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  1. 9 hours ago, sekitori said:

    The harite is a legal tactic, but one that the elders for some reason consider to be improper for a yozuna to use. In Hakuho's case, he doesn't use it to cause damage. It's only for distraction and as such, it works well. If you want to see how lethal a single slap to the side of the head can be, check out this match between Kyokudozan and Kushimaumi.


    I as talking about a post bout slap that he does, in Hakuho's damage arsenal he mainly uses the slap to set up for the elbow just like the jab-straight in boxing and jab-elbow in muay thai.

    The elders are just worried Hakuho will start knocking everyone into concussions, i say screw the elders on their fake care for the sake of rikishi's health.

  2. 1 hour ago, Amamaniac said:

    Prior to this tournament, I was hopeful that Mitakeumi would get at least 11, if not 12, wins, thereby forcing the JSA to decide whether or not to promote him to Ozeki.

    Today, however, he picked up his second loss, and things are starting to look iffy with regard to getting the number of wins he needs for promotion.  Despite having a big, fat bandage/plaster over his right eyebrow, I seriously doubt that it influenced his performance.  (Does anyone know how many stitches he ended up getting yesterday?). If I didn't know any better, I'd say that he looked mildly concussed.  Let's add chronic traumatic encephalopathy to raised-ring related injuries on the list of dangers facing sumo wrestlers.

    I hope he can turn things around tomorrow.  He probably doesn't want to squander this pseudo Ozeki-run, and be stuck at Sekiwake for another year or more...

    Mitakeumi didn't want a head clash on the tachi ai and that cost him the match.

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  3. Since the tachi ai is about using one's power forward you can end up over your center of balance with ease, if there's nothing to catch you just fall over. The secret is keeping the head alligned with your knees as much as possible so the body weight will always be centralized.

    Like the great Konishiki said, today is so easy to henka that it seems the rikishi are asking for it.

  4. On 17/07/2019 at 12:27, RPedro44 said:

    Showing Roga some "Mongolian Love" at the end.

    Roga actually would like to be introduced as russian, he spent a part of his childhood in mongolia but considere himself russian.

  5. 7 hours ago, Thelone said:

    So what's the deal with Onosho (and airline food... ok no)? The guy showed great potential in 2017, got injured, and since then has been meandering in the middle of makuuchi and pretty underwhelming to say the least. Did he come back too early from injury, or was it just a lucky first run and he's just where he should be now?

    I remember when him and Takakeisho came into makuuchi, people were saying that Takakeisho is the next Toyonoshima and Onosho is ozeki material. The times, they are changing.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Pandaazuma said:

    Kaisei had better watch his legs today. Ashitori attempt by Enho looks highly likely.

    I don't think he can lift Kaisei's leg, with that injury his ashitori chances are even lower. 

    I believe this is the first real skilled big man test for Enho.

  7. 8 hours ago, Tsuchinoninjin said:

    To be honest if you have a bad back I don't think dropping to 190kg is going to help all that much. To treat that I think you need some serious weight loss, probably enough to be incompatible with oosumo. It's just a bit of a dismal situation. I hope his back holds out long enough that he can retire in however many years, shed the weight and not have too many chronic issues.

    Either he grows a strong mucle heavy back or he drops weight, staying at 200+kilos won't help now or never.

  8. 16 minutes ago, robnplunder said:

    Not now.  Maybe a few years later.   Until then, Hak will get his share of yusho.   The guy went zensho yusho in his last two yusho.  He'd gotten another yusho in between if he didn't get injured.   He went 40-4 (including 1 fusen pai) in that span.   So, when Hak is healthy, he is still invincible.   

    Yes Hakuho will still get some yusho here and there, just not as dominantly as before due to the factor of age, he's old and the prospects are young. 

    It's a matter of time before Hakuho gets to fight the top rikishi while they are healthy and getting better by the day, i don't see anymore zensho for him.