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  1. Omg I was giving up hope that kisenosato is going to lose against Terunofuji. But after I heard he won the first one open my eyes and wasn't much hope on play off. Then he won again! I'm gobsmacked and so happy he won with his guts and spirit. Well done Kisenosato! 

  2. 1 hour ago, Frakazu said:

    Hi... Welcome

    Kisenosato: Good choioce

    Thank you :-) I just like his style of sumo especially after win of  his Expressionless. He always turned around after drop or push out the Opponent :-) To me that's a Yokozuna style should be ;-) I do like Terunofuji, Goeido and Kakuryu too, But on the Recent Basho they didn't do too well. Hope they'll do well on the next Basho in March, but for now I want Kisenosato to have his first win as Yokozuna :-D

  3. Hi I'm from Australia and new to Sumo sports world. My sumo interest is all started from reading "Hinomaru-Zumou" Manga. Can't stop doing a research on Sumo and YouTube. Of course I started to follow the January Basho, getting hooked to it. Also to witness Kisenosato first win since 5 years of promotion to Ozeki and possibly witnessing a new Yokozuna promotion in making really get me into it. I have a few Favourite of sumo players at the moment after watching the last and recent Basho , but Kisenosato won my fan's hearts for now :)

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