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  1. 1 minute ago, McBugger said:

     Perhaps. If I were him and the YDC were supportive I'd rather announce a kyujo for March right now and promise to gambarize in May, taking advantage of the extended off-season to maybe get my battered body into some sort of shape. 

    But hey, I'm not a yokozuna, I'm just a guy talking rubbish on the internet. Maybe he's the sager one. 

    The right thing to do would be sit out maybe 2 basho to let him get in real good shape both phisically and mentally so that his injuries don't affect him that bad.

  2. 58 minutes ago, Bumpkin said:

    Yes, it's not only true but all too common. Surgery followed by months off is extremely rare. The only case I can think of is Tochinoshin. He suffered a severe knee injury in July 2013. He had surgery and took the next 3 bashos off. He fell from M11w to Ms55w. He came back and went 7-0 Y, 7-0 Y, 13-2 Y AND 15-0 Y. He was re-promoted to Makuuchi. It worked for him.

    Let's hope Terunofuji pulls this off too, sad to see potential thrown away.

  3. 1 minute ago, Jaynestown said:

    Also on another note, have some really intriguing matchups coming up here on day 4.  Definitely looking forward to seeing Tochinoshin vs Takayasu, two guys who have looked strong so far so should be a great bout.  Also looking forward to seeing if Ichinojo can come out with the same fire against Kakuryu as he showed yesterday.  Goeido vs Hokutofuji should also be fun as well as Kisenosato vs Kotoshogiku (what a thing it would be if Kisenosato lost his 3 bout in 4 days).


    Should be a great round

    I think Kise takes this with ease, while he's not 100%, Giku is only a frame of his former self.

  4. 58 minutes ago, Akinomaki said:

    Talking about Shinto (and to some degree Buddhism) in relation to sumo is exactly what this forum also is for (and also towards Japanese culture in general in another subforum).

    What I don't want see here are judgements on these religions, comparisons to other religions or discussions about the beliefs of individual religious sects.

    Is there a topic about it? I'm really curious about it

  5. Just now, wys said:

    At this point I think we are wasting too many of our brain cells responding to certain members of this thread. I might have to go kyujo and sit out the next thread.

    At least i learned with this discussion about how important it is for Yokozuna to be "beautifully perfect" in the standards of the sumo universe. Just don't agree that his style of sumo isn't worthy.

  6. 4 hours ago, Kintamayama said:

    This is a bit long and will annoy many. Deal with it or move along.

    You (and others here) don't seem to understand what sumo is all about, but that's OK. When you will grasp what being a Yokozuna really means in sumo, you will then see what the fuss is all about. Hakuhou doesn't HAVE to do anything. He can keep on slapping his opponents' head off and no one will force him to retire. But he actually KNOWS what being a Yokozuna means, he KNOWS he's moved a way from that a bit lately on a few fronts, and is now trying to make amends. This may sound arrogant, condescending and rude to some of you, but that's how it works in sumo. Stick around for a while, learn the inner workings. I don't think anyone who has followed sumo for at least 5 years thinks that a Yokozuna should be allowed to do whatever he pleases, disregarding tradition etc.There is stuff I don't agree with in all sports, but I can't argue with the tradition. I hate bunts, I hate the offside rule, I don't like the egg- like shape of a football, but I respect those sports and wouldn't dream of going on a  Cricket forum for example and saying it's dumb to wear those stupid clothes and why are the matches so long etc. without having watched for a few years.

    It is true that i am still trying to figure out what sumo is all about and my perspective is from a fan of the surface of sumo, i barely know anything about what goes around behind the scenes, the little i know is about the recent Taka-Haru scandle. I don't think a Yokozuna can do everything he wants, at the same time, you shouldn't be told you shouldn't use a completly legal aspect of sumo. IMO it's the same as not allowing Wajima to get a left hand inside, but the again, Hakuho is not Japanese. Kachiage is an overpowering weapon and the problem is that it's legal so a great rikishi can master it to then be talked out of it. As i said, might aswell have it written that dominant Yokozuna can't use it.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Kintamayama said:

    Raining today the whole day. Still, I managed to take the dog out for a quick walk. How was your day, forum members?

    Made burgers, watched documentary on Takanohana II and watched the basho from 1971 to 1981, amazing to see Wajima along with Takanohana I and Kitanoumi, got to see the start of Chiyonofuji's great career and one of my favorites Mienoumi have a great ozeki run to Yokozuna but with an end that reminds me of where Kisenosato's at now.

    Also today's torikumi is as good as yesterday, looks like the start of a great basho :-D

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  8. If tsuppari and kachiage are legal you should use it freely, if they have a problem with it, ban it. It's like talking Kaio out of doing his beautiful kotenage, it's as dangerous or even more dangerous than tsuppari and kachiage.

    Might aswell make a list of "moves Yokozuna aren't allowed to do" ;-)

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  9. 8 hours ago, Kawabata said:

    How much longer does Terunofuji have in him? He looks like a shadow of his former self, the same as last basho really

    He's still young, i believe the problem is his diet and training regiment, 3 years ago he had way more muscle and less fat than now, he also seemed extremely motivated each bout. Mentality is everything in his case, his knees are naturally weak from what i've read and his legs are built inward so he needs to works on his leg muscles to sustain his weight in which getting heavier will only make it worse, motivation is key and sadly that's not what we are seeing, i miss that mean mug :-(

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  10. Don't think that Takayasu or Takanoyama were too rough on the guy, he couldn't push Takayasu 1 time without falling down so he was just tired and they put him under pressure, i do admit those axe kicks weren't needed but it's probably the same or less punishment than any other rikishi endured, butsukari is more mental than physical.

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  11. 19 minutes ago, Kintamayama said:

    Makekoshi. 5 wins tops. He is from a broken home at the moment and I'm pretty sure it has been hard for him to concentrate on sumo lately.  And I think his Kotonishiki/Akinoshima/Toyonoshima style has its limits, like with the originals. But, as it is often said, we shall see..

    Indeed we shall see how he performs under pressure, although he doesn't play mawashi games like Akinoshima, he's all about pushing and pulling, he's way more explosive than Toyonoshima and with his short limbs and strong torso at 175cm 168kg he is much stronger and has a better center of gravity than Kotonoshiki. Plus he's 21, he has potential to be very good along with his nemesis Onosho.

  12. 46 minutes ago, Rocks said:

    Don't get me wrong. I think he's great.  He just seems to have a pattern of KK, KK, MK since reaching the sekitori. Which isn't bad at all. 

    Indeed that's a pattern but there's more to it than just numbers, Taka's first "sanyaku" basho was at m1 he went 5-10 struggling in all his bouts against joi, his second run at m1 was almost the opposite, he handled everyone and even his losses were competitive(Onosho won their second encounter via hairtakikomi (Laughing...)) so TK is now ready for everyone in the top rankings, so dont be surprised with a double digit performance.