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  1. Philioyamfugi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Of course the really big news is Akiseyama 9-6 up to the top division, he last made it in 2016 and highest rank was M16. Gamberizie Akiseyama !
  2. Philioyamfugi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    A thrilling finish. Glad Takakeisho pulled it off.
  3. Philioyamfugi

    Gagamaru retired

    Good luck to Gagamaru. He was a staple in the top division when I started watching sumo.
  4. Philioyamfugi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    Diaeisho always has been the Ozeki killer and can beet anybody on a given day. His straight forward tenacious sumo is always exciting. Kagayaki is holding it together, his footwork is improving. He survived a couple turns so far which always would normally send him to the clay. Akiseyama's foot work is always very good and wins another tough match.
  5. Philioyamfugi

    Kotoshogiku retires

    A great ambassador for sumo, a fan favorite and we will miss him.
  6. I did not get the email.. I checked other and junk folders.. Not finding it. As I said it worked for 1 or 2 days in the begging of the last basho. Nothing since. thanks for looking into this.
  7. I have, least I think so. If your getting them, they have to be somewhere.
  8. Philioyamfugi

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    URA SUMO IS BACK with a rare kimarite. Akiseyama wins another barn burner and is 3-2 at J1. Takakeisho in cruise control. Even with a yusho, I dought he will get the nod for the rope with the 2 Yokozuna and Ozeki out but just my thoughts. Okimoumi and Hokotofuji look jacked, looks like more iron pumping with the virus restrictions. Let see if Terinofuji can stay healthy.
  9. FYI I know the forum was down, but although I signed up for email notifications I am not getting them. I know I'm not alone and usually miss at least one day during each tournament and the email notice would help. I received the email like1X last basho and have not seen it since. Glad the forum is back ! Thank you for your efforts and a fun game.
  10. Philioyamfugi

    Nokozuna again?

    I'm kinda glad Hak is out too. I'm hoping for an Ozeki show down with the new generation. ITs time for one of these guys to step up and get the rope.
  11. Philioyamfugi

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    2 Fish for Shodai !!
  12. Philioyamfugi

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Wow Shodia get's Tobizaru, Its in his hands. I don't see him losing, but will be exciting if he does. Kagayaki, Kaisi, Aioyama, Ichinogo all going to to sensuraku at 7-7. Akiseyama down in Juryo with 11 wins and runner up. Ura comes up to Juryo for his final match.
  13. Philioyamfugi

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Couple nice wins for my boy Kagayki, beating Takayasu yesterday. This could be a fun basho 11 or 12 win yusho with a big playoff with this bunch of guys, I'm here for it.
  14. Philioyamfugi

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    The extra weight is looking good on Takakeisho. Shodia and Mita looking on the verge of Ozeki again. The top getting depleted of the old guard its their time. Terusuyoshi my favorite lil guy can do it all with attitude to boot. Terinofuji, Asonoyama, Hoktofuji disappointing so far. Really sone great matches. Akiseyama wins a barn burner and 2:0 as is Chionukuni.
  15. Philioyamfugi

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    The dohyo matsuri was live streamed... first time watching the whole thing, like going to mass, really cool, also seeing the yusho portraits presentation.