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  1. 27 minutes ago, Kotomiyama said:

    My thoughts on three rishiki this basho:

    Ishiura - In his first stints in Makuuchi he was an adept to henka. This basho he chose direct confrontation and earned a well deserved KK. Sumo is better with him, Enho and Terutsuyoshi. 

    Don't forget Wakatakakage and Kotoeko, together with Juryo's Kiribayama(who will be promoted), Hoshoryu, Tobizaru and lower down Ura comming back.


    it's the little men era. (Cheers...)

  2. The yusho race was so close and competitive it had me on my heels until the last day. Congratulations to the three promoted, we now have 8 Ozeki and i'm quite excited for it. Good luck to Holleshoryu and Gurowake in keeping the rank next basho.
    Special congratulations to Chishafuwaku who picked Daieisho to beat Hakuho on day two, although Daieisho failed to make kachikoshi you pulled it off after having a rough start showing good spirit, cheers! (Enjoyingabeer...)

    Like Hakuho making a statement this basho, i want to see our queen Katunazuma get her first yusho as Yokozuna to show who's boss.
    Ganbatte!!! (Liftingweights...)(Dohyo-iri...)(Yushowinner...)



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  3. Hakuho being the dai yokozuna shouldn't, in the eyes fo the YDC, use such techniques. He gets flagged for it from time to time but never fully abandon's the move nor his stubbornness.

    Weather it's right or wrong for a Yokozuna to strike is based on opinion, still it has been controversial since the times of Maedayama. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Gospodin said:

    In a different sport Hakuho would have been flagged for unnecessary roughness. To those with more knowledge: did he intentionally target Endo´s chin with that kachiage or was it coincidence (i.e. Endo leaning forward to avoid being put into an upright position, and getting hit) ?

    That is precisely what he did/is doing this whole basho and it's legal, let's not forget the great powerhouse that is Hakuho with bad intentions just handing out decapitating kachiage.


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  5. 9 hours ago, sekitori said:

    The harite is a legal tactic, but one that the elders for some reason consider to be improper for a yozuna to use. In Hakuho's case, he doesn't use it to cause damage. It's only for distraction and as such, it works well. If you want to see how lethal a single slap to the side of the head can be, check out this match between Kyokudozan and Kushimaumi.


    I as talking about a post bout slap that he does, in Hakuho's damage arsenal he mainly uses the slap to set up for the elbow just like the jab-straight in boxing and jab-elbow in muay thai.

    The elders are just worried Hakuho will start knocking everyone into concussions, i say screw the elders on their fake care for the sake of rikishi's health.

  6. 1 hour ago, Amamaniac said:

    Prior to this tournament, I was hopeful that Mitakeumi would get at least 11, if not 12, wins, thereby forcing the JSA to decide whether or not to promote him to Ozeki.

    Today, however, he picked up his second loss, and things are starting to look iffy with regard to getting the number of wins he needs for promotion.  Despite having a big, fat bandage/plaster over his right eyebrow, I seriously doubt that it influenced his performance.  (Does anyone know how many stitches he ended up getting yesterday?). If I didn't know any better, I'd say that he looked mildly concussed.  Let's add chronic traumatic encephalopathy to raised-ring related injuries on the list of dangers facing sumo wrestlers.

    I hope he can turn things around tomorrow.  He probably doesn't want to squander this pseudo Ozeki-run, and be stuck at Sekiwake for another year or more...

    Mitakeumi didn't want a head clash on the tachi ai and that cost him the match.

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  7. Since the tachi ai is about using one's power forward you can end up over your center of balance with ease, if there's nothing to catch you just fall over. The secret is keeping the head alligned with your knees as much as possible so the body weight will always be centralized.

    Like the great Konishiki said, today is so easy to henka that it seems the rikishi are asking for it.