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  1. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Do I indeed... 8-) Even lawyers have hobbies besides sucking money and blood out of unfortunate victims, ya know
  2. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Wilder is too long and too fast, Joshua dont stand a chance. As for tsuna run, if Tochinoshin follows by 13-2Y and gets promoted I swear I'll eat my boxing gloves
  3. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    For that bull-rushing to work against sekitori he would need more mass, but then he would compromise his stability, therefore ending up somewhat hikiotoshi/hatakikomi prone And to others - we shall probably see more Ozeki runs than serious tsuna runs, but that's normal. Also, someone must win those yusho and I'm willing to bet that being good over 3 basho in a timespan when noone really stands out may be enough to win one and then jun-yusho two with like 13-2, and that just barely could be enough (like, 13-2J, 14-1Y, 13-2J, with one of those possible doten loss)
  4. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    But will the bulk really help? I'd be worried then about his stability (similar problems to Takakeisho, being a bit prone to hatakikomi/hikiotoshi, could come). Also, he is REALLY small, I'm afraid that too small... But entertaining he is, and a good wrestler, technician and all, I presume Maegashira 4-6 as average career rank, with lower sany'aku peak
  5. YDC convenes- Hatsu 2018

    Seems likely...or maybe any of the Ozekis or young hopes, more like "you fight our way and let yourself get beaten so we got reason to start attacking you for real" Wouldn't be much surprised if he finished 12-3J fighting "ideal yokozuna sumo" and they started to call him up, demanding more than this, or else!
  6. YDC convenes- Hatsu 2018

    So in essence: "Kise, you're our babyboy, favorite kid, do as you like" "Kaku, you did good, we never expected more, just please try to keep on doing at least a little more than this" "Hak, we don't care about you, we hate you, we shall throw dung at you no matter what you do" - more of an effort? Apart from Harumafuji, Hak was the only one showing up recently
  7. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Seems to me Hokutofuji has health trouble quite often, I hope he doesn't end up being new Ikioi - nothing bad in itself, but he has much higher ceiling (as Ikioi had like 3-5yrs ago, I believe) Actually all of them have a collection of minor (or slightly more than minor) ailments and while it's the same for the old guard, veterans learnt how to adjust already (those that have results, at least), so that's probably what they have to go through and learn how to cope with it to be able to challenge the top spots
  8. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    I'm with you on him - Enho may prove to be too small I'm afraid, Makuuchi for sure but then the ceiling is a big question mark and I'd say that Mainoumi/Toyonoshima is the best he can hope for (more probably Satoyama/Ishiura)
  9. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    From first 10 days of Hatsu, I would dare disagree with "not that good" - what he shown was a miracle, defeating even almost undefeatable (during Hatsu) eventual basho winner @Asashosakari would you care to give here an educated guess for next Ozeki instead? Well, let's see how he copes with needing to return to body-demanding style of sumo to please YDC, no kachiage, no nekodamashi, no slap-sidestep-grab, none of those, or any of the others (as Bernard Black would say). From what I've seen during Hatsu and from skipping through Kinta's videos from last 10 basho where Hak was in attendance, it seems pretty obvious he can't do this the way he did in 2010-2014 anymore, his body is just not fully up to task. But I'll gladly stand corrected
  10. First new Yokozuna during 2018-2019

    Great answer, thanks for insight. I had "time off" since Eurosport stopped broadcasting till returning via Kintamayama's videos in 2013, so this is my first time seeing such interesting times, and being able to confront my "belief in this timespan" with experience of someone who saw similar things before unravel quite differently from my vision is very worthy, thanks again
  11. As the situation looks to me, 2018-2019 are THE years to get tsuna. Why? - Kisenosato seems irreparable, Kakuryu seems eternally bothered by a pile of minor health issues - Hakuho, switching from his specific ways of how to bypass his age/health limitations (as I perceived changes in his style) to please YDC, is showing that his recent health trouble (5 basho kyujo out of last 15) are clearly affecting his abilities and are here to stay - Goeido is...well...Goeido - Rest of the lineup is full of young hopes, old guard nearing the end of the road (hello Takekaze, but Yoshikaze, Kotoshogiku and Tamawashi as well, just not that near) and "middle-aged" sekitori that peaked at their current level and don't seem to have any more to offer (Arawashi, Takarafuji, Kaisei, Ishiura etc.) So question is: Who do you see as the most likely first new Yokozuna of 2018-2019 transition time? And since we already got into this, what are your choices for other possible Y/O promotees during this timespan?
  12. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    OK, you convinced me I was just hoping, you know, for it seems that 2018/2019 is the time to get tsuna, if there ever was one - two yoks halfway to retirement, third showing first cracks received from Father Time, one Ozeki barely worth his title...when else to get it if not in next 10-12 basho?
  13. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Well, given Kisenosato's situation and doubtful health of Kakuryu... Even Hakuho has had his share of minor health struggles recently, and non of them is getting any younger
  14. Kisenosato-"I'm putting everything on the line!"

    While some of us are wondering why space invaders used his look to mimic a sekitori for their zensho-yusho trial
  15. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Would 13-2 with playoff loss crack it? I'd say that then they would have to take entire three basho span into consideration-or wouldn't they?