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  1. maorencze

    Terunofuji's health problems

    Upper sandanme would be a blessing in disguise. Lower makushita to upper makushita is too big a step given all Teru's issues and lengthy absence. Would be much better for him to do "top sandanme - mid makushita - top makushita", because he could easily stick to mid-makushita for 1-2 more basho, get enough practice and get back. All in all I believe in him. Someone sooooo talented and blessed with such a body doesn't simply lose it (if not for debilitating injury), it just takes very long to get most of it (though most likely not all of it) back. For reference from other sports, see Grant Hill (NBA) - superstar to reliable starter is a dropoff, but not that big, akin to Ozeki to mid-maegashira.
  2. maorencze

    Araiso-oyakata plans NFL training methods

    That breakthrough is exactly what I suppose is going to be the most useful. Max results with min. effort needed means more time for regeneration, and if you couple that with some "lessons in healthcare" taken from NFL textbooks, this could bring interesting results. Still, nothing will help if the NSK doesn't at least reassess the amount of jungyo days during the year - too much wear and tear accumulated and no time left to heal
  3. maorencze

    Araiso-oyakata plans NFL training methods

    Oh boy, did this thread venture off topic! Guys, how about discussing Araiso-oyakata and his plans to use different training methods for a change?
  4. maorencze

    Araiso-oyakata plans NFL training methods

    Best thing about this - - this movie I love about American football, they do the exact opposite in hiring a sumo wrestler to play lineman during players' strike. That's what actually inspired me to get back to following sumo, the idea of rikishi being strong and capable enough to compete with NFL-level linemen. But anyways, both directions of knowledge sharing make sense, linemen and rikishi both have very similar goals - to push other people out of their desired position, and to do this at short intervals of play while being as explosive as possible during these intervals, so the strength training and conditioning of linemen in NFL/NCAA should be quite useful thing to do for sumo. I mean, just look at James Harrison's training videos, the guy is strong as f*ck, and has maintained this level of power well into his 30s. So, while the NFL/NCAA methods for american football might not be of much use teaching proper technique (especially yotsu-wise), as far as strength/conditioning, regeneration and maybe some pushing moves go the NFL/NCAA methods could be very useful.
  5. maorencze

    Araiso-oyakata plans NFL training methods

    No you're not, NFL has one of the most comprehensive and thorough PED-controlling procedures to be seen
  6. maorencze

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    Seeing that photo, this Ukrainian newbie looks positively huge. Now let's see if he got skills
  7. maorencze

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    So it's much older then, not exactly Oct 2018. Thanks for helping, though it's not the good news we'd probably like to hear, it's good to know.
  8. maorencze

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    Is that Brodi on this video? Anybody knows how old is this? Date of publishing on YT is Oct 2018 but it sure can be older. If Oct 2018 is correct though, it would seem like Brodi has gotten back to sumo, amateur at least.
  9. maorencze

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    After catching up to all 3 days in one go (highlights, thanks Kintamayama for doing this for us!), I got one question: WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. HAPPENING. THERE?!
  10. maorencze

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    Then my apology is doubled, sorry for misunderstanding. And, well, to be honest, not sure about his circumstances but Homarenishiki being a surefire sekitori seemed like a stretch to me too. Then again, my opinion about his qualities was based on those videos as well, so it probably holds merit just "as is", i.e. as subjective opinion of individual sumo fan.
  11. maorencze

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    It somehow comes off as you being totally OK with bullying people just because they don't go up quickly enough. Might just be my imagination, I hope so, if I'm wrong then I'm truly sorry for misinterpreting your intent. In general, every person is different and heyas pretty much as well. Takanoyama and Amuuru took quite long way up and if I take away from Takanoyama's interviews, he never complained and accepted harsh treatment he was sometimes subjected to as given, but then the treatment in his heya could have been quite different (meaning easier) to Nishikido. And then there is Masutoo, Orora and possibly others I'm forgetting, and it doesn't seem like they've had such issues. Surely we don't see into their heads and hearts, and we'll never know what lead to The incident, but with this heya having such rare aftermath of Brodi leaving I'm willing to bet on Nishikido-beya being a bad environment, weird stories about oyakata and a load of dismissals due to bad behaviour included.
  12. maorencze


    Way I look at it, noone forced him to punch people, especially after what HE went through, his situation being a start of big changes and all. So not sure what was beyond his control, and given the multiple reports about his character, I can't bring myself to pity him.
  13. maorencze

    The best fight ever?

    Was it last year? That day 15 bout Hakuho-Harumafuji where Hakuho won by dismantling a valiantly struggling Harumafuji's grip in technically flawless and beautiful manner? That would be my candidate
  14. maorencze

    Takayoshitoshi scandal

    Unless Takanohana knew that by the time the shikona is adopted, Takanoiwa shall show the world how it's done, mwa ha ha! Still better than Reddit, but I definitely agree, tin foil sure seems to be getting short in supply with some recent posts...
  15. maorencze

    Question Concerning Rank

    Let's wait a few more before verdict on Tochinoshin. Maybe his body won't be up to it, though it got him that far (but only that far is not enough, for sure). I for one still believe, but he needs to get his act together. That said, Tochi's power-bouts are a thing of beauty, and when Tochi is at his best/strongest, quality of content is higher and his sumo far more entertaining than rather no-taste-no-smell Goeido style (though even he is very effective when at his best, 15-0 speaks volumes).