the support networks -necassary concentration to train -heya construction/land cost -further exclusion out of the modern urban society -Nishi, do you mean the having a sumo stable in every prefecture, the rikishi would enjoy more attention from local people than they get in Tokyo? I will inform you how it went (it's any experts disscusion as you can tell) and when it will be broadcasted. If you or anyone else has any other opinion on this, or generaly, sports for regional development, or problems of Japanese rural areas, please share!
  9. Hisashiburi, I have been invited to some program to discuss ozumo (and rural development) but since I know very little I would like to ask you esteemed sumo forum members for your opinions. As a step to revitalize Japanse rural areas and to bring young people back there, we should discuss in the program the possibility to move all sumo stables from Tokyo to various prefectures. I think that it's impossible and that young Japanese don't care about sumo anyway but I guess that that's not enough for a lively discussion. I would appreaciate to learn more educated opinions on this from the sumoforum experts. Thank you very much!
  10. Petr

    Butsukarigeiko without a human

    Sonkyo? Btw. butsukari-keiko, and particularly shiko is not just a strenght training. The form that needs to be practiced cannot be practiced with weights.
  11. Petr

    Butsukarigeiko without a human

    Alan was saying that this butsukari machine was his main training "partner". Shiroikuma constructed his own which is not on rails but slides around dohyou. He can adjust the weights he pushes. I sometimes use the rugby "scrum thing". Of course, it's not as close to sumo as human butsukari but appropriate humans are not always available and I like this more than weight training. I was officially allowed to use this machine during Futeno's visit to our university rugby club. I push it alone without any added weights.
  12. Petr

    Spring Time for New Recruits

    How did you do against him? As I said, he never went full out, but I am sure he was stronger than me. If use ask about some scores, I'm sorry, I can't provide that. There's no point counting wins at keiko anyway. (Otherwise, I would brag that I have once "beaten" Tochinoshin.)
  13. Petr

    Spring Time for New Recruits

    I was just thinking he looks as dorky as MassMedia, though admittedly a bit beefier.How well did you know him Petr? And despite his noncommittal decision, he sounds quite determined now that he's in. One to watch in the long run? I have sparred with him in about ten practices and used to meet him during college tournaments. Because of his injuries, I have never seen him go all out during a training. There are two rings at Nichidai: one for the lighweights and one for the elite. When I used to go there, he always practiced only in the light-weight ring with us.
  14. Petr

    Spring Time for New Recruits

    I didn't think he would join. A very nice guy, who behaves more like a college student than a rikishi. Hope he will do well despite his injuries.
  15. Petr

    Doping tests to start!

    World Anti-Doping Agency. Very interesting. This is the standard that amateur sumo works to as well. However, amasumo only randomly tests medal winners at the Sumo World Champs. There is no testing at other events (as far as I've found), nor out of competition testing. So, while there might be standards, part of the big issue is how widely those standards are applied and when. It will be interesting to see who, how, and when the ozumo rikishi will be tested. There are doping tests in Japanese college sumo, maybe similar system to the World Champs, not sure.