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  1. Jigoro

    Who is this?

    Thanks. Is that Takanohana's brother?
  2. Jigoro

    Who is this?

    Can anyone name the yokozuna pictured? Found the image browsing Google+ for sumo stuff. Impressive.
  3. Jigoro

    Local Sumo Customs

    Their shorts seem familiar... Is the mawashi a (relatively) modern addition?
  4. Anyone know of any College/University sumo clubs in the US? I'm a staff member at a Texas University, and it would be fun to start one. Has USA Sumo made any inroads in this area? Maybe partner with NCWA or AAU? I'm sure sumo is behind the 8-ball (meaning in a tough spot) due to its association with fat > unhealthy, etc. But better to have active fat people than inactive fat people, no? Maybe market it as a good off-season activity for football linemen...