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  1. Next Yokozuna to retire?

    Harumafuji Kakuryu Kisenosato Hakuho
  2. Will we have a new Ozeki by the end of 2017?

    Mostly agree with you except for the fact that Ichinojo is rather young still, Takayasu was very hit and most till recently, anything is possible.
  3. Will we have a new Ozeki by the end of 2017?

    I think Takayasu can do it, especially with really good recent performances, but he needs to not lose focus as we saw in march. Mitakeumi looking really good these last two basho but i think we will see him at full force in 2018. But with Shodai, I believe he can but he has not yet stepped out yet in my opinion.
  4. Do you think anyone in sumo can make Ozeki by the end of the year?