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  1. 20 -- Asanoyama (vs. Kirishima Backup Oho
  2. I was able to get an exclusive interview with Ziggyama. When asked how does it feel to win your first yusho the response was "Surprised, but very happy !" Thanks again for the game we all had fun.
  3. 23 -- Takanosho (vs. Ichinojo Backup 37 -- Oho (vs. Takayasu) Philioyamfuji
  4. I had picked Aoiyama too... you don't get the bonus points brother.
  5. Its a fun and easy game, thanks for being back. I encourage all to sign up !
  6. Philioyamfugi

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Oho manhandled Kaisa, at 21 hes someone to watch. Starting to really like Abi's offensive sumo, Diasho is simular, both on the balls of their feet , extending and aggressive. Fun to watch.
  7. Philioyamfugi


    Training extra hard to break into sanyaku. Happy New Year !
  8. Philioyamfugi

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    This is being a very entertaining Basho. So good to see Takakeisho blasting Diasho off the ground with thrusts and the devastating left is back. He can challenge Terinofuji for the title. Enho and Ura doing their brand of sumo. Takayasu, Aioyama, and even Shodia looking solid. Chiyoshoma midgit tossing Kotoecho into the Goyji on day 1 set a good vibe. Nice to see sumo on the road again. Watch out for Hokotofuji, and seeing Akiseyama win on day 1 made me happy !
  9. Philioyamfugi

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    That really was a great aggressive win by Meisi. With a surging Takakeisho, this is getting interesting. Teru's knees looked extra painful.
  10. Philioyamfugi


    Terrible news :(
  11. Philioyamfugi

    Kotoyuuki intai

    Seems young. I called him lobster boy because of the taped hands. He must be in a lot of pain between the hands and knees. Still had a pretty long career at salary level. Wishing him a healthy retirement.
  12. Thank you. I`m very happy. I knew if I could do MY SUMO, the results would follow. I promise to do my best next time. Thank you so much for the game and to all the winners and players.....bow......
  13. Philioyamfugi

    March basho 2021

    Wow some amazing matches, Takayasu let 2 in a row slip. Hokotufuji great foot work on the belt ? Takakeisho can beat Terinofuji and looking very sharp and composed. Lets hope for a playoff. Akiseyama going way up against Diashuo for KK. Great matches for tomorrow, worth getting up early for nhk world live english coverage.