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  1. Not exactly... fusen 5 (0,48 %, overall rate is 0,47 %)
  2. In the match between Kisenosato and Mitakeumi, both sekitori remained almost frozen in the center of dohyô; studying each other and waiting the best moment to atack. Is there a special name or phrase for that situation?
  3. I agree too. It seems that Kotoshôgiku still needs time to process the fact that he is not an ozeki. A year ago, he thought he could reach the next rank or, in the worst case, stay as ôzeki until 37 or 38. The ideal moment to retire was before losing the rank of ôzeki. But Kotoshôgiku thought he could get the kachi-koshi, then thought he could get 10 victories as a sekiwake. Now he thinks he could win 33 victories, or that he could stay in san-yaku. Kotoshôgiku still does not realize that his best time has passed and that young sekitori have learned how to neutralize his Bumpety atack. If he does not open his eyes soon, he will dash into the lower area of the banzuke.
  4. Great victory of Kisenosato!!!
  5. It is official: Kakuryû has withdrawn. I'm not surprised. This was his worse start ever
  6. No before Haru 2018. I think he will retire after beating Kitanoumi's record of 63 basho as yokozuna.
  7. No doubt Hakuho will want this record too. Just one year, six honbasho. Bus his win ratio will drop. Between 'Most basho as Yokozuna' and the win ratio record, I think Hakuho willl prefer the 'Most basho as Yokozuna' record. So he will not retire for at least one year.
  8. I had noticed this too. If Hakuho wants to extend his career two more years, He may win two or perhaps three championships, but his ratio will drop considerably.
  9. Wakashimazu won 1 Juryo Yusho. Wakanokuni won 3.
  10. In the six basho era, there were to ozeki promotions started with an 7-8 as sekiwake: Wakahaguro May 1995 - November 1959 Kaiketsu Sept 1974 - March 1975
  11. I really like this phrase
  12. Since 1958 only three Yokozuna got a yusho in the first honbasho as yokozuna: Taiho 1961-11, 13-2; Takanosato 1983-09, 15-0 !!; Takanohana 1994-09, 13-2. I think he will get 13.
  13. Hi... Welcome Kisenosato: Good choioce
  14. Congratulations to Kisenosato I consider that the promotion of Kisenosato is right and deserved. If Kisenosato had not been promoted he would have been the ozeki with the best average in sumo history. His winning percentage is higher than well-known great ozeki like Kaio, Tochiazuma, Takanonami, Takanohana (father). His percentage would have been even better than many ozeki who achieved the promotion. Among these the most notable would be Harumafuji and Kakuryu. Rikishi Bouts W L % W 21 Kisenosato 463 329 134 71,06 22 Tochinoumi 145 101 44 69,66 23 Tamanoumi 300 206 94 68,67 24 Harumafuji 319 214 105 67,08 25 Kakuryu 180 119 61 66,11 26 Kitanofuji 315 208 107 66,03 27 Kotokaze 323 213 110 65,94 28 Baruto 202 133 69 65,84 29 Kirishima 215 139 76 64,65 30 Takanonami 553 357 196 64,56 31 Kotozakura 446 287 159 64,35 32 Konishiki 542 346 196 63,84 33 Wakashimazu 395 250 145 63,29 34 Tochiazuma 333 208 125 62,46 35 Kaio 852 524 328 61,50 As Ozeki, in 31 tournaments, he produced a single make-koshi (2004-1) and 24 double-digit kashi-koshi; And got, as we know, 11 jun-yushô and the yushô that decided its promotion to the rank of yokozuna. Kisenosato has been a solid, consistent ozeki; And that is the main reason for its promotion. I believe that there are well-founded arguments to think that he will be a good yokozuna and that he will not discredit the yokozuna rank. Complet list of winning percentage, Promoted and no-promoted ozekis (since 1958)