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  1. 11 hours ago, Rocks said:

    Takakeishou is due for a MK. I expect an easy win for Kisenosato Day 1. 


    Taka imo will do better than Onosho, his body is perfect for his sumo and that makes him such a force, a very underestimated prospect.

  2. 4 hours ago, Katooshu said:

     I think someone like Tamawashi has a good physique  at 190 and a solid 165 or so.

    Naya's big but I don't find his size alarming (also I think most rikishi look bigger not in a mawashi, as it tends to hold things in more). He may well join the far too heavy group, but he may not. Let's see...

    Tamawashi started at 133kg and he only reached 160 almost 10 years later at 30, if Naya wants a shot at makuuchi he needs to get in shape before his body falls apart, 166 is too heavy for a 188cm 19yr freshman.

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  3. 22 minutes ago, McBugger said:

    Aye- isn't the case that those who are too fat for their own good as newcomers initially lose weight before gaining it back? 

    Yes, exemples like Kotoshogiku, started at 140 then went down to 125 , Takanohana started at 122 then slimmed down to 110, on the other side there's Onokuni who started at 94 and went all the way to 210.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Jakusotsu said:

    So you've got a belly for them to rest on. B-)

    True i have a belly, but who am i compared to the grandson of one the greats and a big prospect? He shouldn't be anywhere near the shape of a mere fatty.:-D

  5. 2 hours ago, kedevash said:

    I don't think Naya is a sumo you can consider "fat". With his very sucessfull school career, he had build a solid sumo body. With his size (188 cm) his 166kg don't seem too much. He will for sure grow in height so he can go until 180kg no problems.

    He's just starting sumo so he will get way bigger from now, i think the average rikishi bulks about 30kg since the debut, that would make Naya about 200kg, that's Kaisei/Ichinojo size, plus he's like 19, look at all the greats, almost none started heavy like that, the perfect sumo body should be built through muscles and healthy fat, not saggy tits and beer/fast food bellies.

  6. 4 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    The 9 passed the initial check - and Naya is of course the focus, 188cm, 166kg - Taiho had 184.5cm, 75kg and in the end 187cm, 153kg


    They should consider raising healthy rikishi instead of (visceral)fat ones, hope he slims down so he can grow muscle and subcuntaneus fat.
    Bigger ins't better, imo you should enter sumo with not much fat so they can grow healthly and not die or have serious health problems at just 50, we need new rigorously supervised diets for this new era of HUGE rikishi or the worst is still to come.

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  7. Happy new year right at this moment from Brazil, may 2018 be competitive in sumo, new age of young stars so my hopes are to have a new ozeki to challenge hakuho and try a run for Yokozuna in 2019, either way can't wait to see how this basho turns out and hopefully lead the amazingly stacked lower san'yaku to battle it out to see who shall rise.


    Also, a goodbye to ony of my all time favorites, i will certainly miss his dohyo iri and the way he could beat anyone even when injuried, even Hakuho, now that he is gone there are no real threats to Hakuho at the moment, i wish the Hakuho-Harumafuji era lasted longer, hell, i wish Asashoryu would've got more time in his career, a time where these three yokozuna would be active is too much to ask.


  8. 21 hours ago, orandashoho said:

    I doubt that his thinking is affected by his belly. He is a big man, if he can carry the weight, stay healthy and in training for some serious oshi-zumo it may even help him. Though I'd really like to know what Tomozuna is thinking.

    I think his great balance will be ruined by those extra kilos, Terunofuji is another guy who needs to slim down, his ligaments are bad duo to overweight in his whole life and in my opinion overtraining, he should cut some kilos while strenghtning his thighs and calfs, he's way down at m10 now and needs a refresh in his career, for god's sake Ichinojo is looking a million times better than him, that's worrying for me. Kaisei, Terunofuji and Ichinojo have the same problem of getting over their comfortable weight in my opinion, great potential but dumb training/eating.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    Asahoryu will be assistant to a Mongolian fighter, who is in the additional fight of the year-end RIZIN events. The RIZIN promoters want to make Harumafuji an offer (speculations name over 100 million yen), as soon as the legal procedures are over.

    VERY happy to hear that an athletic sumo wrestler may try mma, if he learns how to strike i bet he can do good, no one would take him down anyway.

  10. 26 minutes ago, Akinomaki said:

    This time Kise's kyujo is for the foot and a bruised hip: pretence for kyujo, but he surely really is injured there as well - too much or not enough work for the damaged left foot anterior talofibular ligament ?


    My right foot is forever damaged because of ripped ligament, i used to train judo but didn't put enough stretch and didn't train my lower body as much, one time i was defending a throw and i just felt a tear on my foot, the way to get 100% of my foot mobility again is surgery or physiotherapy to get used to it, i went for physiotherapy(no money for surgery) and now i feel like 80%, tough time and tough choices for Kise.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Ryoshishokunin said:

    I'm sure training hard is the thing that's going to join his pectoral muscle back to the tendons involved.  "Just train harder" was abandoned as a medical treatment in most sports decades ago for a reason.

    As surgery was out of the way,(imo surgery should be number 1 in injury case) the only thing left to do is try to compensate for the stupid decision to not have surgery by, as i said in the same post, getting fit and training hard, people say he barely does keikko and if so, please tell me how he will recover without surgery or training to get used to or strenghten his injury. Sitting around will certainly just make it worse and overtraining will too, "train hard" doesn't mean overtrain it means train to your limit and if his limit is not training much he needs surgery or retirement, after all he's a yokozuna, can't slack around no matter what.