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  1. On 29/6/2017 at 23:59, Burajirotono said:

    Coé xará!

    Também sou brasileiro e também chamo Jão (só que de São Paulo mano, rsrsrs)...

    Assistia sumô na nhk há uns anos atrás mas depois de perder o pacote que tinha o canal fiquei anos sem acompanhar. Em 2016 achei por acaso o Kintamayama no tubs e desde então ando viciado.

    Duro de achar quem acompanhe aqui no Brasil né? 

    Abraço bicho.



    Desculpa a demora pela resposta, tinha esquecido da senha da conta hahahaha

    Eu vi o documentario do kyokutaisei no canal combate, parando pra pensar agora, é incrivel o sumo ter chegado numa plataforma dessa no brasil.

    Esse ano tudo que fiz foi estudar sumo, fui desbravando adentro nesse universo e agora to viciado, minha vida agora virou sobrevivencia de 2 em 2 meses pra assistir os basho hahahaha

    Me senti bem vendo mais brasileiros no forum, grande abraço.

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  2. Greetings sumo fans throughout the world, my name is João Pedro and im from Rio de Janeiro, im 20 years old, i'm a 4° generation japanese descendant,  my first contact with sumo was about 4 years ago when i watched the documentary about Kyokutaisei on a Brazilian martial arts channel, i was shocked when i first saw how the sumo world works, it's so grueling and i've never seen or been through nothing like that in any martial art, after the documentary i watched some matches or highlights on youtube but it kind of fade away in my life since i've always been a martial arts practitioner and always been a fan of boxing so i naturally forgot about it with time, then december last year i opened youtube's front page and there was a sumo highlight video about a sumotori who had passed away and it was Chiyonofuji, i was amazed by his muscles and the way he fought, i instantly went researching about sumo and i spent the whole night reading about sumo, watching documentaries and the basho of the latest years, since then i've been a huge fan and sumo is becoming part of my daily life especially because of the Hatsu basho, it was my first "live" tournament, everyday i woke up anxious to watch the new Kintamayama highlight of the matches of the day, it has been one of the most exciting events i have seen, the energy is just different and unique, nothing compares to it, i look forward to be a member of this forum and continue learning about this beautiful tradition.



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