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  1. maorencze

    Preparation of the Y/O- Aki 2023

    He just mixed the order of those two letters, common mistake
  2. maorencze

    The end?

    Works just fine in Czechia
  3. maorencze

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Two yusho is two yusho, is two yusho, is two yusho, or is it not? If Takakeisho goes D-Y-Y, how could they justify denying him promotion, number of wins be damned? Makes no sense, really, "back-to-back yusho or equivalent", in case of D-Y-Y its back-to-back-to-back,, really, what more?
  4. maorencze

    Ex-Takanoyama emerges

    Beats me, but he said he caught quite a lot of flak from her
  5. Thank you sir, you shirley have made my day a bit brighter!
  6. maorencze

    Ex-Takanoyama emerges

    Interesting content in following interview (not on YouTube, available in Czech only, via the website of largest Czech sports news outlet). Seems like Takanoyama was quite under fire from his stable's okamisan after the death of his shisho, she blamed him for her husband's death. What is left unsaid but seemed quite obvious was that this pressure ultimately bore heavy influence on Takanoyama's decision to leave Japan for good. He also talked about his scandal with extramarital baby, said he planned on retiring to save face of his stable, but his shisho convinced him otherwise. Those two issues stood out the most to me from that interview (approx. 40mins long)
  7. Spotting 6 mistakes in my own entry after going through this entry again two days later does NOT predict very good result...I guess there's no use crying over spilt milk, though how exactly could I have made those mistakes goes beyond me. Seems like starting from bottom of banzuke with your entry only takes you so far (if you're a moron like me at least)
  8. maorencze

    TORCHBEARER 2022: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Thank you Shimodahito for invite. Let's go with Enho, J10E (rank I suspect Enho will hold at last banzuke of 2022)
  9. maorencze

    Results GTB- Kyushu Basho 2021- 139 entries, 11 newbies

    There was a whole stretch that was difficult to place exactly, due to "where to put Asanoyama, Takayasu, Hoshoryu, Hokutofuji, Kotonowaka, Ishiura" question, that had direct influence on placement of Chiyoshoma and Terutsuyoshi, and also Shimanoumi and Kotoeko (and to a degree Chiyonokuni). Overpromote or overdemote? Not that many clear candidates to any one spot IMHO. But its likely thats just me overthinking and overcomplicating things.
  10. maorencze

    Results GTB- Kyushu Basho 2021- 139 entries, 11 newbies

    Oh boy, this...THIS Clusterf*@k !!! M6 through M18 is a total crapshoot (and that's assuming NSK dont go 3+ Sekiwake and/or 3+ Komusubi) Hoping for a kachikoshi
  11. maorencze

    Aki 2021-GTB - RESULTS!! - 140 entries (22 newbies)

    34 points...well, for this mess of a banzuke I'll take it gladly (8-7 result with that ) I think Mitoryu will be busy inventing new expletives in several languages for next few days...I would be, if I were in his place
  12. maorencze

    Hiro Morita Basho Review and opinions

    I think noone would suspect a politicion of doing his job well, anywhere, anytime
  13. maorencze

    Ichinojo in 2021 - has his inner fire been relit?

    Agreed, but this is a) fun, b) more probable than trying to win lottery, c) fun
  14. maorencze

    Ichinojo in 2021 - has his inner fire been relit?

    I second that, same opinion. I say 01/21 9-6, 03/21 7-8, 05/21 8-7, 07/21 6-9, 09/21 11-4, 11/21 7-8
  15. maorencze

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Terunofuji was great today, I consider this win of Takayasu as a serious candidate for fight of the year, reeeally great sumo by both men full of pride and wishing to prove their Ozeki stints were deserved and distinguished (and not to be remembered by just the respective ends of those stints) And Tochinoshin, dear god! That was a MOTHER of all kachiage! He did lose the bout, but that impact might have been heard back in Beijing and Honolulu!