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  1. 2x Hakuho

    1x Takakeisho

    1x Asanoyama as Ozeki 

    1x Mitakeumi as Sekiwake

    1x Tokushoryu

    Hakuho yusho> Takakeisho yusho Asanoyama promoted to Ozeki> Hakuho yusho playoff with Takakeisho gets promoted to Yokozuna> Mitakeumi yusho promoted to Ozeki> Asanoyama yusho 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Kishinoyama said:

    A changing of the guard is inevitable but a 33 year old former college guy with 5 straight Tsukiotoshis who just returned from Juryo is not the future of sumo. He is one of the guards that will need changing. 

    Tokushoryu is the chaos element that will happen quite often until the next era is settled, Tamawashi yusho is still fresh in my mind.

    The changing of the guard is our 23 year old Ozeki Takakeisho and the bunch young rikishi with promising futures. Now we see Hokutofuji and Shodai have good potential, Enho can stand up for himself against the big guys and Asanoyama is doing his thing, Mitakeumi and Endo have their consistency problems while Yutakayama and Ryuden seem to have gotten it together this basho, even Kagayaki looked good. Abi and Meisei are injuried but i would put money that those two will be regulars at sanyaku, the future is bright and fresh with new talent.


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  3. 13 minutes ago, fultron said:

    I think it's been pretty "meh". It feels like most of the top guys have been exposed and embarrassed these past two weeks, and the leader is an M17 who didn't face anyone "important" until Day 14. One of his wins includes someone from Juryo...someone check sumodb and remind me the last time that's happened...

    Kinda hard for me to be excited for what seems to be a pretty big mess of a basho.

    Chaos is beautiful, i love some Hakuho zensho but the chance of Tokushoryu or Shodai getting the yusho is simply awesome.
    The era change is happening and it's not that i'm happy to see the greats fall but happy to see the new rise.

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