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  1. Enho can do better than ishiura because he doesn't try to do big man sumo at all unlike ishiura who forgets everyone is 50kilos(110lbs) heavier than him, Enho does need to get bigger but his skillset is phenomenal and with Hakuho mentoring him great things could be coming from the little guy.


  2. 2 hours ago, Kuroyama said:

    Kyokudozan was apparently known for this -- before my time, but I have to imagine folks who were following sumo during his career must know all about him. When I played this video on YouTube, a brief program covering his "Top 10" harite came up in the suggestions. The guy was brutal with it.


    My favorite of all time together with Tomonohana, my dreams would come true if a guy like Takayasu or Tochinoshin learned striking techniques and witty throws/trips, the game would change. Striking in sumo is just unexplored but if harite is used right it becomes a great weapon, it shouldn't be illegal because you put yourself in a dangerous position after a slap so it isn't all that great of a weapon compared to pushing and belt techniques because it's a fight where you can't give an inch of space to your opponent, headbutts shouldn't be illegal either because you'll end up making the match start like Ssireum, chest to chest with both grips. So by making such things illegal you are taking away what makes sumo, sumo.


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  3. It's a crucial time for sumo, the world is evolving by the second. It's not only about food intake but about injuries too, most of rikishi fight through injuries that they will have to carry for the rest of their life because they weren't treated. We need no more stubborness from all the sumo world not only the kyokai, health needs to be the primary princible of such tradition or the weight on the sumo world's shoulders will have them crumbled just like Oorora, Terunofuji and many others.

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  4. Hakuho woke Ichinojo up, i learned today that Kisenosato can't hold against pushing attacks so his only chances are to get the mawashi, his opponents will be Mitakeumi, Goeido, Kakuryu and Hakuho. Gives me goosebumps thinking about how this basho might end.

    Tochinoshin is looking impressive even though he lost some along the way, no one is stronger than him but that also shows how good Kisenosato is on the mawashi.

    Hakuho won the match before it started, Takayasu was shook, didn't know what to do. Should've been a matta but Takayasu didn't even go for the tachi-ai he just stood there and waited for Hakuho. Could Takanoiwa steal the show again ? (W00t,w00t,w00t...)

  5. 2 hours ago, Katooshu said:

    Have things not been working that well? He's on a 6 KK streak, with the last 3 in sanyaku. That streak will likely end this tournament, but he's arguably been on the most consistently successful run of his career.

    You make valid points, but I don't think his recent effectiveness really makes a case against the weight.

    He is not looking terrible but he was supposed to be established by now, getting KK but looking the opposite of impressive is a sign of unreached potential. Indeed he is consistant with the numbers but his variable perfomances are a shame to watch considering his potential.

    Now i disagree on the weight subject, if he was in a better shape it's likely that a 10 win record would've happened at sanyaku because he doesn't know how to use his current huge frame. Even when he beats some top guys he loses to random guys like he's just another rikishi destined to journey through maegashira ranks. A better condition means losing some fat and building some muscle, the weight will come down sure but the point is what he can or can't do with his body mass, it amazes me that guys like Shohozan can yorikiri Ichinojo the same basho he beats Hakuho. 

    Lack of mobility is his greatest flaw and such huge frame surely doesn't help.

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  6. Ichinojo is too big right now, his mobility must be compromised and he needs to be stronger not bigger. 225 kilos still geting pushed out regularly is a sign that things are not working that well, he should be around 180 to 190 kilos with muscle mass.

    At 25 years old he is a young man with a lot more sumo years in front of him, he needs to think ahead of time to see how he wants to be 7/8 years from now, debilitated with health problems duo to excessive weight or strong and healthy with a good career ? I believe he will somehow get his mojo back and return or evolve to Ichimojo form.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Rainoyama said:


    Ichinojo is the best young mongolian talent now that Terunofuji is out of the picture, I think Hakuhou always tries make a point to teach him not to give up easily and literally "push" him to do more.  Ichinojo not improving like he should must be frustrating him. Still there's the word dame which basicallly means "not good' in dame oshi so whatever the reason it's not something he should do.

    By no means it's right for him to push further than needed when it's a clear win,  injuries can happen to the rikishi and the people around the dohyo also makes him look bad to some. I remember a video of 18 or 19 year old Hakuho getting roughed up in keiko by Asashoryu, Kakuryu also got a lot of dame-oshi by Hakuho and Harumafuji even before he was an Ozeki. I believe it's their way of motivating each other to go harder, not saying it's a mongolian only thing but the Asashoryu era was based around this mindset.

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  8. Who would've though Kisenosato would get his KK at only day 10, good chance of getting 10 or more wins. This has been a very pleasent basho to follow since my first was Kise's yusho, if he gets a good record and retires it would be an amazing career but i think they will make him fight on until he goes MKK sadly.

    Just happy to be alive to see how everything's unfolding.

  9. 6 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    Looks like you assume his physical problems stem from entering Ozumo. Quite on the contrary if I remember a report from several years ago correctly. His massive health issues  were already threatening his life before Kitanoumi took him in and provided at least a minimum of medical care and physical exercises. There's never been anthing to prove for him by doing sumo other than staying alive.

    His comments at the recent weigh-in have to be taken with a big chunk of salt.

    Never said it's because of sumo, it's because of his actions towards the sumo lifestyle. I agree that sumo is a good choice for an overweight person to exercise and do something with their lives but he already did it, there's nothing else for him to do in sumo other than making his situation worse. 

    A huge man but so fragile that has to crawl to the dohyo, enough is enough. Life itself is more important than doing something with it.

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  10. And even if he doesn't WANT to live without sumo that doesn't matter, he definetly CAN'T live in the sumo world anymore because at this point it should be treated as an adiction or disease.

    Also he's in sumo since 2000and is 35 years old now, is at jonidan and 0-4. He doesn't have anything to prove anymore, call it a career and go be happy/healthy.

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  11. 9 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    And what would stop him to do so when you take the only thing away from him that makes him move?

    No one needs to eat 10k calories per day to move and sumo isn't everything in life, he`s not gonna die if he starts eating less and less until he eats like a normal person. It's not like he gonna be skinny but he can get healthy, reaching 300 kilos is not cool and he uses it as an excuse because he is a sumo wrestler, a non-wrestler obese person can die any time from internal complications now imagine if you take bumps constantly and does not even think about slimming down so at this point health doesn't even exist in his dicionary, i wonder if he thinks about the future.

    Someone needs to intervene, since he wants to be remembered for being 300kg like the Yokozuna are remebered for being great, retirement should be considered just like when a Yokozuna reaches his limit.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    Has there ever been an Ozeki with a similar build like Takakeisho's?

    Hitachiyama, Umegatani II and Terukuni look very similar to Takakeisho but aren't post-war, Kagamisato and Azumafuji are of similar frame and Kitanoumi is only 4 centimeters taller than Takakeisho but are the same weight.

    It all depends if he bloats up to 200 kilos, maintains 170 or get muscular/stronger. Also depends on him adding more weapons to his arsenal. The potential is there.

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  13. Kise always had a style that took advantage of the tawara, a lot of times i've seen him voluntarily putting his foot on the tawara to get leverage and winning. Today he was too eager to go forward, defensively he is great but his offense is obviously not the same. Throughout the basho he defended everything they threw at him until he got a grip, he should've known that Chiyotairyu pulls a lot specially when he can't explode with his tachi-ai, still Kise overcommitted.

    Remember no-nonsense Kise ? That's what he needs (Bow...)

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  14. 1 hour ago, Shio-kago said:

    I really like seeing a little love for Kakuryu. Since his return this year he's become one of my favorite active wrestlers. The thing that I admire about him so much is that he's just this quiet, hardworking man; with a very savvy approach to his training and performance. 

    It seems to me that he's built himself into this formidable wrestler like a bricklayer builds a wall: Slap on the mortar and set 'em in place, one block at a time. It's been a very gradual process, but the project seems finally to be nearing completion-- "Where did this sturdy wall come from?" I ask myself.  "How wonderful..."

    That's exactly why i now like Kakuryu, he is what a Yokozuna must be.

    I must say i prefer the wild guys, there must be emotion and fire in the eyes to really give me the chills.