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  1. Well, I don't mean to offend anyone, because I don't know who he is. but whoever torbayama tikitaka is he must have done terrible, 23 points. is that a record for lows? I did bad too. 30 points. I think the lowest (since haru 2005) was Abe and Sushisakura (both new I think (at the time(parenthesis in a parenthesis, inception.)), with 11.
  2. PawnSums

    Banzuke Natsu 2017

    good morning to you too.
  3. PawnSums

    Banzuke Natsu 2017

    Ah, but I watch @Kintamayama's youtube videos.
  4. PawnSums

    Banzuke Natsu 2017

    Break that record! break that record!
  5. I really hate waking up to news like this. (No I did not just wake up, I just didn't use the computer) He was my dad's favorite, if only he could have lived at least a few more years to become the longest living yokozuna. ( I know this symbol has probably lost meaning due to the fact that I use it so much, but I just can not take this news.) R.I.P. Sadanoyama, may he win many more bouts against the sumo ghosts.
  6. PawnSums

    Banzuke Natsu 2017

    I know. but one day it will! (Evil Laughter...)
  7. PawnSums

    Banzuke Natsu 2017

    not in ohio.
  8. PawnSums

    Banzuke Natsu 2017

    Wasn't this supposed to come out tomorrow? why is everything happening today that should be happening tomorrow? did they cancel may 1st?
  9. PawnSums

    2017 Hatsu & Haru Yusho Portraits - Kisenosato

    So if a ozeki is promoted with a yusho, when they get the portrait took, they don't wear tsuna?
  10. PawnSums

    New recruits for Natsu 2017

    is it during the basho or right after the banzuke comes out that we see even more recruits?
  11. PawnSums

    Haru jungyo 2017

    Why would he try to lose weight if he wants to gain it back?
  12. Sometimes, when I click "like" on a post it says "You are Not allowed to Give Reputation to this User." why Is this?
  13. PawnSums

    Trivia bits

    He's from the 1920's, I think.
  14. PawnSums

    Akebono gravely ill (activities thread)

    I'm no doctor, but from what I have heard, a medically induced coma pretty much spells death.
  15. PawnSums

    Sumo Art

    that's musashimaru.
  16. PawnSums

    Harumafuji Birthday

    Well, happy birthday harumafuji!
  17. PawnSums

    Harumafuji In May.

    I know there's probably another poll for this already, but: EDIT: accidentally did not include 14-1 so if you think so choose 15-0 any say 14-1 in comments. (Or tell me how to edit poll)
  18. PawnSums

    Potential Forum Meeting May 2017, updated to May 2019..

    Just so you know, do not expect me there.
  19. Are you really 102?

    1. Andonishiki


      are you going to play benchsumo?

      our team Sakura would need new blood :)

    2. PawnSums


      yes, how do I contact?

    3. Andonishiki


      im afraid registratiin deadline was friday :((

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  20. follow the leader!

  21. PawnSums

    Went to eat sushi today and guess who I found...

    Bald asashoryu? Or did Kashiwado Risuke come back to life?
  22. PawnSums

    Bench Sumo news

    EDIT: Also can I play bench sumo?
  23. PawnSums

    This makes no sense

    Ok, that was dumb on my part. Back to discussion, It's a very mysterious mystery.